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Wrought Iron, Book 1 of Merlin's Message by John1William
Wrought Iron, Book 1 of Merlin's John1William
Wrought Iron. Book I of Merlin's Message -108,213 words. Cover art completed by MiblArt. -Fiction: Fantasy/Science Fiction/Christian -Wrought Iron to be followed by High...
Slip by McKenziePaigeOdom
Slipby McKenzie Paige Odom
"Freudian Slip - an unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings..." Or a superhuman with the ability to drive other superhumans to obsessiv...
Transformers 1 : The Reimagining  by SeaweedBrain220
Transformers 1 : The Reimagining by SeaweedBrain220
An rewrite that still keeps elements from Michael Bay's original movie with the theme of no sacrifice no victory.
Ascendance by MariSteffa
Ascendanceby Mari Steffa
Highest Rank: #4 in indigenous as of 5/23/23 #13 in native as of 5/17/23 Erika thought her life was pretty normal. She was unsure of what she wanted for her future an...
Luna by Kathrinepeirce7
Lunaby Kathrine peirce
she's from a totally different world but to him she was the world Luna is the only heir of the Blue Dukedome. She lived a peaceful life yet full of mysteries. Until she...
My Crazy Hot Interstellar Affair by BrittanieCharmintine
My Crazy Hot Interstellar Affairby BrittanieCharmintine
[This story is now FREE!] When Andie Bank agreed to take a job to help save her friend's reputation, it wasn't supposed to end up in a romance-fueled galactic rescue mis...
Daily Life With Furry Girls by SciFurz
Daily Life With Furry Girlsby SciFurz
Guy did not suspect to find a beautiful white feline anthro female knocking on his door in the mistaken impression he'd be her host when he sat down to write one evening...
Angels are weapons by KelseyRobinson183
Angels are weaponsby Kelsey Robinson
fellow Lilly over the course of 6 millennia as she discovers what she is and how powerful she is
The Virus Within: The Unranked (Book 4) by CrystalScherer
The Virus Within: The Unranked ( Crystal Scherer
Trinity is familiar with zombies, being one herself, but when strange zombies start appearing, she realizes that the world she knew might be changing yet again. When a d...
Predator Code (Tales from Wildhearth #1) by words_are_weapons
Predator Code (Tales from Jamie Harris
In a world beyond imagining lies danger that's all too real. For centuries the intelligent animal kin of Wildhearth have lived in peace together, but as their technology...
Guardians [English version] [Ongoing] by mymi7up
Guardians [English version] [ mymi7up
In the city of Ezora, there is what is called "the guardians" These elite warriors, constantly hiding their identity by wearing white armor, a mask, and a long...
GOOD MORNING, DOC! by prttymsj
GOOD MORNING, DOC!by jenni s.
Hospital series #1 "He is like a syringe unexpectedly injected into my heart. And now I know the feeling..." Date started: June 6, 2023 No copyright infringeme...
The Titan Order by Damon8216
The Titan Orderby Damon8216
Nova Steele, a young man living his life on a strange colony planet, until he has everything ripped from him in the blink of an eye through senseless violence. When all...
★ LOOSE WRITINGS ★ by PriscilaGibert
★ LOOSE WRITINGS ★by Priscila Do Amaral Gibert
Loose writings that don't fill more than a paragraph or a couple of pages. Snippets from stories, alternative scenes, character development, creative freedom. Whatever.
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The Dreams Machine by ImWIlso
The Dreams Machineby 𝐖𝐢𝐥𝐬𝐨’𝐬 𝐀𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐚𝐞�...
The brightest star in the sky is the one that falls. Such a star was Mark Taggart - a promising skateboarder, a boy whose shining faded away quicker than it lit up. He b...
The Multigenre Mashup Smackdown 2023 by ShaunAllan
The Multigenre Mashup Smackdown Shaun Allan
The Multigenre Mashup Smackdown, hosted by @LayethTheSmackDown, is a writing chalenge aimed at Wattpad writers of all genres, and features a variety of prompts for flash...
Project Human! by TheMindfulStories
Project Human!by
"In the year 4037, after almost 2,000 years of life aboard 17 spacecrafts, the 53rd generation of humans discover a planet teeming with life after being pulled into...
Razor Mountain by WordsDeferred
Razor Mountainby Samuel Johnston
Strange technology. A hidden, militarized city. The secret of immortality. Welcome to Razor Mountain. Christopher Lamarck is no hero. Despite his love of action movies...
Before The Final War by Yoongi---Jin
Before The Final Warby blah blah
"Hello, you are one of the teens that are receiving this call today. You were selected to help us prevent war from breaking out. You will be picked up today. You wi...