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GATE: Awakening The Sleeping Giant by stevenwn1
GATE: Awakening The Sleeping Giantby StevenWN1
A mysterious, ancient-looking gate appeared in Washington, D.C., sometime in the 21st century. From the gate poured out monsters, knights from medieval Europe, and other...
Summoning Italy by catcatsu
Summoning Italyby catcatsu
After a mysterious aurora borealis descended upon the Italian Peninsula, Italy and its two micro nation neighbours find themselves in a mysterious and hostile world. Los...
Primus: The Machine God of Law and Order by TheValkyrie13
Primus: The Machine God of Law thaqif talip
From a player who escaped from reality to play a virtual fantasy game called YGGDRASIL to an omnipotent god-like mechanical being who ruled his world of machine and orde...
gate: badcompany fought there (Completed) by lockheedhenesy
gate: badcompany fought there ( lockheed henesy
sarge retired marlowe takes over he recruits a silent soldier named daniel recker there off duty enjoying japan until gate open. marlowe hags sweeter recker irish of all...
Thus Did The Imperium of Mankind Fight There by ccen26
Thus Did The Imperium of Mankind Aiya Lu
This is a crossover between Jayfiction's excellent Imperium Ascendent and Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There. I do not own Warhammer or Gate credit belongs to Games Worksh...
Gate: Thus the Terrarian Fought There by Nyxo20
Gate: Thus the Terrarian Fought NyXo20
What if the gate ended up in another world for a short amount of time before ending up in Japan? What if they sent a miniature attack on another world? What if that worl...
Gate: Thus, the CELESTIALS have Judged There. by NicolasQueune
Gate: Thus, the CELESTIALS have Nicolas Queune
The Gate opens again ... and Sadera's army leaves to conquer the country beyond... But this country is not Japan on planet Earth in the milky way. It's a [Star base/Dyso...
sci fi x gate Republic Fanfiction by adrianne26787
sci fi x gate Republic Fanfictionby adrianne26787
GATE x SCP Foundation x Fallout by A210092
GATE x SCP Foundation x Falloutby A210092
A gate suddenly opened in the Ginza district of Tokyo, out came soldiers that look like they are from the Roman era. Meanwhile, in another universe, it's 2091. The SCP F...
"Gate of the three Worlds" • Tensura x GATE by VOID-KING
"Gate of the three Worlds" • VOID-KING
GATE a Path way between different worlds A Doorway that leads from one world to another but what will happen if it opens to a place called The Cardinal world Whare all o...
The Ascendance: Unleashing vergils Powers but why am i a girl? by hizoMHX
The Ascendance: Unleashing Mysterious Hizo
A man name John in his teen's always wanted to be vergil he even dye his hair white to be like vergil he has hundreds of hair gel in his drawer and even his gaming chair...
GATE: The United Nations of Earth by NhanLe755
GATE: The United Nations of Earthby Nhan Le
In the year 3001, a strange structure appear in the middle of New Ginza on planet Eden Prime and a mysterious Roman like army emerge from the gate creating death and cha...
Gate: Thus USKA and the kaiserreich fought them by 221September
Gate: Thus USKA and the bucketman
President Y/N was a 170 year old boy who doesn't age, and his a 17th President of the United States of America. but in 2020, A gate opens in new York city and out come o...
Gate: thus the Tyranid fought there (Crackfic) by Plister29
Gate: thus the Tyranid fought Plister29
What happens when the gate has open on a Tyranid-infested planet, and thus the Tyranid will come there and fought there. note: please do not take this story seriousl...
Warhammer 40K: Anti-Haremist [OC] by K_Korvus_Korvac
Warhammer 40K: Anti-Haremist [OC]by Kelvin K. Korvac
Just a casual Warhammer 40k Enthusiast that doesn't know everything in 40k but knows it well enough. At least, that's what she tells herself. Kyrie Kotomine is killed by...
GATE: Thus USCA fought them (Kitsune Shota male reader washington x family) by 221September
GATE: Thus USCA fought them ( bucketman
(A/N: I know I'm making another gate fanfic, Well if you guys want to know, Don't ask) The USCA (Or United States Continent of America) was the most powerful nation on e...
Breakthrough: A GATE (Thus the JSDF fought there) Story by AzirSFM
Breakthrough: A GATE (Thus the AzirSFM
World tensions arise as multiple American, Russian, and Chinese operators are found dead in Japan after a failed operation. High command is talking about pursuing war, w...