As the Crow Flies by Simply_Hiraeth
As the Crow Fliesby anonymous
In New York City, in the enigmatic year of 1903, lived two very different boys. Abner was satisfied with his life, deep in the libraries of the university. Crow was cont...
  • alternateworld
  • bxb
  • adventure
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The Last Necromancer by CjArcher
The Last Necromancerby C.J. Archer
"Simply put: This book is pretty darn bad a$$. I highly recommend The Last Necromancer to all fans of fantasy." ★★★★★ My Book Addiction "An addictive rea...
  • teen
  • ghost
  • historical
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RIFTS: Displacement by JoshHilden
RIFTS: Displacementby Josh Hilden
When the world was ripped apart, large sections were sent out into the unknown corners of the Megaverse. Set in the same universe as THREADS this new story tells the tal...
  • magic
  • palladiumbooks
  • war
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Beasts of Steel and Bone *WATTYS WINNER* by HarryPugger
Beasts of Steel and Bone *WATTYS Sophie Weston
When skin and bone are stolen, darkness uses wings of flesh and lead. ******** B...
  • horror
  • wattys2018
  • wasteland
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Beyond Legend: The Unbreakable Kingdom by Thomas-LF
Beyond Legend: The Unbreakable Thomas-LF
All her life, Ailith Natia has dreamed of becoming a Knight. However, born without noble blood, and with a family name that means nothing, she fears that it will remain...
  • kingdom
  • girlpower
  • highfantasy
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Winter Fire [ Book 1 ] ✔ by tallisaurus
Winter Fire [ Book 1 ] ✔by Avelley Ellis
On the second jump, Claire's bad leg gave way and she felt herself tumbling forward. A cry of surprise escaped her and Claire was certain she was about to topple off the...
  • dark
  • magic
  • winter
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The Vampire of Tinkerfall (Elysium #3) by inkwellheart
The Vampire of Tinkerfall ( Karin Winter
With hardly a moment's rest after the case of the experimental corpses, Trinket and Booker are met with a new mystery: a supposed vampire haunting the streets of Tinkerf...
  • antihero
  • ya
  • hallucinations
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Elise Runs and Dorothy Falls by MissMysteryGame
Elise Runs and Dorothy Fallsby Mysty
There's something queer about this witch, aside from her cold red eyes. On the run in a strange world, Elise--an ordinary girl orphaned after sky pirates kill her parent...
  • featured
  • action
  • epic
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Beings of bestiality by redscyth666
Beings of bestialityby Jacob A. mertens
I never asked to be what i am. i never asked to be the daughter of a cursed witch and i never wanted to be the result of what my mother did. and what she did was some...
  • interesting
  • hybrid
  • monster
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Bitter Cold Truth: A Tale of the Everburning City by Arveliot
Bitter Cold Truth: A Tale of the Arveliot
There is no night in the Everburning City. There can never be. Fourteen people lie dead on the platform of Billows Station, killed by fire and rage. And as the perpetr...
  • gaslampfantasy
  • mystery
  • flintlockfantasy
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Erathel | Vkook||Jihope by Taeoxic
Erathel | Vkook||Jihopeby 나ㄷㅅ
Wenn die Zahnräder ineinander greifen und sich die Welt bewegt, offenbart sich der Zugang in eine längst vergessene Welt: Erathel Jungkook ist auserwählt. Nicht, dass da...
  • mittelalterkindof
  • jihope
  • hoseok
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Chasing the Horizon (Complete) by theBrilliant
Chasing the Horizon (Complete)by Zenith
Konnor Tendarian, an omega prince trapped in his own castle. Barely 16 and his father has him arranged to be married and sent away. Daxton Austeareus, a true alpha and...
  • steampunk
  • adventure
  • featured
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The Last Romanov (Under Editing) by SicSemperT-Rex
The Last Romanov (Under Editing)by Sybil
1918, Russia. The Bolshevik revolution has succeeded in overthrowing the Romanov family as the kings of Russia. The royal family is dead, executed late in the night, sec...
  • communism
  • whitearmy
  • russianrevolution
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Gentleman and the Inventor (eddsworld steampunk) by TordHighsmith
Gentleman and the Inventor ( Pinetree
Tom Tord steampunk
  • eddsworld
  • tomtord
  • forbiddenlove
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The Mad Countess and the Dragon by JerrySkell
The Mad Countess and the Dragonby JerrySkell
They entered the open gallery. The floor was painted with a large pentagram. Across the lower single point of the pentagram the word Lilith was painted and across the do...
  • romance
  • wattys2017
  • dragon
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Red Queen by ShaunAllan
Red Queenby Shaun Allan
*Wattpad Fairytale Community's Retelling Awards FCRAs Winning Story!* It's the mirrors. Or the shadows which dwell within them... Alice hates reflections. Never bei...
  • magic
  • depression
  • fantasy
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The Tinkerer [One Piece FanFic] by XxScarletMaidenxX
The Tinkerer [One Piece FanFic]by Ashley
Maddox Sterling is the daughter of a world renowned inventor and like father like daughter she's trying to make a name for herself in the world of gizmos and gadgets.Upo...
  • wings
  • robin
  • usopp
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Dorthy by ShaunAllan
Dorthyby Shaun Allan
Zombie and werewolves and witches, oh my! Dorothy is a normal teenage girl. She goes to school, hangs out and resists the advances of the boys in her year. And she live...
  • fantasy
  • fear
  • vampire
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Demone Custode by MatteoTrovalusci
Demone Custodeby MatteoTrovalusci
Cosa lega un cinico e spietato demone a una bambina? Cosa unisce una pistola fumante a un innocuo peluche? Cale, uno dei tanti assassini dell'inferno è pronto a farsi st...
  • goth
  • angeli
  • dark
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The flowers of the night by Kingofoxes
The flowers of the nightby Kingofoxes
Women soars high and mighty like eagles, men crawl and limps like worms, or do they....?
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • steampunk