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Help by Jade_Drake
Helpby Jade_Drake
"SOMEOME HELP ME!!! PLEASE ANY-..." My screams are cut short when my captors traps me between his legs and puts a needle in my neck. I feel the darkness pull m...
Missing Malfoy by BladeSullivan
Missing Malfoyby Blade
The Malfoy family has more secrets than they can handle. One secret that only the dark lord Voldemort and his inner circle know. Or so they thought...
Stolen by BillieJay3
Stolenby Billie Jay
My name is Jade. I was kidnapped and given as a gift. Like a pet. A gift meant to mend the bond between a father and son. But before his son knew I even existed, I was...
Unexpected (BoyxBoy) by BrittanyShay
Unexpected (BoyxBoy)by Brittany Shay
My name is Caden Michaels. I've been kidnapped by someone who had been stalking me for 5 years, and I had no idea I was being stalked. What will happen to Caden when h...
Missing Mafia Princess (Completed) by KB6214
Missing Mafia Princess (Completed)by Kenna Jade
December 12th. That was the day the princess was born. That was the day she was also, stolen. She was their everything, their baby, their love, their mafia princess. But...
Stolen by PuppyPawsGreen
Stolenby Jay Bean
WARNING: This story was written a few years back and has MANY grammar and spelling errors so please don't read if that will bug you. You have been warned Story is also f...
lydia  by sluttybutsad
lydia by ur dads gf
"are we going to go to the butterfly exhibit? it's the other way" "not exactly, lydia." - in which a clueless innocent girl gets taken into the life...
A Thief's Kiss by NightTime_Storiexs
A Thief's Kissby 𝒩𝒾𝓀𝓀𝒾 ✨✨
A thief. A prince. A marriage. When Aria, the mischievous, devious, witty, and rebellious local thief of Southton Azura, has an unfortunate run-in with the stuck-up, ar...
Rahul He is a love of every girls but he hate one word in this world that is "LOVE" Anusha She is a cute and chirpy girl she wishes her first love have to be...
Captive in Plain Sight by sharhenley
Captive in Plain Sightby Shar Henley
Mila is the obsession of a dangerous man with a grudge. After a traumatic incident, she's started over in Seattle with a new job and her first serious relationship. But...
The Billionaire's Agreement (Completed)✔️ by Dredge116
The Billionaire's Agreement ( Dredge
Mikayla has had a tough year. First she gets dumped by her billionaire boyfriend Landon Parker. She moves to San Fransisco where she becomes a secretary for a lawyer fir...
The Step Brother by exquisiteequine
The Step Brotherby exquisiteequine
When her mom announces that she's getting remarried, Brooklyn is taken away! She's excited to start a new, happier chapter in her life and finally feel like she's part o...
𝗦𝗧𝗢𝗟𝗘𝗡. √ by Happy26Xx
A Drarry fic. Harry gets dared to steal an item of Draco's clothing. Unkown to the problems it would cause, he does and ends up paying deeply for that mistake. This sto...
🍃🌟 STOLEN LOVE (KTH) 🖤🌀 || Ongoing || by KIMSandyTae
🍃🌟 STOLEN LOVE (KTH) 🖤🌀 || KIMSandy
ඔන්න අපි ආයෙමත් ආවා.. 😌💕 මීට කලින් නම් අපි දෙන්නගේ කතා කියවන්න ඇති... ඒත් මේ මගේ Acc එකෙන් කතාවක් publish වෙන first time... 😁 මේ කතාව මම ලියන්නෙ තනිවම නම් නෙමේ.. Dea...
STOLEN [httyd] by SacredSouls
STOLEN [httyd]by sacred
- ORIGINAL VERSION - Hiccup Haddock was a child born on the village of Berk, then to be taken by a NightFury in a dragon raid without a trace. But while Stoick and Valka...
Stolen Sweetheart [Academy Volume #1] by TalesOfNymphae
Stolen Sweetheart [Academy Nimpa
I'm an Angel who Fall into a Trap of a Vampire, and now? I am carrying The future King Of His World, The Vampire World.
The Dragon Prince's Bride (Incomplete) by cjyoung24
The Dragon Prince's Bride ( C.J. Young
She stole a stranger's heart, and then he stole her. ****** In the days of Knights and Kings, a young maiden named Sylvia finds an injured man deep in the woods. She not...
TAKEN  by sophia11111122
TAKEN by Sea ya later🌊
This story is about Milo and Ophelia who have known each other since childhood. As they become teens Milo falls in love with Ophelia. One day Milo mysteriously disappear...
Jealous, much?  by whotfislucy_
Jealous, much? by
Harley Jones is the new girl at school, she and her brother moved in next door to the Astor family, not knowing the personalities of their children. Harley had blonde ha...
The Mafias Girl by TaylorAnderson196162
The Mafias Girlby TaylorAnderson196162
Melody Fawson's life was always a mess. She was always escorted wherever she went by her family's bodyguards,she wasn't aloud to do much but when she did she would hango...