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SANCTUM by LibbyHadfield21
SANCTUMby LibbyHadfield21
Aurora Bates has been alone her whole life. She lives in isolation from the proper world. Her country is separated by gender and her memories have been taken. So when...
  • dystopian
  • mystery
  • sciencefiction
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Star People - A Septiplier Space AU by TheLinadoonOfficial
Star People - A Septiplier Space AUby Linadoon
"Mark, this is serious." Tom said as serious as he could. "I know, I know! But think with me..." Mark got up and showed the book to his brother and t...
  • spaceau
  • slowburn
  • marmar
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Walking Sirius by JvdW1988
Walking Siriusby JVDW
Earth is long gone and all that is left is the spaceship belonging to Bob and his dog Sirius. Dog walking in space isn't quite the same as it was on Earth, however... Yo...
  • dog
  • opennovellacontest2019
  • contest
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Merry Holder by chubiris
Merry Holderby Saga
Charlotte had been on the verge of having the career she'd always wanted when she was killed. Decades later, police found her body in a bog in Belgium. She had been so w...
  • clone
  • mystery
  • murder
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N.E.T  by BlackRavenSong
N.E.T by BlackRavenSong
A story featured in future where GlobalNet controls everything. In the nation, Aurora, the nation's heart is where the government keep the GlobalNet. Alex, a boy who wor...
  • love
  • scifi
  • action
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Misjudged  by melonhead264
Misjudged by melonhead264
Set the scene: After a virus, it left behind a world of shambles. It also left the world in fear of the deadly creatures roaming around. Aspen hasn't seen anoth...
  • fiction
  • sciencefiction
  • adventure
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Personage by LordLysander7776
Personageby LordLysander7776
It is 2093. Humans have become largely indistinguishable from androids and clones. Humans of course, are still the majority, and like to make sure that the others know t...
  • thriller
  • human
  • mystery
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What Lies Beyond Here by TremaineKatie
What Lies Beyond Hereby TremaineKatie1
  • originalcharacter
  • loveatfirstsight
  • teenagers
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Astrohitcher by KyBuchanan
Astrohitcherby Ky Buchanan
Two little boys lost in the forest. Red Order leaves no survivors. Preliminary novel to Cosmonogic. Read at any time. Origin story of Rake Astrohitcher and your other fa...
  • cosmonogic
  • fantasyadventure
  • sciencefantasy
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The Lost Unicorn (MSG Unicorn Male reader x Aldnoah.Zero) by TheRisingStorm40
The Lost Unicorn (MSG Unicorn TheExaltedTenno
Usual chapter: 2000+ words A couple things before you read: I started making this before Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative ads were released. At some point I might make a mat...
  • rx-0
  • malereaderinsert
  • aldnoah
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Dale's Rules by itsgaugust
Dale's Rulesby August Central
One can only be in Dale if they are Same. It ruins everything, being a Different. It makes everything uneasy. But people like Quinn, a Different, and Shawn, a Same, are...
  • oldwriting
  • sciencefiction
  • differentuniverse
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Evolving by 2783Todoroki
Evolvingby COBI
The world has changed, it's evolving, the kids are growing up and fighting their own battles. Five persons, same place, all linked by their determination and pasts, must...
  • science-fantasy
  • kindafuturistic
  • romance
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Planet V1 by LbRosie
Planet V1by LbRosie
Frey has never lived a peaceful live, it was only full of adventure and tragedy. She was living in times of technological warfare, every country was an enemy. The word w...
  • sciencefiction
  • romance
  • adventure
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Zombie High by valkyriecaine6
Zombie Highby Kellie Powers
It's been sixteen years since the dead rose and nearly destroyed the world. All forms of government have collapsed, a new sickness has surfaced, and zombies are still ra...
  • zombies
  • sciencefiction
  • romance
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Fire, Flowers and Freedom by Stories_by_Rie
Fire, Flowers and Freedomby Rie
This anthology contains my short stories that deal with dystopia, fantasy or science-fiction all the way to more profound topics like death, identity or just random thou...
  • fantasy
  • wattys2018
  • death
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Year 2176, Twenty years after World War Three a woman came to rise ruling almost half of the world. Every year she choose about twenty five men and women from the kingd...
  • fanfiction
  • hosoek
  • bts
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Plaguette by Tropian
Plaguetteby Tropia
A scientist and plague doctor, Plaguette, steps out of her freezing time capsule. 5000 years in the future. What will happen when she meets a witty hero, fighting agains...
  • future
  • fungi
  • superhero
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They Would Be Gods: The Anunnaki Chronicles Book 1 by Xenoblast
They Would Be Gods: The Anunnaki Matthew *X* Black
The Ancients. Philospher kings. Gods. Immortals. Anunnaki. They had arrived on the small planet of Gan seeking answers to three vital questions: Was this planet habit...
  • nibiru
  • worldbuilding
  • chess
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The Elemental Universe by CrimsonStar8
The Elemental Universeby CrimsonStar8
This is gonna be a book about the elements and the people who control them. They are gonna live on Planet called Elementia where everyone can learn to control the eleme...
  • fiction
  • elements
  • sciencefiction
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