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Jaune Arc: Fate System by Seraoyne
Jaune Arc: Fate Systemby Caius Eve
As a child, Jaune Arc always dreamt of being a huntsman. After hearing the bedtime stories his mother used to tell him and the history of their family name from his fat...
The line of duty (Yang Xiao Long x male abused black ops reader) by Leohex11
The line of duty (Yang Xiao Long Michael Braumiller
a/n: y/n xiao long was adopted by taiyang and summer when ruby was 4 yang was 7. when y/n was adopted he thought that his life was gonna be better. but it was the exact...
Jaune Roronora Vinsmoke by kevondre14
Jaune Roronora Vinsmokeby kevondre14
"Hey kid what are you doing out here?" "I was trying to train to become a huntsman." "Kid where are your parents?" "They don't care ab...
We Are Vikings ( A RWBY X OCs Fanfic  ) by _-_Specter-Bro_-_
We Are Vikings ( A RWBY X OCs John Balajied Syiemlieh
Hedninger... a large landmass located at the farthest east from Atlas was a land filled with danger. Its location and existence is unknown to the masses of Remanent, and...
Assassin's journey through Remnant (RWBY x Female OC! Assassin) by hijisent
Assassin's journey through HijiSent
A classic isekai trope with the death and being reincarnated as a commoner with immense powers. Irene Mikoto. The so called best assassin in the whole world. Died. A...
Remnants Experiment: A Chained Panda (Experimented Reader X RWBY) by corkykong
Remnants Experiment: A Chained Corky
Taken from his home, and turned into a weapon. A rare male panda faunus is forced into becoming a weapon, and experiment for a control crazed general. The metal around h...
RWBY: Immortal Hero by Fate-Turner72022
RWBY: Immortal Heroby AerialHero_17
So, this is it, RWBY story, don't know how this is gonna turn out but, here we go... ======== A normal human is having fun playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang and other gam...
You Can't Stop Me! (bullied/abused Auraless reader X RWBY) by Over9kioken
You Can't Stop Me! (bullied/ Over9kioken
You are the result of a one night stand between Qrow Branwen and the daughter of Maria Calavera. After you were born your father went away and your mother abandoned you...
We'll always be by your side (RWBY Harem x Winter Soldier Male Reader) by DaceRed
We'll always be by your side ( DaceRed
This is an RWBY fanfic in which the Winter Soldier meets RWBY. The reader was born without Semblance or Aura. He had to train himself to achieve his objective of adapti...
Remnant Shall Know Pain by SupremeUchiha
Remnant Shall Know Painby Supreme Uchiha
This is the remake to (Abused and Neglected) Uchiha Male Reader x RWBY.
Ace of Spades: Evil Male Reader! Insert {Volume 1} UPHEAVAL by BillNyeTheRWBYGuy
Ace of Spades: Evil Male Reader! Just A Man
He's ruthless, relentless and a criminal genius. (Y/N) (L/N) AKA The Ace of Spades will do everything he can to ensure that the bright light of Beacon Academy is snuffed...
Rwby: Uchiha Rise by Miana-Light
Rwby: Uchiha Riseby Miana-Light
Madara died in the final battle of the fourth great ninja war, but he didn't stay dead, waking up in a strange new world of hunters and huntresses promising to atone for...
Jaune Arc is the God Hand by captdynamite
Jaune Arc is the God Handby captdynamite
The usual story, Jaune's transcripts were leaked by an unknown source, and surprisingly it wasn't Cardin. Jaune's team and almost all of his friends stood by him and tr...
The Sin of Remnant (Escanor Male reader x RWBY) by codwarhero98
The Sin of Remnant (Escanor Male Captain Harlock
In Vale, a new bar just opened up, but it's only open during the night time. What's even more interesting is The barkeep that runs the joint.
A Special Incubus (Male reader x RWBY) [On Hiatus] by Sherherazade
A Special Incubus (Male reader x Sherherazade
Y/N L/N. A boy inexperienced in the ways of normal socialisation, living on a mountain for his entire life. Ever since his parents died, he had no one close to him, asid...
 The Last Berserker (RWBY x OP Abused Male Reader) by AngeryCrusader
The Last Berserker (RWBY x OP Nobody
Berserkers aren't always heroes. But they are the strongest warriors. What kind of warrior will you be? So, I constantly see countless RWBY stories starring readers when...
Another Hunt: Remake by FZH048
Another Hunt: Remakeby FZH
The Good Hunter find out that the Waking World are not as peace as he thinks with beasts roaming almost every part of the world. Now, with his companion and the Workshop...
A Man that Summon Monsters (Pokemon Trainer x RWBY) by RWBYKnight4142
A Man that Summon Monsters ( Alexander Olson
I Want To Die...(RWBY x Suicidal Fem Reader) by something_gay2005
I Want To Die...(RWBY x Suicidal something_gay2005
RWBY belongs to RoosterTeeth. Can somebody kill me?...Please...No?...Okey...(cries in MC).
A Certain Remnants Accelerator by thedoctorgonepale
A Certain Remnants Acceleratorby Thedoctorgonepale
y/n Nikos ( nicknamed Accelerator) is the younger brother to Pyrrha. Even though he is quite intelligent and has a powerful semblance ( pretty much a progedy since he wa...