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24 hours by Black0ut212
24 hoursby Peter
AUDIO LOG TRANSCRIPT My name is Kendal Sanchez I was selected for a space mission by the National Association of Planetary Studies. It's a solo mission so I've been prep...
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WIP girlxgirl story by coradoesntknow
WIP girlxgirl storyby >
A lesbian girl living a painfully monotonous life discovers a very strange stray cat, which turns her life upside down in this funny science-fiction girlXgirl story. (Ma...
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BROKEN: The Tears Of Blade by Kyarrahh
BROKEN: The Tears Of Bladeby Chiarra
Isn't it sad when you get Hurt so much, you can finally say I'm used to it. One day your name didn't make me smile anymore, I'm not mad Just Broken There's difference.
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She has an Alexithymia by nieShaYoj2
She has an Alexithymiaby Shanie Joy Suson
Maddy avoid meeting people and going to crowded places. But she cant do anything when the time comes that she needs to enter a college university. Its the day that she d...
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Outside the Box by leopardsummer8
Outside the Boxby Leopardsummer8
Jake lives in a world where people are given the amount of time they have left to live. On his fifteenth birthday, Jake receives his Date - finding that he has only one...
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Kenobi (Ben) by sharkbite2187
Kenobi (Ben)by Joshua.A.Cox
This is my fanfic of Obiwan's long lost brother, Ben, it's about the adversitys he faced, the decisions he has to make, his life and others.
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Prompt Shop by Bluedolphin2212
Prompt Shopby Blue
Basically where a young adult writer, me, dumps all of her new story ideas she couldn't possibly write all of so she no longer has the temptation to and for others to us...
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🆂🆃🅰🆁 🆁🅸🅳🅴🆁🆂by natalie rushman
a science-fiction/space roleplay
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The Being From Another Planet by Zazzy109
The Being From Another Planetby Zazzel The Spider-Man
Aliens. Are they real or not? Do they look like us? Are they hostile, or friendly? Matt was walking home from school on a cool October afternoon. Be when he reached home...
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ARRIVAL by PaceYurself
What if time chose you? After a tragic and untimely accident, young Evelyn arrives in an afterlife unlike anything she could have imagined. The year is 2701, in a distan...
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Something to Start With by ToWhat
Something to Start Withby Name
In the Universe without art, music, or creative writing, May meets someone that will show her the beauty of such things. I'm trying to make this a happy story. Also, it'...
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A Writer's Guide to the Star Wars Universe - Volume I: Sentient Aliens by MTrac1000
A Writer's Guide to the Star MTrac 1000
One of the things I've had to do recently is research how different Star Wars aliens function, what worlds they come from, what their biology looks like, etc. But what i...
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No Honour (A Star Wars story) by Sapphire_amulet
No Honour (A Star Wars story)by Sapphire_amulet
In a universe of choices, would you stray into the dark? Or stay on the side of the light?
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ThinkTech  by EvanTheNerd83
ThinkTech by EvantheNerd83
Welcome to the future of humanity. A world where technological advances have merged the gap between flesh and wires. Where someone can take a picture with the blink of...
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Quantum leap a leap to far  by JohnGerrard283
Quantum leap a leap to far by John Gerrard
Sam leaps into a writer then he wakes up from a coma and sam learns for the past five years he has been in a deep coma and today has woken up and he must decide has he a...
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The Warrior Of Stars by theshootingstar19
The Warrior Of Starsby theshootingstar19
Meechie is very lonely and unique.. she hears about stories of"warrior" until she discovers that , she IS the warrior. Her life changes complety and finds th...
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Two Shifters Diaries by Truthspeaker101
Two Shifters Diariesby Sirena
Abby has always been a typical girl, and more then she likes to admit. But everything changes when she and some kids from her school decide to do some stupid prank. Abby...
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Virus V by multifandomholic
Virus Vby multifandomholic
A desperate race to find a cure for cancer turns disastrous when people's bodies start rejecting the cure and transforming... These changed bloodthirsty creatures are qu...
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Quantum leap escape room by JohnGerrard283
Quantum leap escape roomby John Gerrard
Sam leaps into a player who is about to play a escape room challenge sam only has one hour to get out and leap! (Complete story)
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