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Male Child Reader x Nora (RWBY) by RWBYKnight4142
Male Child Reader x Nora (RWBY)by Alexander Olson
DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT CLAIM TO OWN ANY OF THE CONTENT USED. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO ORIGINAL OWNERS. Alright, Nora's turn. What sort of child could our hammer wielding...
(Volume 1) Mythical Rose  by MythicalKaizer
(Volume 1) Mythical Rose by MythicalKaizer
A Phoenix Faunus boy was greeted by Professor Ozpin and a girl named Ruby Rose on the same night. That's all I'm going to say 😉 Also I DO NOT OWN RWBY NOR ANY PICTURES...
A Rose's Odd helper( ruby rose x male cat faunus reader ) by Sundial09
A Rose's Odd helper( ruby rose x senzu 09
Look away for a second and he'll disappear ( I don't own rwby or any picture in this fanfiction)
Heated Moments(THICC RWBY girls X Male Faunus Reader) by sonicunleashed12
Heated Moments(THICC RWBY girls sonicunleashed12
(I feel like doing this and I don't want to over do myself making chapters like the ones I made for my other stories) In Beacon Academy a certain month has hit, heat mon...
The New Light of Beacon (Male reader x RWBY) by VinylScratch7
The New Light of Beacon (Male Niseroi
This story is about a boy who suffer a great lost in the middle of the night and that day he knew nothing would be the same. But years past and now he dedicaded himself...
RWBY:Punishment(Male punisher reader x rwby Harem) by stevethealbino
RWBY:Punishment(Male punisher stevethealbino
Your name is (Y/N) Castle,once you were a really nice guy and had the perfect life. A loving family and a great job as a personal guard for the schnee dust company. But...
The Beast Within (Abused wolverine male reader x rwby by stevethealbino
The Beast Within (Abused stevethealbino
Your are (Y/N) (L/N), although you were known as (Y/N) schnee. But that when they started abusing you because of your claws and also experimenting on you by fusing your...
Broken Gems (Cheater Pyrrha X Oc X Ruby) by Bloodshot3
Broken Gems (Cheater Pyrrha X Oc Jack Quinn
What Happens When the Star Athlete betrays her boyfriend? He does what any guy would hope he'd do.
A World Unlike Ours (Male Reader x RWBY harem) by sonicunleashed12
A World Unlike Ours (Male Reader sonicunleashed12
(Y/N) (L/N) was an average teenage boy who just pass both college and high school at a young age, now 18 both him, his cousin and their (terrible) friend are moving back...
Remnant's Winged Warrior by athletic_weeb
Remnant's Winged Warriorby athletic_weeb
Born a winged Faunus, your favorite place was the sky. Raised by two loving parents that were abruptly killed by the creatures of Grimm, In their death, you unlocked you...
Bury The Light (Male Faunus!Vergil!Reader x Pyrrha Nikos) by Etyion37
Bury The Light (Male Faunus! The Alpha and Omega
(title says it all!) Disclaimer:I don't own anything here!
The last guard : RWBY x male reader Vol.1 by GlenAldoAZE
The last guard : RWBY x male GlenAldoAZE
After years of brutal conflict, the civil war in Vacuo is coming near it's end. Just days before the government officially surrendered, Ozpin and Glynda were on a missio...
A MisFit in Beacon [MisFit Male Reader X RWBY Harem] by stevethealbino
A MisFit in Beacon [MisFit Male stevethealbino
(Y/n) always never gave a crap about what others thought about him, maybe that was one of the reasons why he was such a trouble maker? But now he's in Beacon where his m...
Into The Unknown {Multiverse Female Characters & OC's Harem x Male Reader} by Absorbtion
Into The Unknown {Multiverse Absorbtion
Backstory: You are (Y/N). A normal guy with a normal life to live. Did you believe in the supernatural? Probably not. Did you think you were going to get into another un...
Lightbearer (RWBY Male Reader Insert Story) by chimera9119
Lightbearer (RWBY Male Reader chimera9119
(Y/N) (L/N), a regular child who grew up just like everybody else had his home village attacked and destroyed by Grimm. After dying in an attempt to defend his family, h...
Remnant's King Vol 1-3 (Godzilla x RWBY) by AxeTheRat04
Remnant's King Vol 1-3 (Godzilla AxeTheRat04
images used in book do not belong to me, as well my writing may suck. Many spelling errors, also damn autocorrect. All characters of rwby belong to roosterteeth. As well...
RWBY: No Random Huntsmen [Ben 10 Male Reader X Rwby Harem] by stevethealbino
RWBY: No Random Huntsmen [Ben 10 stevethealbino
[A more bad ass version of the show we all watched as kids] (Y/n) (L/n) was just a random kid... For 12 years of his life until one day while in the woods he came acros...
The Once and Future King [RWBY] [Fate/Grand Order]  by YourPalManny
The Once and Future King [RWBY] [ Manny
The Sword in the stone. One night, a boy went ahead towards the forest to try and pull the sword from the stone. Many have tried and failed to pull it out, many gave up...
Myths of Remnant, Legends Never Die. (RWBY: Yang x MaleReader) by JTSmith22
Myths of Remnant, Legends Never JTSmith22
In the wilderness near Vale, a teenager burdened by tragedies hunts Grimm alone. That is until a very interesting man with a cane and a coffee cup ask him: "What's...
The Mandalorian Of Remnant [An RWBY Abused Male Reader Story] by stevethealbino
The Mandalorian Of Remnant [An stevethealbino
Ever since he was young, (Y/n) Schnee was unlike any of his other family members. He wasn't born with a semblance and was often seen as the mistake of the family. A chil...