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The Sentient Star by TitanTheTiger
The Sentient Starby Adrien Allison
Ungral only wanted wealth, but after a failed cargo ship raid involving the young pirate and his crew, the alien crash lands on an unfamiliar world, separated from his c...
Metroid: Legacy by Novuscourvous
Metroid: Legacyby Novuscourvous
The Final Chapter is here!! Isolated and betrayed by the Galactic Federation, Samus Aran must now race against time to uncover an ancient Chozo conspiracy while being h...
"Be Careful, I Love You, Don't Die" by Emily8706398
"Be Careful, I Love You, Don't Die"by CinnamonToast
NEW CHAPTERS WEEKLY!!! (Well I'll try but I'm doing my GCSEs atm) xx ( READER X NEWT) This is set 3 years before Thomas arrives in the maze, so it's when the first peopl...
Tales From Far, Far Away by darthwitty
Tales From Far, Far Awayby Skylar Wittenborn
A collection of short stories, all set in the Star Wars universe and written for the Kessel Run Smackdown 2020 and 2021. Hukaat'kama: Watch My Six - Order 66, a Mandalor...
The Horrors of Big Brother by Yohaanus
The Horrors of Big Brotherby J. M. Yohaanus
Big Brother watches over you. Big Brother knows where you live. Big Brother saw the demons that live in the shadows. Having his eye on the world, and beyond it, caused h...
Emergence of Dark Spirit by penner_DeeP
Emergence of Dark Spiritby
Aion, a highschooler, living in a small town, was kind of a lonely teenager. He was socially awkward which was why we wasn't able to make any friends. His school life us...
Geisterwelt Vol. 3: Humanity Bites by AshleyvTurner12
Geisterwelt Vol. 3: Humanity Bitesby Ashley Turner
Who would do such a thing? The once Much Pampered and Much Admired Lady Josephine Bearer has been charged with the most unforgivable crime in Geisterwelt: Never trust th...
Micro danger by WinterMog
Micro dangerby WinterMog
It's the year 2231 and the government have found a new way to tackle problems like population, the amount of jobless and homeless people. But Is this really what the wor...
Sub Terra: Et Reditus by slicedbread103
Sub Terra: Et Reditusby slicedbread103
-THE SECOND BOOK IN THE SUB TERRA SERIES- Four years after the day his life changed, Daniel Sterling is living the best life he can. But when an old acquaintance contact...
Broken & Still by JuliaCoffin
Broken & Stillby Julia Coffin
Surviving the undead becomes so much harder when you can't even run. After living through the crash that killed my parents, I was left with a bad knee and a permanent l...
Charon by Horror_Riddle
Charonby Allen Riddle
Captain Samual "Sam" Raslin is running a standard job ferrying a group of colonists to their new home on a planet, when his ship intercepts a S.O.S signal. Whe...
Starfire  by SapphireSky_
Starfire by Emily
-A Moon Trilogy Companion Story- He started as next in line for the head council seat of the most prestigious judicial system in the known universe Then he was a soldie...
The Unknown by terraxxa
The Unknownby terra
For three years, Tess and her friends have been on the run from a deceitful, authoritarian government. Finally, they discover the reason why, but the answer will change...
Diary Of A Super Villain by LordWolf11
Diary Of A Super Villainby Simon Martin
Sam Pierce the middle son of the mayor and villain known as Vampire. Locked in the prison for supervillains, he must deal with rising tension between guards and other pr...
Satellites by leovaldez_37
Satellitesby Emma
Set during World War 3, a group of online friends discover a network of satellites that are China's primary communication system. When they figure out that taking them o...
Creeps in the Forest by htaylor_19
Creeps in the Forestby htaylor_19
Little did Bailey know this camping trip just might be her last. As Bailey explores the forest with her best friend, Nina, she finds horrific news and weird feelings. Sh...
The Water Witcher (Completed) by Van_Carley
The Water Witcher (Completed)by Van Carley
Corbin is a naive Water Witcher with the gift of finding water beneath the ground. Bored with his mundane life, he goes trekking across several states to visit a friend...
Discovery! by MrTomatoplays
This is a sci fi story about 2 young boys, and a universe to explore!
The Pyramid Chronicles: Tyche Point (#1) by auroraborealisn
The Pyramid Chronicles: Tyche Aurora Nelson
An alien-themed tourist town on the brink of death. An abandoned laboratory hiding an ancient secret. A group of kids trying to juggle high school, superpowers, and the...