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Bella_Higgin By Bella_Higgin Completed

When a deadly disease ravages the little town of Holmsley, fifteen-year-old Frankie and her friends find themselves trapped inside a military-blockaded quarantine zone.
  As it becomes clear no one is coming to help, Frankie realises that if they want to survive, they must find their own way to escape the quarantine.
  Easier said than done. Once infected, the sick become crazed and violent, while fear turns other survivors to savages. And who or what are the mysterious figures Frankie keeps seeing around town?
  As the body count rises, Frankie realises this is no ordinary quarantine. To get out alive, she'll have to unravel the dark truth behind it...

Not sure whether it was a good idea to start another one of your stories :)
I'm so glad I stumbled upon this book. It's so detailed and I love it! I'm probably gonna read this book more than once.
zainab12378 zainab12378 Mar 28
Ethically bitches shouldn't attend school before talking hole classes and courses of decency
zainab12378 zainab12378 Mar 28
Aw....Beth is so sweet and Frankie is lovely for protecting her, i like them
zainab12378 zainab12378 Mar 28
did she just attack her teacher!!!!! Tgey will kick her out for good
zainab12378 zainab12378 Mar 28
I ship ( Mean girls) but the first one not the second, although Sex and the city marathon sound found too