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home away from home away from home (Rwby chibi harem x male reader) by hillpupils
home away from home away from home...by Robot Cupcake cat 61
Our weapon summoning y/n was sent parallel world of his but cuter and smaller (I do not own anything the art and the dialogue what I do own is the creativity *wink*)
The Grimm Huntress by idiotpyromaniac
The Grimm Huntressby 𝐏𝐲𝐫𝐨
While Ozpin fought against Salem, immortal and using other people as his tools, the brother gods watched disgusted. One of them decided to give his powers to a child. A...
Cinders Of Remnant (Male Reader) by MehFuckIt
Cinders Of Remnant (Male Reader)by MehFuckIt
This is basically like every other y/n self insert thing except the reader isn't an absolute fucking idiot! Also, I have zero fucks about anyone's feelings! Your favorit...
In Want of Some Porcelain by herbiecide
In Want of Some Porcelainby herbiecide
The life of a huntsman can get a little icky at times, and Jaune Arc, despite his lovable blondeness, is no exception to that rule. And the only way to get clean is to s...
Long Live The Prince (Weiss X Son Of Gilgamesh) by TheAnimeManofYeet
Long Live The Prince (Weiss X Son...by TheAnimeManofYeet
A fateful encounter between two heirs of a throne. With a dislike of each other, they can't seem to fathom why they stay around each other despite having clear differenc...
Sparda's Heir by Hambo_Again
Sparda's Heirby Hambo
Legends speak of a powerful demon who sealed off the Demon World from the Mortal Realm. This great demon was known as Sparda. He allied with humans and fought off the de...
Lovers in Time by JoyBoy825
Lovers in Timeby Joyboy825
Ruby rose and her husband Jaune arc were the last two people that survived the secret war between both Ozpin or Ozma and Salem as the world ended in a bright light they...
The Ultimate Life form (Faunus OC x RWBY) by The_Azrael
The Ultimate Life form (Faunus OC...by Azrael
Join James 'Shadow' Branwen, as he goes through the events of RWBY, and deals with his pasts.
betrayed juane becomes a monster slayer by Edaj1908
betrayed juane becomes a monster s...by Edaj1908
juane arc is a student of beacon academy he was a friend of team rwby and npr. and one day juane saw cardin was about to get stab by a grim and he decide to save him. b...
Pilot Rose (Titanfall 2 X RWBY) by Chute_Mi
Pilot Rose (Titanfall 2 X RWBY)by Silenced Sins
One night, a young girl woke up to a strange bright light in the forest. Being the curious child she was, she ventured out into the forest and met a friend, a friend lik...
Raised by Animals: RWBY Harem x Male Reader by davalam
Raised by Animals: RWBY Harem x Ma...by David Harripersad
After a tragic event that left (Y/N) (L/N) alone and afraid, there was only one place where he could go: The Belladonnas. He took on the role of a member of the White...
Pararescue's Heart (RWBY AU) Cheater Blake x Male Reader [COMPLETE] by knownasS01
Pararescue's Heart (RWBY AU) Cheat...by .
This story took place in alternative universe (AU) where Grimms are still exists but no semblance or aura. In this story, we followed (Y/n) (L/n), Master Sergeant of the...
Arc and Rose of The Republic by KhaizulFrost
Arc and Rose of The Republicby Khairul Afif
Y/N Rose have been bullied by everyone in beacon even her sisters bullied her.She has been abuse by her family that treat her like a punching bag. Jaune Arc who was in l...
He Who Desires, But Acts Not: Abused Male V Reader (Devil May Cry X RWBY) by TheChainsOfDespair
He Who Desires, But Acts Not: Abus...by Horror-Kun
So this is my first time I'm inheriting a story from another Author. Ima do my best but I'll make changes of course. anywho the original owner of the story is @Hyde_kido...
One Punch Man male reader x RWBY: The Strongest Hero's Student by Ballislife2310
One Punch Man male reader x RWBY:...by The_One_TrueSaiyan
(Y/N) was a student of the most powerful hero he's ever known who was called Saitama. (Y/N) may seem like a normal guy, but he has tremendous power that no one except hi...
Why!? | Cheater Team RWBY X Male Reader by nvanvjjnaivdnaivn
Why!? | Cheater Team RWBY X Male R...by idk
Y/N L/N, a loving loyal boyfriend to the wonderful ladies of Team RWBY, has finally arrived from a devastating mission. And all he wants to do now is relax with his gir...
Remnant's Wolverine (Wolverine!Male Reader x RWBY)  by jushait
Remnant's Wolverine (Wolverine!Mal...by jushait
(ALL ART THAT ARE IN THIS STORY ARE MADE BY ME) You are Y/N, that's the only thing you remember from your past, people call you Y/N, and people call you The Wolverine...
One More Chance - Naruto X RWBY by LimboRikudo999
One More Chance - Naruto X RWBYby Limbo999
Itachi had done a lot of things when he was alive, but one thing clung to him more than any other. Failure. He failed to save his clan. He failed to save his village. He...
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We'll always be by your side (RWBY Harem x Winter Soldier Male Reader) by DaceRed
We'll always be by your side (RWBY...by DaceRed
This is an RWBY fanfic in which the Winter Soldier meets RWBY. The reader was born without Semblance or Aura. He had to train himself to achieve his objective of adapti...