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Dark Visions | #OpenNovellaContest2019 by LLSanders
Dark Visions | Leslie Lee Sanders
Round 3 Qualifier || Maxine is haunted by an unsettling sense of unease as she pulls the same tarot card for every self-reflective reading. Psychic visions of a mysterio...
  • premonition
  • supernatural
  • suspense
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Poetry - Gleamings by suvachana
Poetry - Gleamingsby suvachana
Body, Mind and Spirit - in verse.
  • material
  • art
  • existential
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Comestibles by YoruHime
Comestiblesby Yoru Hime
  • poem
  • food
  • love
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Lizzy and Gael in the Woods by markoinfo
Lizzy and Gael in the Woodsby Dorian Earnshaw
An extract from a novel I am writing. A young boy leads her older sister around the woods.
  • metaphysical
  • bugs
  • death
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EON (Chronos Ring #1) by EarlEHardman
EON (Chronos Ring #1)by Earl E. Hardman
Ian Lotus is a man with a mysterious past - and a secret that could reshape mankind's destiny. The object of an interplanetary manhunt, Lotus must stay one step ahead o...
  • galactic
  • firstcontact
  • galacticempire
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Balance by StephenThom6
Balanceby Stephen Thom
  • social-anxiety
  • surreal
  • self-perception
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The Soul & The Brain (A Conversation) (Part 2) by JustinBLewis
The Soul & The Brain (A JB Lewis
  • mind
  • self-help
  • inspirational
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Scintillate - Book #1 of The Light Key Trilogy by TracyClarkTLC
Scintillate - Book #1 of The Tracy Clark
A mighty flame follows a tiny spark. Cora Sandoval’s mother disappeared when she was five and they were living in Ireland. Since then, her dad has been more than overpro...
  • metaphysical
  • scintillate-light-trilogy-tracy-clark
  • romance
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Vapor (A Warden of Ghosts Story) by AlexiaPurdy
Vapor (A Warden of Ghosts Story)by Alexia Purdy
After her mother dies, Melanie must live at boarding house for girls until she is of age. If only the place wasn't haunted and the caretaker's daughter, Ruby, wasn't so...
  • ghostwarden
  • teen
  • mystical
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I Claim It Isn't it Isn't Subversive to be Subversive (Trying to Be Subversive) by Dead_Lee
I Claim It Isn't it Isn't 💫Starkid A💫
An old poem about the nature of meta. Where's your God now?
  • metaphor
  • metaphysical
  • existential
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Metaphysical Properties of Crystals by divyamantramail
Metaphysical Properties of Crystalsby divyamantramail
• Agate Balances ying-yang energy, stabilizes the aura. Imparts strength and courage. Opens one to innate creative talents. • Amethyst Calming energy. Encourages spiritu...
  • crystals
  • metaphysical
  • clear
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The Story of Jason Griffin - Book I: Tales of the Two Servants by SophieAnnRussell22
The Story of Jason Griffin - Sophie Ann Russell
One raucous New Year's Eve evening, an extraordinary event happens... Jason Griffin, an infant barely a year old before he was whisked away from his real home by a force...
  • fantasy
  • mystery
  • magic
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The Cloud by dotdotdotinventions
The Cloudby Lyra
In difficult times, deciding who to turn to can be a challenge. Ultimately, the person you must always rely on is yourself. Dedicated to my River and Oak.
  • cloud
  • metaphysical
  • clouds
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The First Notes by surrealworlds
The First Notesby Taya Wood
In the late nineteenth century, an ancient entity summons the first of six humans to initiate a life-changing legacy. ~ Tulsi Avaho didn't expect to travel so far, but t...
  • surreal
  • mystery
  • enchantedforest
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The True Spirit-Living with My Heart on My Sleeve by LisaLeighOBrien
The True Spirit-Living with My Lisa Leigh O'Brien
Journey of the Spirit self
  • poem
  • writings
  • higherself
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QIZ by robertjbooks
QIZby Robert James
Reverend Beverley Jenkins is targeted as a consequence of her connection to the former Pope and the secrets she holds. The year is 2022 and the Catholic Church has ful...
  • church
  • metaphysical
  • hacker
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So Long by MarcusCain
So Longby Marcus Cain
Collection of Poems
  • metaphysical
  • lovers
  • loss
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Lazy Daydreams by Skapande
Lazy Daydreamsby Skapande
A collection of poems I write when I'm bored. Poem Headings [Allegory] - A piece that uses both subtle and explicit reference and metaphor to explore an idea, such as a...
  • observational
  • sonnet
  • metaphysical
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