A New Fascination || Masky x Reader by x_HelloAnxiety_x
A New Fascination || Masky x Readerby ˏˋ Actually Dead Inside ˎˊ
Y/n was never a very active kid. She usually spent time in her room watching creepy movies, drawing, or playing social media games. But one day, her ad normal life, chan...
  • mystery
  • romance
  • creepypasta
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Revenge (Masky x Ticci Toby) by crimsonfan24
Revenge (Masky x Ticci Toby)by Shaen
  • ticcitoby
  • maskyxticcitoby
  • creepypasta
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Proxy Problems (Creepypasta x Reader) by HomicidalSweetheart
Proxy Problems (Creepypasta x Homicidal Sweetheart
(Y/N) was a normal, orphaned teenager. She had a bunch of disorders, her mother was dead, her father was... gone. She was alone, but she was happy. Although... One...
  • creepypasta
  • romance
  • xreader
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Creepypasta Yaoi by DemonChild1800
Creepypasta Yaoiby DemonChild1800
Requests are usually open :) Voting is sometimes open X3 This Book will be updated once a week, usually on Thursday.
  • yaoi
  • masky
  • lemon
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Masky X Reader X Hoodie by Renny7979
Masky X Reader X Hoodieby Renny Wong
When the family is happy, and there's no blood pouring down the staircase (YET), two killers hunt down you and your family. But when a emotion builds between the killers...
  • hoodie
  • masky
  • fanficton
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one of us | creepypasta by maebemin
one of us | creepypastaby m a e ★
{COMPLETE/UNDER-EDITING} ~~~~ BOOK ONE The Carter sisters were only trying to live 'peacefully' within the woods, but when their world starts to crash, everything was co...
  • grinnycat
  • smiledog
  • slendy
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My new toy to play with  {Creepypasta x Doll! reader }  by TheSeeker31
My new toy to play with { PotatoIceCream
This is one, crappy description
  • creepypastaxreader
  • clockwork
  • laughingjack
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Red Wrists: Twists and Turns ( Masky x Reader book 1 ) by IllusionTheProxy
Red Wrists: Twists and Turns ( Pizza Faythe (from YT)
(COMPLETE! AND THANKS FOR 451K READS!) You are just the average girl, swallowed up in society's rude comments and hateful remarks. All until your kindergarten friend, Ti...
  • xreader
  • hoodie
  • creepypasta
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lol no (Jeff The Killer) by MoonCashew
lol no (Jeff The Killer)by MoonCashew
"No," I replied. He stood there shocked at what I said to him. Like I was some monster, when clearly he was. *** This book is SUPER old and is written horribly...
  • hoodie
  • masky
  • horror
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{ lights out}Ticci Toby x Reader by Too_Many_Feelz
{ lights out}Ticci Toby x Readerby DoesBrunoMarsisGay?
knowing Toby Rodgers will not be a happy ending, there's too much broken, too much to fix. How is someone suppose to forgive all the things he's done wrong, and accept t...
  • dark
  • ticci
  • feels
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Her (creepypasta x reader )UNDER EDITING by Fun_bun
Her (creepypasta x reader )UNDER Fun_bun
(y/ n) is being stalked by the creepypasta's because the slender man couldn't find you. So he sent Masky, Hoodie, and Jeff to find you.
  • sally
  • horror
  • hoodie
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The Innocent Eyes (Jeff The Killer X Reader) by MusicIsGreat678
The Innocent Eyes (Jeff The MusicIsGreat
Strange things happen under strange circumstances. When you meet Jeff, he's not exactly like the stories you've heard. Perhaps he's just broken, but aren't we all? Can y...
  • xreader
  • jeffthekillerxreader
  • masky
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Jeff's and Liu's lil Sister by SilverEagleEye
Jeff's and Liu's lil Sisterby Silver
What if Jeff the Killer had a sister? Ember Woods was the youngest of the three Woods. Liu Woods was the oldest, Jeffrey (Jeff) Woods was the middle child and Ember Wood...
  • eyeless
  • jane
  • creepypasta
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Slenderman's Daughter (Creepypasta x Reader) [EDITING] by aegyo-noona
Slenderman's Daughter ( I'm fine...
[#822 In Fanfiction] Y/N was abused by her parents. They will always starve her and lock her to her room. She had enough so she escaped. She entered the woods and she sa...
  • masky
  • bendrowned
  • eyelessjack
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Daughter Of A Pasta by AngelHall6
Daughter Of A Pastaby DemonAngel
[OC x Creepypasta] One day Slenderman is walking through his woods when he noticed something was off. He soon found out the problem was a dying woman with a small baby g...
  • zalgo
  • slenderman
  • janethekiller
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Give it a Week (Slenderman X Reader) by brokensamurai
Give it a Week (Slenderman X brokensamurai
Slenderman X Reader. Y/N is a girl who is living on her own but hides that fact from everyone. She works as a teacher in an elementary building, loves the creepypastas...
  • slendermanfanfiction
  • tortue
  • jeffthekiller
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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios by StraNgeloveXoXo
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenariosby Angel
No hate pls!!
  • masky
  • creepypastaboyfriendscenarios
  • homicidalliu
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creepypasta x child reader by _wolfien_
creepypasta x child readerby Cecilia
creepypasta X child reader
  • eyelessjack
  • featured
  • bendrowned
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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios [COMPLETED] by fluffyskoomadealer
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios [ Вℓυє
Includes Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Eyeless Jack, Hoodie, Masky, Lost Silver, Bloody Painter, Ticci Toby, and Zalgo. Comment if you want any more characters added in~...
  • jeffthekiller
  • hoodie
  • lostsilver
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The New Comer(On Hold) CPxReader by VgameloverX
The New Comer(On Hold) CPxReaderby Fabulous Kitty👑😺👑
It's all in the title! Includes all the pastas I know so far hope you enjoy!
  • hoodie
  • xreader
  • jeff
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