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Ms.Pangit Transform Into Dyosa  by YDYingsss
Ms.Pangit Transform Into Dyosa by Elora Dana
'Gaganda din ako. Ay mali pala. Maganda ako. Ako nga lang ang nakakakita.' #1 in NONSENSE #38 in MAIKLING KWENTO #2 in Zaeon #17 in MaiklingKwento #2 in Nathalie #4 in Z...
  • maiklingkwento
  • walley
  • nathalie
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New World by Full_Smiley
New Worldby Smiley
All her life revolve around being a shut-in worker, she was a total definition of anti social, but it didn't last long after a tragedy happened; She didn't get to read h...
  • fantasy
  • reincarnation
  • magic
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Random thoughts and feelings by Rayane7991
Random thoughts and feelingsby Rayane
[The stories are not linked, one doesn't complete the other, each one is a stand alone] Some lines will reach your heart and touch your soul, if at least once you have b...
  • short
  • innerthoughts
  • conflict
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KOTLC Reacts by RStar6709
KOTLC Reactsby Ravi
I do NOT own KOTLC Characters from KOTLC are reacting to various things, enough said Yeah I know there are many of those, but they are fun reading so decided, why not? P...
  • dexdizznee
  • random
  • weird
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Dragon Princess (Naruto Story) - Editing by lizzy5651119
Dragon Princess (Naruto Story) - lizzy5651119
Mizuki Ryuu is the daughter of dragon sage. She has woken up in the forest close to Konohagakure. She has no clear idea how she got there but she remembers running from...
  • fanfiction
  • naruto
  • nonsense
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Creepy pasta RolePlay Book! by XxItz_ZoexX
Creepy pasta RolePlay Book!by Xx_N¤B¤DY_xX
Wanna RP? well come on in and have fun any type of genre is allowed from smut to gore, you may role play with other friends in here as well... have fun!! -Zoe
  • gory
  • jeffthekiller
  • nonsense
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BTS as SOMETHING by BighitKiGaudBharai
BTS as SOMETHINGby Exams. विश्राम।
what happens when bts doesn't post anything for days. twitter armys goes crazy and....give birth to.... bts as paper bts as lip colour bts as winx club bts as shoes bts...
  • âs
  • bts
  • nonsense
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Cover By Trish by Dark_Angel_Trish
Cover By Trishby Darkangel Trish
If you want a cover or graphics which look classic-standard then it's the right place. PM me for detail.
  • covers
  • 2019
  • graphicshop
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Fanfics In A Nutshell by KiwiAndBanana
Fanfics In A Nutshellby Maybe I Miss You
Every type of a fanfic I have read (but written under 10 minutes)
  • funny
  • stupid
  • cliche
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toilet fairy kim seokjin! by trashjar
toilet fairy kim seokjin!by 垃圾
"i'm your toilet fairy, and i will grant you any toilet-ty wish!"
  • lame
  • random
  • whyamievenwritingthistbh
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Avengers Group Chat | swkatie by swkatie
Avengers Group Chat | swkatieby Katie
*avengers group chat nonsense* - Tony Stark - Steve Rogers - Peter Parker - Shuri - T'Challa - Natasha Romanoff - Clint Barton - Bruce Banner - Thor Odinson - Loki Lau...
  • natasharomanoff
  • blackpanther
  • stucky
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ⒸⒽⒶⓉ 「ⓢⓐⓘⓓⓐ」 by Nadee_PandaK
ⒸⒽⒶⓉ 「ⓢⓐⓘⓓⓐ」by 「ɴᴀᴅᴇᴇ」
Dahyun who's stalking Minatozaki Sana all her life just to be noticed.
  • saída
  • gay
  • nayeon
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Sans x Reader | Undertale Lemons by DementedThings
Sans x Reader | Undertale Lemonsby 【 KoodleKrash 】
Do you like Undertale? Do you like Sans? Do you like Comedy? Do you like Lemons? If you said yes to all of those questions, then you came to the right place! I'm working...
  • papyrus
  • lemons
  • fluff
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To the Horny You 2 by nochill_0206
To the Horny You 2by nochill_0206
Another hornyness,another fluffyness and another love stories
  • krist
  • peraya
  • love
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Who I Am by kura_skymning
Who I Amby Nora🌸™
A Totally Iridescent, Messy and Outrageous Rant Book By Me!! I'll mostly speak nonsense for all the time and change the title and description every now and then. Sorry...
  • nonsense
  • impression
  • nothing
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Ehhhh..... Art book? by WeirdDegree
Ehhhh..... Art book?by WeirdDegree
So..... I will just insert some artz I did. Mainly countryhumans at the moment since I <3 it a lot and...... maybe other things too? Probably random OC me.
  • random
  • wot
  • nonsense
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My Hero Academia nonsense by BucketSteeb
My Hero Academia nonsenseby BucketSteeb
Just a bunch of stupid shit the UA students (and myb teachers) hv done at some point in their life :) . . . mostly class 1-A and some from 1-B
  • plusultra
  • kaminaridenki
  • kiribaku
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Creepypasta BLOOPERS by XxItz_ZoexX
Creepypasta BLOOPERSby Xx_N¤B¤DY_xX
This is a book of what the creepypastas do when slenders not home, let's see what shit they catch, shall we? ~
  • jeffthekiller
  • bloopers
  • creepypastastupdity
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Just Stories by softdiablo
Just Storiesby Angel
I just write random stories. No specific topic.
  • nonsense
  • randomstories
Nonsense by -GalaxyzStarz-
Nonsenseby ᚕ애비ᚕ
literaly nonsense just random stuff because why not? Shout out sa mga Pilipino~
  • random
  • nothing
  • nonsense
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