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Arc Of Musical Videos by FroztDouluo
Arc Of Musical Videosby FroztDouluo
(This is a couple weeks before the Vytal Festival) RWBY are currently in JNPR room chilling with them. Reason? They got bored in their room and decided to hang out with...
Reacting to Jaune, Grand Clone Rebellion  by ReaperofHope9
Reacting to Jaune, Grand Clone Reb...by Astrid Violetstar
The Grand Clone Army, Jaune, his friends and everyone else from Beacon and other places were teleported to a theatre where they are to watch their future and everything...
Hellblazer and Primak (Rewrited) by Zeromicz
Hellblazer and Primak (Rewrited)by Zeromicz
Jaune Arc is Beacon's worst student and weakest Huntsmen in training. It's not all bad for our favorite huntsmen he has friends, people he can count on right? What happ...
Arc Of Tekken (Rewriting) by JustNOMAD
Arc Of Tekken (Rewriting)by JustNOMAD
Betrayed Jaune fic with a hint of tekken. Jaune transcripts has just been revealed by Cardick and everybody abandoned him even his partner who he thought would be there...
RWBY Reacts to the Arc of Injustice  by TrentenFireCloud
RWBY Reacts to the Arc of Injustic...by FireLord969
A week after the Jaune disappearance, Beacon was a shell of it's former self. Ruby, and Blake left their team and joined NPR, and the staff were more strict and harsh to...
Anti-Aura! Jaune Arc! by VictorRed22
Anti-Aura! Jaune Arc!by Victor Flame
(NOT A JAUNE BETRAYED FIC!) Jaune Arc, wanted to be a huntsman, like the rest of his family, but was born without the gift of Aura or a Semblance and was always bullied...
Third Times A Charm.  by DankLordX
Third Times A Charm. by Dank Lord
God was a cruel person. Is what Toji decided when he suddenly found himself reincarnated as some brat. he would have been alright with it, had he been an only child.
The Mad Dog of Union (Discontinued) by FireRogueWolf25
The Mad Dog of Union (Discontinued)by Oliver vazquez
Jaune Arc the leader of Team JNPR of Union is missing. After agreeing to help Mei with one of her inventions he disappeared. But in actuality he ended up in the world of...
The Destructive Huntsman  (RWBY x OC) by Father_Droid
The Destructive Huntsman (RWBY x...by Father_Droid
Haiiro Shigaraki is an aspiring huntsman starting his first year of Beacon. He has a very powerful but dangerous semblance he calls Decay. When he placing all five finge...
Jaune Arc from betrayed to demon lord Part 2. by Antrell128palm
Jaune Arc from betrayed to demon l...by Antrell128palm
After Teams RWBY, and JNPR returned to Beacon with their lives, they had told professor Ozpin the identity of Lucifer Strife, and that he's attempting to start a three-w...
RWBY Listens to The Soundtrack by Flakunit
RWBY Listens to The Soundtrackby Strike Witch
How much of the future-and indeed the present-can RWBY, JNPR, and Ozpin & Glynda gleam from a soundtrack? Some context will be provided, but only a bit. (Vol. 1-5) -- Be...
RWBY and JNPR Watch The Recollection Trilogy by CeruleanLancer
RWBY and JNPR Watch The Recollecti...by CeruleanLancer
The Blood Gulch Chronicles are over and now it's time for the teams to continue with the Recollection Trilogy! Realistic reactions from the characters, Mini-Series and b...
RWBY and JNPR Watch The Project Freelancer Saga by CeruleanLancer
RWBY and JNPR Watch The Project Fr...by CeruleanLancer
Before there was Red vs Blue, there was Project Freelancer. The teams loved the Recollection Trilogy but it's time to move on. Realistic reactions from the crew, side st...
Rwby React Warhammer 40k (Up For adoption) by ApolloSol_1022
Rwby React Warhammer 40k (Up For a...by ApolloSol_1022
When Team RWBY and JNPR tried to have a sleepover a Box appear having knowledge of the Grim dark universe of 40k (My first time Writing a reaction and making a fanfic so...
When did knights become couriers? by Mothman_connoisseur
When did knights become couriers?by
With the reveal of his transcripts, Jaune immediately became an outcast. His family disowns him and the council demands his removal from the academy. But one night he di...
A Certain Remnants Accelerator by thedoctorgonepale
A Certain Remnants Acceleratorby Thedoctorgonepale
y/n Nikos ( nicknamed Accelerator) is the younger brother to Pyrrha. Even though he is quite intelligent and has a powerful semblance ( pretty much a progedy since he wa...
Captain Arc [COD MW2/RWBY] {Part II/MW3 Is out!} by ZeSovietMan
Captain Arc [COD MW2/RWBY] {Part I...by ZeSovietMan
What would happen if Team JNPR discover a mysterious ancient 'ruin' during the mission, which contained a portal, and Jaune gets sucked into the portal and soon returns...
The Forgotten Knight (RWBY x Male Reader) by Striker14100_
The Forgotten Knight (RWBY x Male...by SCP-141
Remnant, a world formed by 4 kingdoms after "The Great War" had happened in the past... Atlas, Vacuo, Mistral and Vale have their own perspective academies to...
Proof Of My Worth by Arkham_Daze
Proof Of My Worthby Andito Moratana
Title inspired by Mitmite2 Most of the Jaune Arc fanfictions I read just aren't good enough. They either make him impossibly op or he's unjustly betrayed. And too many...
The Arc of the Holostars by EienNoSetsuna
The Arc of the Holostarsby Skyfall
Jaune Arc. The leader of Team JNPR, the weakest student of Beacon Academy and the school's punching bag. A boy who cheated into the Academy to be a hero like his ancesto...