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Sierra: Rainbow Six Siege X Male Spartan Reader by Jackal2Guud
Sierra: Rainbow Six Siege X Male S...by Jackal2Guud
After accidentally traveling back in time, Spartan Y/N joins Team Rainbow in their fight against the white masks. HALO X RAINBOW SIX
Infinite Stratos X Neglected Male Reader by Karna-the-lancer
Infinite Stratos X Neglected Male...by Karna
I say this for every book, but I own nothing.
Jaune ODST ( To Be Updated Later ) by Jaunedice_Returns
Jaune ODST ( To Be Updated Later )by Jaunedice
Ozpin was a collector of knowledge and relics, one such relic turns out to be connected from another dimension, sent there as a test subject When the Fall hit Jaune deci...
Halo: The Foe Of Dawn by ghost_wolf_L227
Halo: The Foe Of Dawnby ghost_wolf_L227
(Y/n) (L/n) has been target by the covenant because his grandfather found something from one of his mission and now he has something that they want join him for a advent...
ICE fleet by NA-213456
ICE fleetby INF- Info not found
In the fantasy world of Azur Lane, a mysterious fleet of warships suddenly appeared. At the head of this seemingly counter force of the siren threat, you stand in their...
Hyperspace Anomaly by SubjectAC10
Hyperspace Anomalyby SubjectAC10
Halfway into the Clone Wars Jedi master Obi-wan is taking back Ryloth from the Separatist droid army. The General gets notified of an object coming out of hyperspace and...
Halo x RWBY: Spartans Duty by BadGuyBob
Halo x RWBY: Spartans Dutyby BadGuyBob
Spartan 445, Reven Frost (codename Spartan Shadow) is sent on a mission to neutralize a Covenant cruiser on it's way to Glass the planet of Haven. Spartan Shadow valiant...
Iron Man Izuku by AnimeEagleScout
Iron Man Izukuby Joeseph Moore
after drinking something from a "fortune teller" Izuku is transported into the Marvel universe as Tony Stark's conscious. after the events of the MCU Izuku ret...
A Noble Freelancer (Red vs Blue/Halo Fanfic) by ClassicSix
A Noble Freelancer (Red vs Blue/Ha...by Six
After ensuring the escape of the Autumn, Noble Six fights to survive on a Covenant infested planet where he believes is his final mission. But, ONI believes he is to val...
The Exiles:A New Power by Johnnieboy11
The Exiles:A New Powerby Johnnieboy11
The beginning of the Battle For Earth signaled the start of the final, bloodiest campaign of the Human-Covenant War. Hastily, a plan is put into motion and an Ark Fleet...
Swords of Intent (sequel to Rose of Titanium) by Noble_6
Swords of Intent (sequel to Rose o...by ONI's Grim Reaper
After a hard fought battle at the Ark, Rtas Vadum makes a split second decision to help The Master Chief and Arbiter. Something goes wrong and he crashlands om another w...
Rose Of Titanium (RWBY X Noble 6) by Noble_6
Rose Of Titanium (RWBY X Noble 6)by ONI's Grim Reaper
As noble 6 is dying a etheral voice calls for his aid. Now a guardian of this new world, 6 must learn about it to do his job right. Can he become part of a new team or w...
55 Days At Peking Of Remnant And S.H.C/S.H.E(18+) by caboose19
55 Days At Peking Of Remnant And S...by HetzaHelevu
The year was 1900, Tis worth remembering the men who lived through, 55 Days At Peking! It is 19000, and there was Eight-Nation Alliance at Peking. But with the Boxer Reb...
Halo ODST One-Shots by PricklyHedgie
Halo ODST One-Shotsby SilverSnake
A oneshot each with Master Chief, Rookie, Buck, Romeo, Dutch, Dare, and Mickey. I didn't see anyone else do anything like this so I thought I should. :) All of them are...
halo x hazbin hotel by Muckey875
halo x hazbin hotelby tristian muckey
this story is about master chief and the strange thing he about to find out in halo
Mass Effect :: Spartan Intervention by Void-Shark
Mass Effect :: Spartan Interventionby Oats
Spartan VII's, top of the line armour, weapons, and training... Meet "Ulz" Z-101, one of the first Rakshasa Class Spartan VII's. Now he's gone missing, and the...
A Safe World: Neptunia x ODST! Male Reader by AxlSLL
A Safe World: Neptunia x ODST! Mal...by Axel P.C.
2552. You were one of the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) that were meant to land on the Solemn Penance Covenant Ship in the City of New Mombasa, Earth. But things we...
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Rwby: ODST by Miana-Light
Rwby: ODSTby Miana-Light
Rookie and his squad are ready to drop over new Mombasa, but the covenant carrier makes a sudden jump the slip space rupture causes a catastrophic event, Rookies pod is...
Spartans never die (Zootopia Judy & Nick x Male Nobel 6 reader) by Winter0Phoenix
Spartans never die (Zootopia Judy...by Winter Phoenix
You watched your teammates die one by one. You were not ready to die after being called 'The Ghost of Reach' and raising Hell on Reach; the planet was being glassed as y...
Rogue Spartan by AgentKansas632
Rogue Spartanby Agent Kansas632
When Blue Team is summoned in for a briefing on the Infinity, they come across a Spartan who seems to be acting with some sort of revenge scheme against the UNSC. Howeve...