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Coming Home [Soulmate AU] by Musical_Marty
Coming Home [Soulmate AU]by Musical Babeyyyy
HEY EVERYONE! KLANCE FANFICTION TIME! Keith has been away with the Blade of Marmora for so long, and Lance misses him desperately and he's not sure why. When Keith does...
Nothing's Fair in Love and War//Klance// by KLANCE_LOVEITTT
Nothing's Fair in Love and War// KLANCE_LOVEITTT
Keith recently found out he was half-galra. Everyone accepted him, especially his boyfriend. What he didn't expect was that he would go into a galra heat. Nor did he exp...
The Real Enemy [Klance] by Writer-Within
The Real Enemy [Klance]by Renn
Keith is captured. It is unlikely anyone will come to his rescue and he is stuck in a cell. He must find the way out before it's too late. But wouldn't that be so much e...
Survival of the Innocent (A Voltron fanfic) (Book 1 of Fates Entwined) by MEJ2235
Survival of the Innocent (A MEJ2235
One deca-phoeb, a Galra female by the name of Krolia kept the Galra from finding the Blue Lion. However, her ship received damages and she crashed. A human found her, ba...
Kit Keith [discontinued/ re-writing] by UserIsntActive
Kit Keith [discontinued/ UserIsntActive
this book will be discontinued and is being re-written, if confused i have posted a announcement on my profile and a more detailed one at the end of the book called 'ann...
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Realisation and Freedom (A Voltron and Galra!Keith fanfic) by MEJ2235
Realisation and Freedom (A MEJ2235
It's always the same. Assignments beneath your skill level just because of what you are, not because of what you can do. Wait... what do you mean? A new assignment under...
Dusk 'Till Dawn (Book 3) by RuneWrights
Dusk 'Till Dawn (Book 3)by RuneWrights
Book 3 (fuck I'm invested in this story...) in the Hold On Series by RuneWrights (<<< me!!! :3) Please read Hold On I Still Need You, first then Home... if this...
Stitches by annoydivision
Stitchesby Matteo
Summer only lasts so long
I'm Not Gay, I Swear! | McPriceley by elli_thespanishbread
I'm Not Gay, I Swear! | McPriceleyby Eliot
Kevin's parents had always known that something was a little different about their son, and they weren't quite sure on how they should deal with it. But when a new oppor...
Switching Sides by Destinytale
Switching Sidesby Destiny
Katie-Pidge-Holt had to switch sides after an accident. And now, she's forced to switch again, much to her displeasure. TW: sexual content, cursing, violence, gore
Galra kit Keith  by Gemanimegirl
Galra kit Keith by Jp
Not original has been done before and is heavy inspired ***I do not own any character credit to Voltron *** Please be nice I will have run on sentences and will have so...
♥ G-dragon ♥ (BigBang) by CookieDoughGirl
♥ G-dragon ♥ (BigBang)by CookieDoughGirl
When I did that audition that day my life changed for good! I got in a k-pop band with three other members and after one year of living my dream I meet THEM... Bigbang...
McPriceley Oneshots! by elli_thespanishbread
McPriceley Oneshots!by Eliot
I am McPriceley trash here you go- These oneshots just randomly appear from time to time :p Most oneshots are proofread by @itsawildluca !!
The Book of Mormon-20 Day Challenge by kthompson82915
The Book of Mormon-20 Day Challengeby Kit Kat
I decided to do the 20 day Book of Mormon musical challenge :D
Musical Theatre Quotes That Sound Weird Without (and possibly with) Context  by Purple_Ghost_1782
Musical Theatre Quotes That Masters in Clownery
Musical Theatre Quotes That Sound Weird Without (and possibly with) Context and OTHER MUSICAL THEATRE STUFF ?
The Doctor and The Idol (Slow Update)  by February_Love_15
The Doctor and The Idol (Slow SheWhoMustNotBeNamed
Sandara Park, A doctor from one of the biggest and trusted hospital in South Korea. Jiyong Kwon a.k.a. Gdragon, The leader of the Biggest Boy Group of 2nd Generation in...
G-dragon Imagines by rayaxxii
G-dragon Imaginesby Raya Bernardo
What will your life be for taming the bad ass king of kpop? highest ranking; #7 in Jiyong stories
† ❦ 𝓔𝓑𝓔𝓓İ 𝓐Ş𝓚 ❦ † by secret_darkk
† ❦ 𝓔𝓑𝓔𝓓İ 𝓐Ş𝓚 ❦ †by secret_darkk
Ölümün bile onlara 2. Şansı vermesi ve bitmeyen büyük aşkları "Bu kitap kapağı flowergunctionx'den alınmıştır."
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