The Guardian by AJ_Kelley
The Guardianby A.J. Kelley
"Let them fill daughter of the Sun and Stars. And you will answer all questions that you ask until there is nothing left but your light. When you start to forget, o...
  • adventure
  • guardian
  • action
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A Beat In Time by savageyetsassy
A Beat In Timeby sassy & pisces (and occasiona...
''earth, 2053. the world is ever changing, and in this cyperpunk society things just got flipped upside down. a young gang, turned world icons, is facing new problems af...
  • sciencefiction
  • superhero
  • applyfic
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Diamond tears by girlpower135
Diamond tearsby Stella
The world is divided into 4 groups. Blues who only obtain one small power such as healing, speed, the ability to tell if someone is lying Silvers who have one power, The...
  • evilvsgood
  • science-fantasy
  • sciencefiction
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Cosmos (2018) by xtypicalzoe
Cosmos (2018)by xtypicalzoe
"So, where are you from?" "Villainous." Valentina's lavender eyes met Dixon's. "It's in a place, far away. Hopefully you'll never have to go the...
  • fantasy
  • running
  • superpowers
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The Unintentional Christmas Gift (1,974 words) by TellieStrange
The Unintentional Christmas Gift ( Tellie Strange
I look into her frightened eyes. I pull her into me and sink my teeth deep into her neck. She squirms against me, exciting me more. Oh how I love this female. She drives...
  • vampireromance
  • sciencefiction
  • romance
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Commander of Dune by Dawnnbooks
Commander of Duneby A. L. Dawn French
For twenty thousand years, Dune has had its power monopoly based in the spice Melange, found only on the Desert Planet Dune. With the House Harkonnen's bid for the spice...
  • black
  • duneuniverse
  • love
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Eonian Chronicles : The beginning by PrQuinzel
Eonian Chronicles : The beginningby Harleen F. Quinzel
Jay is a human being living on Eon, a planet billions of light years away from Earth that humans colonised after some scientists discovered a portal between Earth and th...
  • lovestory
  • achievement
  • rescue
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9-C Droid, 'Girl Sleuth' by CynkNapp
9-C Droid, 'Girl Sleuth'by CynkNapp
A Parody of the girl sleuth stories. Android 9-C has abilities most do not. Comic strip / graphic novel. Watermark #1 in #GraphicNovel hotlist at times from 2018-07-08...
  • robot
  • femaleprotagonist
  • illustration
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Terrestrial Alien by SpookiPunk
Terrestrial Alienby Spookie
In the middle of nowhere, eight-year-old Joshua Gonzalo discovers something rather odd. There lay another little boy, covered in injuries and strange, inky markings, wit...
  • alien
  • slowburn
  • bisexual
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Electric by brckenhcart
Electricby ⚡️
Cj was having a sleepover with her best friends. They watched movies, built forts, and played video games. But one night unexpectedly changed her life forever. Instead o...
  • electric
  • marvelcomics
  • sciencefiction
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Bought by Cold_Matchmaker
Boughtby Moon Inkwell
She was born a product. He was born free. --- My freedom ended the moment I was born. The doctors took one look at my genetics and knew I didn't pass the baseline requ...
  • barcode
  • sciencefiction
  • future
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RUNAWAYS ・st and tdm by watertanks
RUNAWAYS ・st and tdmby ...
RUNAWAYS 🏃- "Everyone is against us, we need to leave this place!" | Stranger Things and The Darkest Minds inspired @watertanks
  • fandom
  • fanfiction
  • series
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Dissenter by EssenceAH
Dissenterby ⓔⓢⓢⓨ
dis·sent·er dəˈsen(t)ər/ noun •a person who dissents; holding opinion that are at variance with those commonly express Meet Tobi. Just like the others, he's bland, emot...
  • primeminister
  • action
  • aubreyjoseph
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The Praeditus by XTheEpicStoryTellerX
The Praeditusby Madelynn Jacobus
In a world where a person's soul is connected to another's. Magdelena (Lena) Ambrosia, is a regular old teenage girl who is just waiting to find out who her soul bond is...
  • adventure
  • powers
  • newlife
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Magic Can Take You Places by RobynTheWriter827
Magic Can Take You Placesby Robyn A
Lani and her best friend Vivian are ready to take the next step in life together. With the help of bottled magic, they are transported to a world that only a select few...
  • spiritual
  • scifi
  • teenfiction
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The Bond and Other Curses || Book Two by kmrgillins
The Bond and Other Curses || Katelynd Gillins
Book 2 in THE OPELUX CHRONICLES. Read THE OPELUX AND OTHER MONSTERS first! When instinct gets in the way, the heart is left behind... After everything that happened at...
  • mystery
  • teen
  • sciencefiction
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My name is Conrad, and I am fifteen years of age. I used to have a regular, imperfect life before. But at least, it was better. Better than the one I have now. ...
  • superpowers
  • 2018
  • politics
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Cherry Bomb || NCT fanfiction by Kpotatop
Cherry Bomb || NCT fanfictionby Regulate™
♡ I wish for an exciting life - I get one - But now I regret ♡ ♡ We have to help each other and be there for each other ♡ ♡ We have to be strong and stick together ♡ ♡ T...
  • renjun
  • kun
  • taeil
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Project Super Nex by Arthur_h25
Project Super Nexby Arthur A. Howell
In the alternate dimension of Cosmotic, Rad-Bio Laboratory has collaborated with the government of SPACE Union to infuse the military with the Super Nex virus, which wil...
  • teenfiction
  • sciencefiction
  • superheroes
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