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The Book of Shadows of a Broom Closet Dweller by _UNCHAINED_
The Book of Shadows of a Broom _UNCHAINED_
Tips & Tricks to Survive the Broom Closet: Those who hide their true magickal identities from friends & family are known as dwellers in "the broom closet". Man...
Dark Visions by LLSanders
Dark Visionsby Leslie Lee Sanders
Maxine Shepard is a tarot reader who has survived several traumas in her twenty-five years of life. Without living parents, trusty friends, or a loyal partner, she is un...
Philosophy by schoolnotes21
Philosophyby school notes
CONTENTS Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person Comprehensive Definition Doing Philosophy Philosophical Search Remarkable Philosophers The Human Person in th...
Celtic Cross | #ONC2019 by druidrose
Celtic Cross | #ONC2019by MB | M.Dalto
|| ONC 2019 OVERALL THIRD PLACE WINNER || Every card has a meaning, but not all are pleasant. Siobhan Brady is a Tarot reader, a profession that called to her ever sinc...
Confession by NaveraMoon
Confessionby Navera Moon
New chapter each week! Joanna can't fight the fact that she is blossoming witch, though her family's beliefs are at odds with that very fact. And as Joanna gives into t...
Hazy: Perceptions by Hazyverse
Hazy: Perceptionsby Daniel Anillo
Thirteen Aspects: thirteen foundational imperatives to the Universe and Life itself; they who hold the Balance and guide Creation - have made a grave mistake. And in the...
PARANORMAL FACTS... by Sudarsana2301
PARANORMAL sudoku_puzzles
A bunch of paranormal facts for curious readers... *ON HOLD*
Wonder & Wanderlust | Poetry of Roems by RobRoems
Wonder & Wanderlust | Poetry of Roems
I didn't know the world I read everyday, had a back page, with links to other mediums, in this metaphorical manifestation of philosophical, poetical mischief. This is a...
Tibar and the Thread of Life by kit_heart
Tibar and the Thread of Lifeby Kit Heart
The three sisters. Three home planets that make up the Arcpelago. People move bodies from bio to artificial and back. Eichons and drones serve and manage. It is two cent...
Carboniferous by IRobertSauthor
Carboniferousby IRobertSauthor
The most horrifying fantasy is the prehistoric past! When a paleontology student is found dead of anaphylactic shock in a sealed science lab, a group of unsuspecting fir...
Psychophysical and Metaphysical Brain by CciAgnes
Psychophysical and Metaphysical Cecilia Agnes
Someone does their best to free a prisoner, but after much effort and sweat he realizes that the prisoner refuses his own freedom. The prison is in his mind-he is a host...
The void has no form (english version) by kucjapson
The void has no form (english Jagoda Stawiarska
Yes, this is the metaphorical text I wrote about sitting on biology lesson in school. If you never felt anything like that while sitting in school, then your life must b...
Messages From Metatron: A Course in Self-Transformation by NinaBingham
Messages From Metatron: A Course Devi Nina Bingham
If you liked, "A Course In Miracles" you will love, "Messages From Metatron: A Course In Self-Transformation." Readers are calling it "captivati...
Letters from Shanti Ashram, India by DivyaWeed
Letters from Shanti Ashram, Indiaby Divya Weed
I lived in India from 1984-2005, and wrote to my parents regularly about my adventures in Indian ashrams. From 1984-1993 and again 2001-2005, I was living in Puttaparthi...
Metaphysical Properties of Crystals by divyamantramail
Metaphysical Properties of Crystalsby divyamantramail
• Agate Balances ying-yang energy, stabilizes the aura. Imparts strength and courage. Opens one to innate creative talents. • Amethyst Calming energy. Encourages spiritu...
Kellia's{23}Key by KennJamisonJr
Kellia's{23}Keyby •Kouboi(O_o)Kenn•
It was clear that Kellia was disoriented as Davy put the bike in neutral and started pushing it out of the middle of the street. The young woman practically leaned again...
Engkanto (boyxboy) by allencatel
Engkanto (boyxboy)by allencatel
engkanto are forest spirits or elves. It have many similarities to humans. They are normally appear to be beautiful having blue eyes, fair complexion and sometimes golde...
Tarot Cards for Sale by tarotcardsfor
Tarot Cards for Saleby Tarot Cards for Sale
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