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Yours Truly by fairyraine
Yours Trulyby raine
[Copyright © 2014] In 1943, Charlotte Truly is a nineteen-year-old American nurse serving in World War II. The oldest of four daughters, Charlotte is mostly a shy and re...
Fate Withstands by Pey119
Fate Withstandsby Alyssa~
What if Zeus had never tried to kill Maria di Angelo, and her kids had never ended up in the Lotus Hotel? Their fates are still the same, in the end. Wars need their her...
The Country in Time (Discontinued) by AnonymousAuthorNC2
The Country in Time (Discontinued)by AnonymousAuthorNC2
What if a genius created a time machine but instead of just traveling himself, he got a whole country with him? Find out what happens to America when they find themselv...
WW2 and WW1 memes by AnimeYoutube6
WW2 and WW1 memesby Anime Youtube
○if you wanna die of laghut, open the book:))
The Past Never Dies - But People Do by harry-disney
The Past Never Dies - But People Doby FanGirl21
AU - America, Imperial Japan, Facist Italy, Nazi Germany, and Soviet Union were best friends. While America was the older ones, he was very close to the younger countri...
Bucky × Reader ~ Brooklyn  by im_tired_not_drunk
Bucky × Reader ~ Brooklyn by *insert an okay name*
This is a reader insert. Y/N Stark is Howard Stark's adoptive sister. Her adoptive parents found her in the middle of a dark alleyway, where she had been abandoned as a...
Azur Lane: The King of the Ocean  by Warthunderrager
Azur Lane: The King of the Ocean by A random military nerd
The Atlantic Ocean, 20xx. The war between the alien Sirens and humanity has been raging for decades, with the Sirens having a seemingly unbreakable death grip of Earth'...
REIWA JIGOKUHEN - Chaotic Disturbance of Reiwa Era by KageNishi
REIWA JIGOKUHEN - Chaotic Disturba...by KageNishi
Japan was unchanging. But the world was changed beyond recognition. It was around 23:40 on March 9, Reiwa Year X. A massive communications failure struck Japan, cutting...
A Mahogany Moment  by beautiffultv
A Mahogany Moment by
The year is 1942 and James "Jamie" Ross is happy. At 27 he's got a good career and is engaged to a beautiful woman that his parents approve. However, when Jami...
Old/empires countryhumans x reader oneshots by fearlessnxthing
Old/empires countryhumans x reader...by Fearno
Just some oneshots that comes out of my mind or just i don't know. Stories that aren't requests and written by me are original ideas or if any inspiration is taken then...
Drastically Modified Combined Fleet by KageNishi
Drastically Modified Combined Fleetby KageNishi
An organization built on the knowledge and experience gained from past accidents and incidents, using them as lessons to stack up and ensure that the same mistakes are n...
Purpose (Azur lane X male Reader) [ON PAUSE] by Synlixia
Purpose (Azur lane X male Reader)...by Syn
A secret Project of Germany from WW2 by the nickname "Project K" is a plan in which the kriegsmarine Endorsed A line of Konnig class battleships ranging in sha...
New War In A New World(Allies and Axis is in Nihonkoku Shoukan)  by ShadowKong1
New War In A New World(Allies and...by Shadow Kong
In 1942, the war in Africa is still raging on with both side fight to the dead. The war have been going on for about 4 years now and there is clearly no victory in eithe...
Marines in Remnant (US Marines x RWBY Crossover) by ussamerica2018
Marines in Remnant (US Marines x R...by AlphaHELLCAT279
What Happens when 4 US Marines from different conflicts are thrown together into a new world and they have to fight together to stay alive. by the way I do not own RWBY...
Traitors love (FINISHED✅) by AroCountrys
Traitors love (FINISHED✅)by Lovely._shiperCH
It's been so long since i saw that burning sun in the sky... I wish to see it and to be calm again.....this winter was so long.....but all i wished..to never see that pe...
Soldier // j.j.k by _elin24_
Soldier // j.j.kby eloyinside
'The way everything seems so wrong, but so right. Was it when you promised me you will be back? Or was it the war that you never thought you will come back alive? I long...
Call of Duty World War II -- Peace At Any Price by RickyAdams9
Call of Duty World War II -- Peace...by Ricky Adams
Nathan Thorn is a young US Army private who joins up due to his brothers death in Africa. He will face death, feel it. Nathan must suffer through almost constant loss as...
A Trial of Time- India/US Transference. by Aestas-Vivax
A Trial of Time- India/US Transfer...by Aestas Vivax
"People, who can't throw something important away, can never hope to change anything." Co-Authored with Marine325, Author of "War of the World", Ying...
When Duty Calls (RWBY X WW2) by ussamerica2018
When Duty Calls (RWBY X WW2)by AlphaHELLCAT279
When Weiss is Near completing a dust project for one of Team RWBY's assignments it all goes south when she added a bit too much dust to the mixture and ends up teleporti...