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Iron Man Izuku by AnimeEagleScout
Iron Man Izukuby Joeseph Moore
after drinking something from a gypsy Izuku is transported into the Marvel universe as Tony Stark's conscious. after the events of the MCU Izuku returns to his home univ...
Sierra: Rainbow Six Siege X Male Spartan Reader by Jackal2Guud
Sierra: Rainbow Six Siege X Male S...by Jackal2Guud
After accidentally traveling back in time, Spartan Y/N joins Team Rainbow in their fight against the white masks. HALO X RAINBOW SIX
An Explosive Freelancer  by AgentTorterra04
An Explosive Freelancer by AgentTorterra04
Y/N L/N or Agent Colorado is the best EO (Explosive Ordinance) user in the whole project. Although he is no where near good enough to be on the leaderboard. One day his...
Hyperspace Anomaly by SubjectAC10
Hyperspace Anomalyby SubjectAC10
Halfway into the Clone Wars Jedi master Obi-wan is taking back Ryloth from the Separatist droid army. The General gets notified of an object coming out of hyperspace and...
The Warrior by AnubisShinobi
The Warriorby AnubisShinobi
When the Ghost Crew find an unknown armoured warrior floating through the middle of space, they rescue him and learn he is not from their galaxy. However, he remains men...
The Gate: Thus the Spartan Fought Here  by SpartanII25
The Gate: Thus the Spartan Fought...by Spartan II commando
A Spartan who became a legend due to his fighting spirit and the way he inspires hope. After the Final battle he was declared MIA after there was no sign of him arriving...
A Noble Freelancer (Red vs Blue/Halo Fanfic) by ClassicSix
A Noble Freelancer (Red vs Blue/Ha...by Six
After ensuring the escape of the Autumn, Noble Six fights to survive on a Covenant infested planet where he believes is his final mission. But, ONI believes he is to val...
Noble Emotions (Noble Six x Kat) by ARC655
Noble Emotions (Noble Six x Kat)by ARCERET
As the survivors of Noble Team, with the exception of a now retired Jun, Kat and Six and partnered up as they stop insurrections and police the outer colonies.
Halo x RWBY: Spartans Duty by BadGuyBob
Halo x RWBY: Spartans Dutyby BadGuyBob
Spartan 445, Reven Frost (codename Spartan Shadow) is sent on a mission to neutralize a Covenant cruiser on it's way to Glass the planet of Haven. Spartan Shadow valiant...
War between Fictions by Dovalord123
War between Fictionsby Dovah
Ok... this is entry log numbraro-or however you say "number" in Spanish-1... Do I really have to do this? Distant female voice: yes, just keep going, you're do...
Noble Six Diplomacy  by Logadara
Noble Six Diplomacy by Logadara
4 and a half years after reach ONI has been unable to secure and augment the Spartan, Noble Six is now considered the last spartan 3. Being bred for war at a young age...
Arc of Humanity ( HaloxRWBY) by xjames2001
Arc of Humanity ( HaloxRWBY)by xjames2001
He was being torn apart by the most of the academy students when Cardin expose his fake transcipt. He still has his friends but he ran away when his father disowned him...
Red Vs Blue, & there's Magenta: Revelation by Zeta_Lyfe
Red Vs Blue, & there's Magenta: Re...by Zeta_Lyfe
Red Vs Blue, but with a twist! As Ruby recovered, Simmons was being held captive by Agent Washington and the Meta, requiring the Reds to go and save their fellow man! Me...
The great journey by jigglypuff2001
The great journeyby James/Jamie
Arbiter Vladorus 'Vadam has landed on remnant to refuel his ship but is fascinated in the world he lands in and finds a new friend, (this is basically a RWBY and Halo st...
Rose Of Titanium (RWBY X Noble 6) by Noble_6
Rose Of Titanium (RWBY X Noble 6)by ONI's Grim Reaper
As noble 6 is dying a etheral voice calls for his aid. Now a guardian of this new world, 6 must learn about it to do his job right. Can he become part of a new team or w...
The Spartan Freelancer  by SpartanII25
The Spartan Freelancer by Spartan II commando
This is a story about the Freelancer project in the rvb that was part of many dark deeds. Only some people were suspected about the project. So the UNSC chain of command...
Spartan 118                                                      (Halo Based) by Spartan_Steele
Spartan 118...by Spartan Steele 118
When the Aliens, the Covenant, invaded, it seemed as if Mankind had no hope. Then the Spartans came to the rescue. These genetically modified super soldiers, originally...
the redeemed(male brute reader x crossover) by lonewander1
the redeemed(male brute reader x c...by lordchungus
y/n unlike most brutes didn't act like the rest he saw that brain was more important than raw power and as such was outcast by the rest of his kind but he fell into a di...
Red vs Blue (Male OC Insert) by Alpha423
Red vs Blue (Male OC Insert)by Silver_Wolf423
You were one of the first freelancers and one of the best you could never fill a mission no matter what happens you always succeed no matter who you fight you always com...
Spartans never die (Male Reader x Halo Harem) by Snowballgamerz
Spartans never die (Male Reader x...by Snowballgamzzz SBGZ
After being a lone wolf you end up joining the noble team as their new noble 6. This story is based through out the timeline of the halo universe. This is an alternative...