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  Meteor Garden™ by Ky-lei
Meteor Garden™by K y l e
Meteor Garden:"Wishe's and Fiction's" When Hong Xien get to witness shanchai and dao ming si love story. And this time she thought, birthday wishes do come tru...
♡ Meteor Garden ♡ by b3rrysweet
♡ Meteor Garden ♡by B3rry_Sweet Stories
Just Imagine Being sucked into your Favorite Drama and end Up being stuck there. There you meet the Main girl Shancai. But everything took a turn when You Appeared. Litt...
| Meteor | Liskook/Lizkook by 2Liskook2
| Meteor | Liskook/Lizkookby 2Liskook2
They say your wish will come true when you wish upon a shooting star. Beautiful from far away, mesmerizing and mysterious. But what if that star is headed directly tow...
.....Breathe.....  by zarysun
.....Breathe..... by ZaRi 💖
She was a simple girl who lives in her dreams ... So much of what she wanted to do, see, try in this life .... Her dreams are is to live by the sea, and enjoy the beauti...
EXULANSIS • METEOR GARDENS by dreamsplantation
EXULANSIS • METEOR GARDENSby a little lonely
n. the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it-whether through envy or pity or simple foreignness-which allows i...
Keep My Heart by CaitlynRachelC
Keep My Heartby Caitlyn Coker
“It wasn’t worth a horse, was it?” she asked. “No” Trey entered the stall and swung the saddle over Hank’s back. Millie walked into the next stall, which was empty, an...
Meteor Garden // Huaze Lei [ REWRITING ] by DreamPerson04
Meteor Garden // Huaze Lei [ DreamyVanessa
王美星 (Wang Mei Xin) or known as 美星 (Mei Xin) in English it's called (Beautiful Star). Major in Music, Dancing, Singer and a Business administration. She is very skilled a...
Princess by aiizzaall
Princessby ZAELI7
Dao Ming Lee, the epitome of Kindess and Grace. Hua Ze Lei, a handsome musician who adores the girl, and a close friend of him. The two spends time with eachother much o...
Meteor Garden-Astro twins Volume.1 by readerwriter90210
Meteor Garden-Astro twins Volume.1by readerwriter90210
This story is based on the 2018 Chinese drama meteor garden,following Seo Ah going to college stumbling across F4,hatred,drama,and love with her twin sister Shancai by h...
Yuánfèn  (缘分) by GermanaSaLes9
Yuánfèn (缘分)by G.
Shen Yue is a famous singer. Wang He Di is a professional photographer. He doesn't like her. She doesn't care about him. But their paths cross and they are forced to wo...
Meteor | Sookook by mina4e
Meteor | Sookookby mommy saranghae
[ON-GOING] Jungkook never thought he would fall for someone. He thought he only love Shan Cai, but he realized, Shan Cai is not for him. Shan Cai is for his friend, Min...
Unrequited Love | [Meteor Garden] Huaze Lei by LavenderMinx
Unrequited Love | [Meteor Garden] LavenderMinx
Two Distinct worlds One story Different paths One beginning But Same Perspective Why do you love someone who can't love you back while I'm here waiting for you to acknow...
Date A Live X Kamen Rider Fourze: Befriend To All Spirits (ON HOLD) by marcus01boy
Date A Live X Kamen Rider Marcus01boy
One young man believes that he's going to make his dream come true by making a lot of friends and best buddies in the entire city of Tenguu City, but the one thing that...
One Punch Man : Class S Saitama! by Vanzuin
One Punch Man : Class S Saitama!by Lanban
Don't ya want Saitama to get more popular and get more recognized by the public? Also becoming a Class S Hero along with Genos? Well you have came to the right place. In...
Ishmael by SlumRunner
Ishmaelby Ed Cowling
It's strange how we take time for granted, until it's taken from us. Not real time, the death of eighty percent of the human race, though that happened too. We're talkin...
7METEORS 《Completed》 by JungkookJisoo-shii
7METEORS 《Completed》by Sooyaa<3
7Meteors is a BTS x Jisoo Fanfiction where in Jisoo who was a girl who blamed herself in the death of her parents,Because of what happened she become a very said person...
Paw Patrol: Mission Paris by smartstorys
Paw Patrol: Mission Parisby smartstorys
After the recent events the pups and their owner are trying to relax, so they travel to Paris. As they are enjoying themselves they realize that they just stepped in a m...
[Completed] Legend of the Five Knights III: Song of Divine Wrath by ImperialSun
[Completed] Legend of the Five Gustavo J. Jr.
In order to gain the strength necessary to defeat the Pillars of Darkness, Tetsuya and his fellow Knights of Prophecy journey to a place few have ever gone. Meanwhile, t...
[Completed] Legend of the Five Knights I: Rise of a Guardian Angel by ImperialSun
[Completed] Legend of the Five Gustavo J. Jr.
Rosalba Kuroriku has been tasked to deliver Agnes- one of five weapons that Zionia's Celestial Queen commissioned in order to save their universe from extra-dimensional...
The desolation of meteor city [Hunter x Hunter Phantom troupe] by ChrolloEnjoyeer
The desolation of meteor city [ Dank Doom
The story of a new member of the phantom troupe, the start of the story took place before yorknew, and there isn't hisoka until yorknew. No romance, a bit of slice of li...