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Cinders Of Remnant (Male Reader) by MehFuckIt
Cinders Of Remnant (Male Reader)by MehFuckIt
This is basically like every other y/n self insert thing except the reader isn't an absolute fucking idiot! Also, I have zero fucks about anyone's feelings! Your favorit...
The Champion of Olympus vol 1-3 (male Demi god reader x rwby) by justinshih13
The Champion of Olympus vol 1-3 ( Justin Shih
(I do not own RWBY or any of the images. RWBY is own by Rooster Teeth and all images belong to their rightful owners)
RWBY: Wrath and Pain by DerErzHerzog
RWBY: Wrath and Painby DerErzHerzog
This is the story of a young man who tries his best to suppress his violent side and to stay calm. What will happen to him, when he enrolled in the famous Beacon Academy...
RWBY: Frozen Tomb (RWBY CheaterxM!Reader) by BoSoknJOC
RWBY: Frozen Tomb (RWBY BoSoknJOC
PART 2. (Complete for now.) The thrown away child of the Schnee family, Walker Schnee. No where near like Whitley in terms of being a good heir, Walker is thrown to the...
The Rose Of Vacuo  by WolfSama8
The Rose Of Vacuo by Wolf Sama
"Yang and Ruby were attacked and almost killed by three beowolves but qrow came just in time to save them" that's what was supposed to happen but what if qrow...
RWBY and JNPR Watch The Project Freelancer Saga by CeruleanLancer
RWBY and JNPR Watch The Project CeruleanLancer
Before there was Red vs Blue, there was Project Freelancer. The teams loved the Recollection Trilogy but it's time to move on. Realistic reactions from the crew, side st...
RWBY Girlfriend Scenarios (GxG) by SmexyOver9000
RWBY Girlfriend Scenarios (GxG)by SmexyOver9000🇵🇸
RWBY Girlfriend Scenarios Includes Characters Such As: -Ruby -Weiss -Blake -Yang -Pyrrha -Nora -Emerald -Cinder -Raven -Neon Katt -Velvet -Coco -Neo -Penny -Winter -Gl...
Moonlight's Guidance  by MehFuckIt
Moonlight's Guidance by MehFuckIt
To be quite frank, it was tiring. The dream, then Lothric, then whatever the fuck was happening in The Lands Between. A normal being would have lost all semblance of san...
The last guard : RWBY x male reader Vol.1 by GlenAldoAZE
The last guard : RWBY x male GlenAldoAZE
After years of brutal conflict, the civil war in Vacuo is coming near it's end. Just days before the government officially surrendered, Ozpin and Glynda were on a missio...
Bury The Light (Male Faunus!Vergil!Reader x Pyrrha Nikos) by Elyion22
Bury The Light (Male Faunus! GUN PARK
(title says it all!) Disclaimer:I don't own anything here!
The Mad Bounty Hunter of Remnant  by User456as
The Mad Bounty Hunter of Remnant by User456as
When a young Ex-Gang lord was betrayed by his own blood is suddenly transported Remnant to start again... or not. Instead using his intelligence, wits and violent tenden...
Arc of the Omnissiah by ThatOneGuardsman
Arc of the Omnissiahby CrackedFueledJoerim
"Therer is no truth in flesh, only betrayal" "There is no strength in flesh, only weakness" "There is no constancy in flesh, only decay" &q...
The Infection (RWBY x Abused Male Reader) by Space-Surgeon
The Infection (RWBY x Abused Space-Surgeon
Y/n has spent all of his life being treated like worthless trash, barely worth the oxygen he breathes. But after escaping an abusive home Y/n finds himself with a desire...
Accursed Rot (RWBY x Male Reader) by Shadow_Rose7316
Accursed Rot (RWBY x Male Reader)by Shadow_Rose7316
A tale that follows a red haired swordsman that was cursed since a young age Cursed by Scarlet Rot Any art used in this story does not belong to me
Proof Of My Worth by Arkham_Daze
Proof Of My Worthby Andito Moratana
Title inspired by Mitmite2 Most of the Jaune Arc fanfictions I read just aren't good enough. They either make him impossibly op or he's unjustly betrayed. And too many...
RWBBY 10 by Logan_Is_Elsewhere
RWBBY 10by Logan Vandal
Remnant a world full of magic and monsters. But what happens when a certain shape-shifting alien hero drops into to this world? Join Ben Tennyson as he journeys through...
Transportation - RWBY x Original Character (OC) by MonarchKaiser
Transportation - RWBY x Original Kaiser
Coming to consciousness, Kaiser finds themselves in an unfamiliar world, or so they thought. But this world might lead to their self-discovery or a goal to come back to...
Shadow Of A Beast(rwby oc insert) by DrittenGirl23
Shadow Of A Beast(rwby oc insert)by DrittenGirl23
Abinus Shade is a 17 year old boy who is from the small town of Trist. In Trist he's known as the Shadow Huntsmen, as he wears a cloak with the hood up that covers his e...
negativity || gojo satoru by istanpeoplesowat
negativity || gojo satoruby klutz
!SLIGHT MANGA SPOILERS! { a gojo-centric crossover into RWBY } Prison-chan was mean. Prison-chan wouldn't let him out. He even gave it a name! Treated it like an actual...
RWBY! Beacon's Baby Dragon (RWBY x Child Male!Dragon Reader) by ShadeAkami
RWBY! Beacon's Baby Dragon (RWBY ShadeAkami
The story's back, I guess. A new year begins at Beacon. The first years have just gone through Initiation and were currently in the middle of the after ceremony when Ozp...