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The Scorch of Lightning by PreatzalGamer99
The Scorch of Lightningby Preatzal Gamer
Two young children get banish from their village. Their home. What happens when they meet each other? Love? Hatred? Will they be friends, or enemies?
Come Back in Five Years.... by Star_Crow
Come Back in Five KGL
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, the son of the chief of Berk Stoick the vast. He was considered the runt, weakling.... failure of the village. But when the village finds...
ll The Uzukage ll by IdkWhyiHaveW4ttpad
ll The Uzukage llby 69…
Naruto was banished from that terrible village konoha. Naruto is mistreated in his village. Naruto was falsely accused of doing something, and with his background being...
Percy Jackson: Warriors Never Die by ctsw99
Percy Jackson: Warriors Never Dieby ctsw99
Betrayed by his family and friends Percy is banished to an unknown world and left for dead. When evil awakens the Gods realize they need their hero back, but after 50 ye...
The Banished Wolf {COMPLETED} by pruewatkins
The Banished Wolf {COMPLETED}by pruewatkins
Have you ever felt like an outcast? A person who society has turned their back on? If so then you will know exactly how Bianca feels. She was banished from the only li...
Naruto the Broken (Banish Fanfiction) by 0Ronin0
Naruto the Broken (Banish Ronin
What if Naruto didn't have anyone. Not Iruka, not the Hokage, not Jiraiya, but only a fox that was as lonely as the boy that was hated and banished from his village (I...
Banished Naruto but with the Konoharmu crew! by Pokemonweeb17
Banished Naruto but with the Pokemonweeb17
What if after the Sasuke Retrival Arc Naruto fufiled his promise to Sakura. Instead of a warm welcome and not even a thanks the village banashises Naruto. Yeah yeah you...
Naruto The New Sage Of Six Paths by KiritoBinns
Naruto The New Sage Of Six Pathsby 𝓜𝓸𝓵𝓵𝔂 𝓟𝓮𝓻𝓬
Naruto brings back Sasuke but gets banished for completing the mission find out what happens in my new book Naruto the new sage of six paths Best Rankings #1 Banished #...
what's the point by justingame44
what's the pointby Justin game 44
Naruto is a depressed 30 year old man who had lost his will of life as his village needs him back. After 17 years of banishment they need him back now more than ever.
Namikaze Hatake Clan by KakaNaruHatake
Namikaze Hatake Clanby Naruko Uzumaki Hatake
Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze is actually a girl. She isn't 13 like everyone believed she is. No, Naruto is actually 19 and is married to Kakashi since the age of 14. Naruto i...
Not ninjas anymore by YAOIsh1pper
Not ninjas anymoreby YAOIsh1pper
Read this really bad book Also Naruto x Sasuke (SasuNaru) And Zhongli x Venti
Dream Team (NaruHina) by Gleam-eyes
Dream Team (NaruHina)by Gleam Eyes
Naruto and Hinata; the iconic pairing. What if it happened differently? What if they have to leave Konoha? Find out in this book. Finished 3/21
Naruto is a Girl~ by CloudNarutoHitsugaya
Naruto is a Girl~by Naruto Namikaze
Naruto is actually Naruko Uzumaki. She is banished because she hurt the "Last Uchiha". She wondered around between the Nations. She meets a man and a boy. She...
Banished (SasuNaru Fan Fiction) by FanFicMaker101
Banished (SasuNaru Fan Fiction)by Çððl-åïÐ Måñ
"You Naruto Uzumaki, are here by banished from the leaf village, for the safety of the people!" Those are the last word Naruto Uzumaki heard as he ran from th...
Choices,Regrets,Chaos by orasad
Choices,Regrets,Chaosby Mike Macharia
After a successful retrieval of the Uchiha Sasuke, everyone but Hinata blame him for his injuries and have him banished as Hinata just got banned from her clan.The two l...
Sunshine Gone Rogue by KuramaTheFluffball
Sunshine Gone Rogueby Kurama The Fluffball
Naruto is banished from the Leaf Village after bringing Sasuke back before he got to Orochimaru. Will Naruto seek revenge for all the abuse and trauma Konoha put him thr...
The Ark's Clankers by JoeyKirkpatrickJr
The Ark's Clankersby Joey Kirkpatrick Jr
what would happen if the entire Droid Army received the Shut Down Command but didn't follow it and evacuate to a new Galaxy with the Separatist Council? join the Droid A...
Royally Accepted by IrishShewolf
Royally Acceptedby Sinead
Vampires and werewolves have never gotten along. In fact they hate each other. But to Erin it's just a dispute that has lost it's meaning since it began all those hundre...
HEAVENS by sneakyrubeus
HEAVENSby sneakyrubeus
ARES, the god of war, death, and destruction follows him. On one hand, he is known for beauty and courage and on the other hand, he is feared for the destruction he ring...
Outside the fence by lunarTown
Outside the fenceby nat
Leader Colton knows about the world outside the fence. Leader Colton knows the truth. And he especially knows not let the truth spill. Maria Alvarez heard the truth thou...