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Sky Saga Updates by mokbook
Sky Saga Updatesby M.K. Osmun
See inside for updates on the Cardinal Sky, Book 1 in the Sky Saga. And also Broken Sky, the Sky Saga Prequel 1. Cover updates for Sky Saga Book Two coming soon.
BREATHING by bbiirruu
Goes in depth about finding one thing to getting through hardships and considering "Heal your hearts and mind" when the sounds only come from one source, your...
BOOK 2 - Destiny: The Dark Below (Shonen Anime Style) by DestinyGameFan3113
BOOK 2 - Destiny: The Dark Below ( eljetixd xd
Ravi, Leah and the other guardians will have to face a brand new threat hidden in the deepest corners of Luna.
Face your fears (English version) - In correction by Thedragon-ninja
Face your fears (English version) Thedragon-ninja
I suddenly wake up in sweat in the middle of the night. I've been having the same nightmare for several nights, and for several nights I feel like something's wrong. Thi...
CODES by LittleVee
CODESby Vee Lozada
Roger, a cybernetic human with a second chance at life, must face the truths of every lie he's told or risk the possibility of losing it all... ** A year after the "...
A New Earth Born! by UnionGranto
A New Earth Born!by EarthSovereign
(This is a Continuation of the EDH Unionverse Lore from Earth's Darkest Hour! This lore is not meant to be taken seriously with its ideology and leadership this is all f...
Only Human by rainclouds352
Only Humanby rainclouds352
Being a teenager is hard enough. You have your hormones, acne, and sexual orientation. But none of us have ever had to deal with a zombie apocalypse. Well, they don't re...
The Children of Time by chaienesantoswriter
The Children of Timeby Chaiene Santos
GOVERNING IDEA: We will become them and then, they will become us. Trilogy Inspired by the verse of the holy bible (REVELATION 22:13): "I am the Alpha and the Omeg...
The Abysmals by Jordoom
The Abysmalsby Jordan Payne
An organized cabal discreetly known as the Alliance are on the brink of Global ascendancy, but struggle to achieve their goal as a rebellion conspires within their own s...
Elayne Starwind - Padawan of Ashoka by Kats_Writes
Elayne Starwind - Padawan of Ashokaby ♡ Chill Girl ♡
Ahsoka had been looking for young Ezra Bridger, who sacrificed his life to save his home planet, along with Sabine. But what Ahsoka wasn't expecting was to find a young...
Yin Yang Flower by MaiDo1483
Yin Yang Flowerby jhenry
Yin Yang oil relieves stress. The scents of Yin Yang flowers make you feel in love with everything in your surroundings.
A Life Sentence by EBTaylor
A Life Sentenceby Eric Taylor
Following a plague that wipes out almost the entire human population a group of friends struggles to find a life in their new world. As they carve at that life they must...
The Great Protector's Name by RutherfordianComplex
The Great Protector's Nameby RutherfordianComplex
The most dangerous thing is a person whose made up their mind. With the tempting offer of immorality dangling over Astrome's friend, Astrome will be broken and betrayed...
In Memoriam: age of the Immortal's  by ZolBooks
In Memoriam: age of the Immortal's by Zól
Ela had always been known as the quiet kid but she has gift or as she likes to call it curse, which she has been trying to hide her whole life. With the rise of the im...
Hades' Halls by ClassicalCeltic
Hades' Hallsby ClassicalCeltic
All is not well in the underworld; particularly the little nook which Hades called his office. Hell's numbers are down, Persephone has left him, and to add insult to inj...
Collected Stories by paisleyprintauthor
Collected Storiesby Phillip Carter
Each post is a new, complete short story. Expect kittens, time travel, alien abductions, car boot sales, sentient puddles of grieving. So the usual things you will expec...
Bounty  by nightfury107
Bounty by Night
"There are no promises in war." Hunter, shadow, assassin, killer. She had been called all of these things, she was all of these things. A feared bounty hunter...
The Gift That Is Perspective. by RejectSasquatch
The Gift That Is K.A. Nelson
How we look at the roles we play in the going-ons around us can make all the difference to what we see. A man with an ordinary job in an extraordinary place might just b...
The Weird and Wondrous  by rorroh_
The Weird and Wondrous by rorroh_
The Weird and Wondrous monsters to flick through! They could be completely made up or consist of a mixture of animals.
Sheltered  by AbitheDirectioner
Sheltered by Abi
Olivia Parker is a normal 16 year old girl. What happens when her entire world turns upside, and who will she meet along the way?