A Second Chance (Male Reader X Gate Harem) by war_gamer
A Second Chance (Male Reader X war_gamer
(A 'Gate; thus the JSDF fought there' fanfic) When the Empire invaded the Earth from the Gate, they thought it will be easy... Until they realized that they heavily dist...
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  • tuka
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Semper Fi Jieitai: GATE x Male Reader by USTrooper
Semper Fi Jieitai: GATE x Male USTrooper
You are a US Marine caught up in the events of GATE Disclaimer: I don't own GATE or any image or videos posted here
  • anime
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  • war
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Black Horse (John Seed x Reader) by agent-washingtub
Black Horse (John Seed x Reader)by agent-washingtub
When the Deputy reeks havoc on the Project at Eden's Gate, the Seed family will sneer and curse at the unforgivable sins committed by the nonbeliever. The lawyer and fa...
  • deputy
  • josephseed
  • farcry
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Devotion (John Seed) by we_all_have_secrets_
Devotion (John Seed)by Daxton Winchester
The Seeds knew that the deputy would be trouble as soon as she landed in Hope County, no matter how innocent she looked. Yet when John first laid his eyes on her, someth...
  • josephseed
  • romance
  • gaming
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Sacrifice [Edward Elric x Reader] by WithinTheGalaxies
Sacrifice [Edward Elric x Reader]by Skylynn French
You fall to the ground, unconscious. Ed's grin turns down and his eyes widen in horror. A bright yellow light fills the room. He traces the thick black vine that reached...
  • reader
  • shamballa
  • conqueror
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Remnant War by Shadow_trooper
Remnant Warby Shadow_trooper
This is a book where our world and the world of Remnant have a door open between them. The US and Huntsmen work together. How will this event change the world?
  • velvet
  • gate
  • weissschnee
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The GATE Academy by Vermillion_Rose
The GATE Academyby Chels
---COMPLETED--- On a private island next to the city of Arcadia there is a large school. This school isn't like most though. The GATE Academy is a school strictly for te...
  • heroes
  • gate
  • supernatural
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Gate X Male Reader by Poser_Dragon
Gate X Male Readerby Poser_Dragon
Gate: And so the wehrmacht and SS fought August 30 1939 Everything was normal on the german reich. The wehrmacht officers and soldiers along with the SS are doing an exc...
  • medieval
  • rory
  • malereader
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Beyond Stranger Things/It crossover by lizzie_Bieber
Beyond Stranger Things/It crossoverby It•gets•Stranger
Eleven has another sister no one knew about! She accidentally opened the gate, but not the same gate. A friendly gate where they meet the loser and all become great frie...
  • beverly
  • eddie
  • richie
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Aphmau Yaoi One shots.  by TsunamiTiger
Aphmau Yaoi One shots. by TsunamiTiger
The title explains it. Yaoi One shots, hope you enjoy. Plz remember to check out my other stories as well like Aarmau One shots, & other fanfics. Includes: Garrance, Zan...
  • aarmau
  • laurroth
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Own you  :Book 5: TS The Beast and his....?  [√] by crazy_n_puh
Own you :Book 5: TS The Beast On A Break
peeeppp on to know more..
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Have A Little Faith (Faith Seed) by we_all_have_secrets_
Have A Little Faith (Faith Seed)by Daxton Winchester
It's not uncommon to feel alone in Hope County, not since Eden's Gate took control. So many people are alone or at least feel alone, even the people you wouldn't expect...
  • gaming
  • gate
  • videogame
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So the Spartan fought there (Halo Spartan x Gate Harem) by LevianthanNobleofUB
So the Spartan fought there ( Leviathan Noble
After fighting the covenant for 25 years, Spartan-002 General Aadvay ,best friend to John-117, is sent on a solo mission to search and destroy a portal generator made by...
  • harem
  • gate
  • halo
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Underland Chronicles: The Reaper's Gate (A Gregor the Overlander FanFic) by Anaklusmos_127
Underland Chronicles: The Reaper' Anaklusmos_127
As Pandora makes her way back underground, she discovers that she's not the only Overlander in the Underland. A group of Regalian radicals have already attempted to assa...
  • ripred
  • gregortheoverlander
  • sciencefiction
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Destiny's Blade  by yhakhuyarra
Destiny's Blade by Grimboi
What if your life is suddenly changed? Would you accept it? I will. The moment the chance to escape my lonely life stirs me to charge into the gate. But do I appreciate...
  • talentawards2018
  • destiny
  • fighting
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The Gate Keeper [EDITING] by RavensAndAshes
The Gate Keeper [EDITING]by Matt
The Gate, the one thing stopping an ancient evil returning to the realm of Veridun. The Key, the one thing that could ever unlock it. When the Key is stolen, Nyal Belth...
  • water
  • elements
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Gate X Male Reader: shine Bright, darkness is coming.. by Mystien
Gate X Male Reader: shine Mystian
all rights to respective owners. will move away from the main story. enjoy.
  • male
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  • readerinsert
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Steins; Gate pics by pink_von_butterfly
Steins; Gate picsby Pinky Butterfly
I really love Steins; Gate, therfore I publish a book with (hopefully) daily or more pics of it. It will be my last Steins; Gate themed book. No worries
  • okarisu
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MySteet:Christmas (All Ships) by NyoAmerica2
MySteet:Christmas (All Ships)by AngelNerd (Lexus)
Zanvis Garrance Aarmau Kate~Chan Zane~Chan Gene x Zenix Travlyn Gene x Zane Vylante Gate
  • dante
  • ships
  • aarmau
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Teoría de la relatividad by Bea4869
Teoría de la relatividadby Bea4869
Un poema basado en el anime Steins; Gate
  • kurisu
  • gate
  • okabe
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