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This is the Wrong World! by esliesma
This is the Wrong World!by Esli E.S.M.A
It's not Izo's fault that she was born with a face that screams arrogance and villainy! Okay, maybe, she should have controlled her temper and not called the Goddess, a...
A Commander's Guide To Raising Nikke by RonSigma
A Commander's Guide To Raising Cultured Meem
"In this Post Apocalyptic world, where mysterious beings from space such as Raptures appeared, risking humanity's extinction a hundred years ago, squads of Goddesse...
Tensura: Legion of Death by AsteRaven
Tensura: Legion of Deathby AsteRaven
Thrown into the World of 'That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime' and given a new chance at life, Ashborne will sure as hell give it his best. Follow Ashborne's journe...
Transmigrating into a WorldBuilding Game. by Wr1_tes
Transmigrating into a Wr1_Tes
Shawn is a guy addicted to WorldBuilding Games. Then he found a game called Creator Sim. After he had almost played the game he slept off and woke up in the game world t...
It still vivid in my mind when i woke up that i'm in the body of a 14 years old kid name kyle. In my previous life i am the most powerful necromancer and alchemist in hi...
Love in the Oddest Places (bowuigi story) by GenVision_2009
Love in the Oddest Places ( Nathaira
Luigi and Mario were simply going to do a simple job: set up a factory's plumbing system, get paid, and go home. What happened next was unimaginable. Curiosity led them...
My Beginning After the End Terminations by Slowcky
My Beginning After the End Slowcky
(Could have spoilers from Light Novel) (Some things are changed for the purpose of the story) This is Novel 4 of this FanFic, Novel 1 is called My Beginning After the En...
Destinies Collide by Yumeori
Destinies Collideby Yume
Michael Wright believed himself to be a good person. He paid his taxes, was polite to his neighbors, friendly at the workplace, and made regular donations to charities h...
Timeless Ties || Volturi Kings by tonyfavgirl
Timeless Ties || Volturi Kingsby kc
In a world where vampires cannot exist for more than half a millennium without their soulmates, Alessia finds herself in the difficult situation of trying to manage her...
Discordant Note | TBATE by TMKnightDev
Discordant Note | TBATEby TMKnight
(Part 1/3 of Discordant Note) (Part 2: Toren Daen was weak; crushed under the oppressive...
Discordant Note: Crescendo | TBATE by TMKnightDev
Discordant Note: Crescendo | TBATEby TMKnight
(Part 2/3 of Discordant Note) (Part 1: Toren Daen entered the Central Cathedral feeling hope, ready to cha...
A Siren's Crown (Book Two in the APK Trilogy) by iluvdaisychain
A Siren's Crown (Book Two in the iluvdaisychain
Book Two in the A Pirate's Kiss Trilogy (Original Title - A Pirate's Kiss: Sunken Treasures) Circe is back and she is up in the air. Literally. She is a guest at the Ro...
An Aimless War (Greatest Thief 2) by juliecotewriter
An Aimless War (Greatest Thief 2)by Julie Côté
A year and a day is a long time to think about a single kiss. But that's what Finn thought about, every day, until finally Tannix rescues him and sweeps him off to West...
A Dreadful Thing by rentachi
A Dreadful Thingby Ren Tachibana
Fifteen-year-old Orla thinks her life is nothing short of ordinary. Then, a knock upon her door changes her entire world forever. Orla is told she is one of the Seraphiu...
Dominance in the New World: An Overlord Fanfic by randomuser855
Dominance in the New World: An RandomAuthor
Kara and Diana are back for Round 2! A Continuation of 'Justice in the One Piece World' This time, the sisters are reincarnated into the Overlord Universe Earth of 2138...
The Ultimate Admiral by NA-213456
The Ultimate Admiralby INF- Info not found
William Ericsson, a 23 year old salary man who works a 8 to 6 job for six times a week in a massive cooperation. A man who didn't have anything interesting about himself...
John Wick Chapter 2 (John Wick x Female!Reader) by LayceJ25
John Wick Chapter 2 (John Wick x RJ
Retired super-assassin John Wick's plans to resume a quiet civilian life with his wife, (y/n), are cut short when Italian gangster Santino D'Antonio shows up on their do...
How to Write Fanfiction by Fanfic
How to Write Fanfictionby Fanfiction
How to Write Fanfiction is a writing resource that contains tips and tricks on crafting fanfiction stories - by the community, for the community. This guide will serve a...
Rooming with the Wicked (Coming July 8) by allrenwrote
Rooming with the Wicked (Coming Ren
Switching dorms mid-semester can be a struggle, especially if your new roommates aren't human, and one of them might be trying to kill you. Season 1 of The Wicked Series...
????BRINGING FREEDOM IN THE FANTASY WORLD!!????(Male reader x harem) by 410Jackass
(A/N: Note to self: I'm 100% not American! Just doing what American readers, writers and author want!! FREEDOM!!!) This is Y/N Obama, (The decedent of Barack Obama) of...