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Neo-Odyssey by Eleganos
Neo-Odysseyby Eleganos
A story in which fantasy is new, rather than old. Modern day gives way to the fantastical, and those who thought all was normal must do what they can after everything ch...
Upon Wings Of Change by CrystalScherer
Upon Wings Of Changeby Crystal Scherer
No one ever said what would happen when dragons and aliens meet. And no one told me that I would be in the middle of it. Tasha was studying hard to get through her last...
A New Beginning by CrystalScherer
A New Beginningby Crystal Scherer
Sequel to Upon Wings Of Change. The dragonets are flourishing; both those in the park and those helping the Kymari. As the first dragonets to hatch in the Kymari civili...
American Gate by PieTrooperV
American Gateby PieTrooperV
Inspired by stories like Summoning America and GATE, this is an original work that takes place in a completly original world with a unique and fleshed out hard magic sys...
The Power and the Glory by NerissaMcC
The Power and the Gloryby Nerissa McCormick
{Written for NaNo and Camp NaNo between 2020 and 2022.} How to study necromancy, accidentally start the zombie apocalypse, and discover the skeletons hidden in your fami...
The Lonely Earth - Earth ISOT into Magitek fantasy by TastefulFeelings
The Lonely Earth - Earth ISOT TastefulFeelings
The continents of Earth gets mysteriously transported to a larger and more chaotic magitek world, where technology and magic collide. Amidst the turmoil, rising characte...
Hearts of Iron 4 Player's Guide to Save the Isekai World by PoisonNShadoW
Hearts of Iron 4 Player's Guide PoisonShadow
Erich Kasper was supposed to be dead. The Kingdom of Cascadia summoned a new Hero to face a new calamity that will destroy them all, for it is told that the land of Veru...
G/T YouTubers (One Shots and More) by PlatonicSeptiplier
G/T YouTubers (One Shots and More)by A Host of Stories
Requests: Closed Due to college some pieces may be sporadically shorter, or just incomplete/ditched, be it temporarily or indefinitely! Feel free to use unfinished or cu...
Witch Doctors Inc: SEASON TWO (Ongoing) by IsabelCavesAuthor
Witch Doctors Inc: SEASON TWO ( IsabelCavesAuthor
🌟 Sequel to the x2 WATTYS SHORTLISTED Witch Doctors Inc: Season One🌟 Welcome to Witch Doctors Inc. Got a problem? We'll solve it. Warts? Easy. Got an enemy after yo...
Lore of M&A by spacebb
Lore of M&Aby ネぁヒ
Maid and Her Princess Lore and Side notes
Wake Up And Run by AbdulrazakSarman1
Wake Up And Runby Abdulrazak Sarman
He was abducted and thrown into a dying world in another dimension, a world where science is like magic for a test subject without memory. For him to save both the earth...
Phantom Ddraig by Redchaos-1
Phantom Ddraigby Redchaos-1
The fall of the multiverse has reshaped reality under the hands of the primordial Sophia, creating the new world of Jord. Join Christian Ddraig, the prince of the reemer...
Becoming the Dragon by alexsapegin
Becoming the Dragonby Alex Sapegin
Portal travelling, especially unplanned, is hardly a walk in the park, so Andrei Kerimov had better brace himself for all sorts of annoying surprises and deadly quests...
Deception by Carolyn_Hill
Deceptionby Carolyn Hill
"Science is magic comprehended, and magic is science misunderstood." ___ The evil kingdom of Gatál has conquered the peaceful kingdom of Halcía and has ruled t...
Colourless by loltales
Colourlessby loltales
As wielders of colour, they are your identity, they make who you are, a defender, an offender or a creator. In a reality structured on colours, Ariel's little brother is...
A Delicate Web (gxg) | ONC2020 | by avior-etc
A Delicate Web (gxg) | ONC2020 |by yike
In a future Earth where technology and magic combine, Maud Freeling, the spellcaster princess of the Northerns and heir to rulership of the country, spends her nights di...
War Beast by Milestro
War Beastby Miles Trombley
The future is savage. Jenny Summer is a news reporter who hates her job. One day, an accident sends her through a time portal, straight into the distant future. A futu...
Pyro by DawnFaye
Pyroby DawnFaye
Pyro destroys cities and ruins lives with a charming smile and a wink of an eye. His name brings fear just as his ability to manipulate, create, and wield fire brings de...
It's not easy to be a man after travelling to the future (541+) by ShesEingel
It's not easy to be a man after She's Eingel
sci-fi romance It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future by Madam Ru Info After dying from a strange terminal illness, Ling Lan was reborn into a world 10...
COBALT: The Red Phantom (Book One) by Spookyspackles
COBALT: The Red Phantom (Book One)by Spookyspackles
[Featured: EDITOR'S CHOICE] Káel didn't think his life could get worse after being abducted by an alien posing as a Russian exchange student. Until that 'one day' turned...