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His ExWife (edited version) by Iamsrkian
His ExWife (edited version)by Abbhyaa V.
Yeah! That is me, Yvonne Scott Anderson, Ex wife of the second richest and the most powerful person on earth. Divorced not desperate, I never dared to date any other, i...
How can you love me by music_lover15
How can you love meby Amber
About a girl name Emilee getting abused and raped my her dad and her mother doesn't know. At school there are four new kids and they are different from the other student...
She Mines by sage1234loveh
She Minesby chole_heart$"
Stepfather and daughter love story, but they know they can't be together but still try too Around Greenvale Lake, a twisted family called The Andersons lived they looke...
I couldnt say no by brittanycharsha
I couldnt say noby Brittany charsha
Its hard to say no when the person you have to live with for the rest of your life is raping & torchering you . Read about this true story about my life .
The Billionaire's Stepdaughter by Max_24
The Billionaire's Stepdaughterby Maximus Maximilian
He pinned her to the wall and cupped her face with his hands. Lust and longing were his only companions when he looked at her. She ripped her eyes off his. This annoyed...
The Emptiness She Holds by Sleeping-Stich
The Emptiness She Holdsby Sleeping-Stich
Blaire knight had just got released from juvie she had killed her abusive ex boyfriend no one believed her when she tried defending herself when she finds out her moth...
Tempting Daddy: A Forbidden Romance by carlydavis_98
Tempting Daddy: A Forbidden Romanceby Carly Davis
Forgive me Father for I have sinned. Again. I told myself I could fight the temptation. That was a lie. I tried dousing my body in holy water. But... Satan set me on fi...
^Their Little Principessa^ by _babyqueen19_
^Their Little Principessa^by BabyQueen
When Isabella was 4, she was kidnapped by her mother or so she was told. Katherine and her husband abused Ella all throughout her childhood whenever they came home. They...
My stepfather. by elysi4nn11
My elysi4nn11
He fills the void of her absent father and loves her like no other man in her life ever did, they fall in love but what happens when her "lover" turns out to b...
Ruby by Fallonsbooks
Rubyby Fallonsbooks
This is a story about Ruby Lopez. A abused girl. What happens when she meets badboy Ethan knight?
Irredescent by Blu_vanila
Irredescentby Blu_vanila
Ivanna isn't one to fight. She's always hiding in her room. Always wishing to do things and never being able to because fear holds her a prisoner of its power. With her...
Collection of heart-breaking short stories by Gulrux_S
Collection of heart-breaking Gulrux_S
Stories that take just a couple of minutes to read, but will probably leave long-lasting feeling and thinking. It is only for those who are mature, so if you are still a...
The Step Brother by exquisiteequine
The Step Brotherby exquisiteequine
When her mom announces that she's getting remarried, Brooklyn is taken away! She's excited to start a new, happier chapter in her life and finally feel like she's part o...
Trustfall by awonderfulworldhp
Trustfallby ??? ???
Summary: Alessia is a 14 year old girl, her whole life she has been protecting her little brother, but one day their mother gets killed and they have to live with their...
Drowning by Pattykins
Drowningby Patty
Anastasia Miller has been moved around her whole life while her mother tried to find a perfect husband. She’s hoping that her mother’s new husband, Danny Miller, will fi...
STEP FATHER      ( Yizhan Version ) by VishiVishi
STEP FATHER ( Yizhan Version )by VD
සම්මතයත් අසම්මතයත් අතර දෝලනය වන ඔවුන්ගේ ආදර කතාවයි මේ.... 💚❤️
I Fell in Love with a Bad Boy by Beautiful_Tragedy8
I Fell in Love with a Bad Boyby Sarah J McCall
CRINGE WARNING! First book I ever wrote on here!! -- "Sometimes the person who you are willing to take a bullet for is the person behind the gun." I stood peer...
I Hate My Fate And Them  by hopelessarmyiam
I Hate My Fate And Them by ot7_ff
"I know it will take time for you to trust us, but once you do we won't break your trust, please just once" ____________________________ "I promise I will...
Beautiful flower  by Joan_melody
Beautiful flower by Melodypinky
From rags to riches,to family to finding love,this is a life story of Mariana Clarke. (Unedited) This is the first I ever had the courage to share.
Me, Love, & Secrets by XandriaRen
Me, Love, & Secretsby XanXan
Ruby Dominguez knew all about how her father treated her mother. If she stepped in to help, she would get the same treatment. They couldn't leave. They were trapped in a...