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RWBY: Master Of Aura by PrimalDragonKing
RWBY: Master Of Auraby PrimalDragonKing
Crocea Mors doesn't feel right. For some reasons unknown, Crocea Mors just doesn't feel right to him. Its like, trying to use your left hand when you're clearly right ha...
You Can't Stop Me! (bullied/abused Auraless reader X RWBY) by Over9kioken
You Can't Stop Me! (bullied/abused...by Over9kioken
You are the result of a one night stand between Qrow Branwen and the daughter of Maria Calavera. After you were born your father went away and your mother abandoned you...
Fairy Tales & Fallacies [RWBY] by MannyBruhh
Fairy Tales & Fallacies [RWBY]by Manny
When a card is handed to him, the card lends him power. Power to become a hero, one that saves people in his path. To make sure no one cries again. The old wizard handed...
Beacon's Foul-Mouthed Hunter by Cheese_Bread32
Beacon's Foul-Mouthed Hunterby CheeseBread
Y/N, a Villain, a Hero, a World Hopper, arrived at Remnant for adventure. With some convincing and bribery, he somehow has to save the world from the vicious creatures o...
The Golden King (Adopted!Gilgamesh Male Reader x Yang Xiao Long) by Elyion22
The Golden King (Adopted!Gilgamesh...by Mona Anya
The title says it all. (Disclaimer:I don't own Fate or RWBY!)
Welcome to Earth  by Ninjacomix
Welcome to Earth by Ninjacomix
its was another normal day for Y/n as he went back to his house as he lives alone since his parents......passed and since he didn't have many friends in school he doesn...
Jaune arc universe Story/short-story/parodies by knightmare416201
Jaune arc universe Story/short-sto...by knightmare416201
Jaune arc. A kid that have different story that he create. Sometimes he is a hero, a villain, a normal boy, a hunter, a police, a wizard, or a knight. They are quite sim...
negativity || gojo satoru by istanpeoplesowat
negativity || gojo satoruby klutz
!SLIGHT MANGA SPOILERS! { a gojo-centric crossover into RWBY } Prison-chan was mean. Prison-chan wouldn't let him out. He even gave it a name! Treated it like an actual...
Watching and learning history of another world by BabbyBobby021
Watching and learning history of a...by BabbyBobby021
Teams RWBY, JNPR, and SSSN along with some other people received an invitation to watch a movie called 'Battlefield 1' before its grand premiere. Right after accepting t...
Weaponized Love(Male Human Crescent Rose Reader X Harem) by Williamjwb87
Weaponized Love(Male Human Crescen...by John John
Thanks To An Experiment Gone Wrong,Ruby's Scythe Crescent Rose Became Human And Views Ruby As His Mother And Only Team RWBY and JNPR Along With Ironwood,Penny,Ozpin,Glyn...
Union And Orario Reacts to Fate Grand Alter Order [Old]  by FireRogueWolf25
Union And Orario Reacts to Fate Gr...by Oliver vazquez
It's been awhile of the arrived and departure of Oliver Emyia. Oliver friends from Union and the Orario has been wandering if he managed to become the Hero of Justice he...
RWBY unexpected relationship X Male Reader by thenick5o
RWBY unexpected relationship X Mal...by nik
this is the story of four young siblings of nikos,schnee,belladonna and fall that went to beacon as they four have one thing in common as their older siblings. what will...
The Beast You Created (Male Ragna Reader X Crossover) by SuperSaiyanJayden
The Beast You Created (Male Ragna...by Mizore's, Bullet's, Jackie's...
Betrayed by those he cared about, Y/n stands alone in the world where everyone has some sort of power. Not Y/n... He was made fun of and beaten because he was a powerles...
A Certain Remnants Accelerator by thedoctorgonepale
A Certain Remnants Acceleratorby Thedoctorgonepale
y/n Nikos ( nicknamed Accelerator) is the younger brother to Pyrrha. Even though he is quite intelligent and has a powerful semblance ( pretty much a progedy since he wa...
The Greatest Swordsman Male Reader Oc X RWBY by DeadFizh08
The Greatest Swordsman Male Reader...by DeadFizh08
Hi! My name is Y/n D. L/n and this is my journey to how to become the world's Greatest Swordsman in Remnant's history in the group of Team RWBY.
RWBY Reacts to the Arc of Injustice  by TrentenFireCloud
RWBY Reacts to the Arc of Injustic...by FireLord969
A week after the Jaune disappearance, Beacon was a shell of it's former self. Ruby, and Blake left their team and joined NPR, and the staff were more strict and harsh to...
Kamen Rider Jaune by Darkdecade97
Kamen Rider Jauneby Ross Pabalate
Jaune's transcripts were revealed by Cardin despite saving him from the Ursa. Everyone in Beacon bullied and beat him to death everyday. Betrayed, Abandoned, and disowne...
Rwby React Warhammer 40k  by ApolloSol_1022
Rwby React Warhammer 40k by ApolloSol_1022
When Team RWBY and JNPR tried to have a sleepover a Box appear having knowledge of the Grim dark universe of 40k (My first time Writing a reaction and making a fanfic so...
jaune arc multiverser by arnoldtakamiya
jaune arc multiverserby arnoldtakamiya
a collection of fanfaction stories collected from writers who no longer produce their work. I collected it and changed it a little. WARNING!! I NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THI...
Two Souls (Male Ghost Rider Reader X RWBY) by yodudehaha
Two Souls (Male Ghost Rider Reader...by -_Jordan_-
Cover photo made by @TimmyShadowKing (Y/n) (L/n). A young man who suffers from a dark past. After some unfortunate events leading to his father's death and ultimately hi...