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RWBY: Master Of Aura by PrimalDragonKing
RWBY: Master Of Auraby PrimalDragonKing
Crocea Mors doesn't feel right. For some reasons unknown, Crocea Mors just doesn't feel right to him. Its like, trying to use your left hand when you're clearly right ha...
The Sin of Remnant (Escanor Male reader x RWBY) by codwarhero98
The Sin of Remnant (Escanor Male Captain Harlock
In Vale, a new bar just opened up, but it's only open during the night time. What's even more interesting is The barkeep that runs the joint.
A game of cat and mouse by Darthjedi0
A game of cat and mouseby Bryan Stone
Y/n was a normal mouse faunus boy. One day while accidentally getting drunk while at a party,he woke up in a forest while a cat fuanus was stalking him. What he didn't k...
Grim Reaper Of Remnant  by DriftWoody
Grim Reaper Of Remnant by Driftwoody
Finding a interest in death, (Y/n) spends his time researching it. And by research, I mean by killing plants, animals and humans. After hitting a dead end(no pun intende...
A Black Thorned Rose by 444TheNumber4
A Black Thorned Roseby Chibikaizer
The story of Raiden Rose, Ruby's twin brother who was abused and wanted to run away from his family and start a new life or die trying. But all of that will change when...
The Heroic Spirit Huntsman [Male Reader Harem] by HeWhoSmiles
The Heroic Spirit Huntsman [Male I have No Name
A young man full of mystery and has many semblance. He attracted many girls in Remnant.
RWBY: A Rivalvry based on Hatred by DerErzHerzog
RWBY: A Rivalvry based on Hatredby DerErzHerzog
This is the story of a young, spear-wielding man who wanted to fight for glory but who got his dream crushed by a certain red-haired girl with the ability to control mag...
Unacceptable Love [RWBY Blake x M!Reader] by Art_Intel
Unacceptable Love [RWBY Blake x Artificial Intelligence
After The Fall of Beacon, Blake runs back home to Menagerie. Little did she know, her parents were really worried about her and sent someone to go check up on her. Funny...
The Lost Faunus( Male Reader X Rwby) by arkham_zer0_6579
The Lost Faunus( Male Reader X arkham_zer0_6579
A previous White Fang members, Y/n is was one of the best in all categories but he was always the assassin. He was the one to get rid of any of the Fang's enemies that t...
Nectar of Vengeance (Cheater RWBY x Male Vampire OC) by FanficMayhem
Nectar of Vengeance (Cheater FanficMayhem
Cruelly betrayed by his lovers, witness the twisted fate of Night Rune after a murder attempt on him gone wrong. RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth.
Anakin and his adventures in Remnant: A RWBY Story by CanDoAttitudesNTL
Anakin and his adventures in NeverTheLess
After Anakin's Death he wakes in a new world as his younger self.
Pyrrha's Baby Boy by DiamondGamer562
Pyrrha's Baby Boyby Dylan Orozco - Morales
This doesn't not take place in the "RWBY: Next Gen" timeline
A Knight And His Maidens (Completed) by Ladyvanhelsing23
A Knight And His Maidens ( Jude Heartfilia
Jaune was about to have the best experience in his life
BIG GUY, BIG HEART (bullied fat reader x RWBY AU) by locust_lord
BIG GUY, BIG HEART (bullied fat locust_lord
Y/n L/n is overweight and slow but makes that up with a big heart and a back breaking hug (literally), but teams RWBY, SSSN, CRDL, JNPR, and CFVY all don't realize that...
The King of Remnant  by TheHaremKing143
The King of Remnant by Motzelt Fox
This is the story of a once-great king falling from power through war only to wake up at the age of 10, how does one man with a burning desire for change, restore a pros...
 The Last Berserker (RWBY x OP Abused Male Reader) by AngeryCrusader
The Last Berserker (RWBY x OP Nobody
Berserkers aren't always heroes. But they are the strongest warriors. What kind of warrior will you be? So, I constantly see countless RWBY stories starring readers when...
Iroh The Lotus Of Remnant by CanDoAttitudesNTL
Iroh The Lotus Of Remnantby NeverTheLess
After the events of Avatar The Last Airbender, Iroh, Uncle to Zuko, and Brother to the once named Firelord Ozai, dies. Due to his spiritual nature and extreme kindness...
The Roar Of The Crowd (Gladiator Reader x RWBY) by SmugWolfie
The Roar Of The Crowd (Gladiator Big Bear
I understand why my family never wanted me. They thought my sister would be the next big thing and they didn't want me getting in the way of that, and they were right. S...
After Madara had died off from Naruto and Sasuke he thought his life would be a lot easier. But he woke up as a Baby again. This time he was in a different world. His na...
Asshole of Beacon (RWBY Harem x Male Reader) by YoMamaDooDoo
Asshole of Beacon (RWBY Harem x YoMamaDooDoo
(y/n) (l/n) was an asshole. Watch as he unleashes his terror on Beacon, catching multiples girls' attention. Disclaimer: Everything about RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth...