The Famoux

The Famoux

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WATTYS 2015 WINNER of the HQ LOVE award.

BOOK ONE OF THE FAMOUX TRILOGY. Completed and now being edited.

Over a quarter of a million words long. BUCKLE UP FOR THIS.
  From The Famoux:
  "The murmurs of Bree Arch's name echo around the hallway between classes. The underpaid teachers with bags beneath their eyes have to scold everybody for not paying attention to their lectures, because they, like most of the older people in Eldae, pretend they don't have an interest for the Famoux, and have likely ignored all headlines regarding them. I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't even aware someone had been murdered.
  Some of the kids around me try to explain it to them, but they don't understand it like we do. They didn't have anything like the Famoux when they were growing up. In fact, they grew up in an Eldae that allowed children to be born looking different from the others of their age--an Eldae now thought of as ancient.
  Every age group in the past thirty years has had a designated appearance, and no one in Eldae has ever exactly questioned it. Our country--one of the larger, more populous of Delicatum--has always been known for being a little off, and this freak generation mutation is nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone thinks and acts like their parents, making physical description the only thing that differs adults from their offsprings. And after three decades of this, without fail, it's become completely normal.
  And then there's me. And a few others, somewhere out there. At least, my mother always told me there were others. I've never met any."
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- - Jan 12
the first wattpad story i’ve ever read on my old account! looking forward to rereading
Salre1 Salre1 Mar 19
I'm restarting this book for the third time. It's exceptionally amazing.😍
I read this book a couple of years ago but never finished, so I’m restarting cause I remember it was really good
retropolis retropolis Dec 01, 2017
I've been wanting to read this for so long but haven't had the time!! I really love the title and that's kind of what made me interested in it 😋
re-reading this after almost 2 years and am so excited to do (once again)!
forever_x_always forever_x_always Nov 27, 2017
I love a good long long as it's not unnecessarily dragged shade