Perfect Cannon Fodder by irene_ee987
Perfect Cannon Fodderby Irene
While driving home from school, Yu Yan ended up in a car accident because her favorite novel was updated. She wanted to read as soon as possible because she would finall...
  • childcare
  • maturity
  • worldtravel
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INCOMPLETE [BL Transmigration] HIATUS by I_Am_Not_Rotten
INCOMPLETE [BL Transmigration] Wang Xumi
Former Title: Haven't Even Started Guile is a certified fujoshi a dark and hidden one. She wanted to create a yaoi story but didn't know how to start. She already pictur...
  • worldhopping
  • wattys2018
  • possesive
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Arc of the UNSC (RWBY x Halo Story) by Typical_Assassin
Arc of the UNSC (RWBY x Halo Story)by Typical_Assassin
Don't hate on this please, this is my first fucking attempt at fanfiction. So expect some fucking gammer errors and some mistakes. This story was inspired by other RWBY...
  • arc
  • yang
  • weiss
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Mistaken Identity by EmilyEvans190722
Mistaken Identityby Heba-Chan
Yuya is a normal high schooler who just so happens to bump into someone on a normal day. Mistaken identity, romance love triangles and more take place in this counterpar...
  • counterpart
  • arc
  • crossdress
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RHG: Refresh [Outlet's Story] by BronzeTrainer743
RHG: Refresh [Outlet's Story]by S L E E P
Outlet... oh how she used to be so... normal. Just her, her mother, and her brother. In a little house in a forest, very near a village. Everything was just perfect. Unt...
  • suggested
  • stickman
  • tookmealongtimetomakethecover
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The Time Apart (Fairy Tail) by Lunar_Todoroki
The Time Apart (Fairy Tail)by Lunar Moon
The death of Lisanna brought sadness to the guild. Lavena was the one who always tried to cheer up everyone but I guess some people did not want that as for Natsu was an...
  • serects
  • elements
  • friendship
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Their Christmas Arc by yourstrulytrina
Their Christmas Arcby Trina
Christmas is said to be the most wonderful time of year. For some, it might be true, but for others, it's a whole different story. From spending the holidays with their...
  • holidays
  • adult
  • drinking
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RWBY Boy One Shots by FandomWh0re
RWBY Boy One Shotsby Dream
One shots of the boys on RWBY
  • branwen
  • jnpr
  • ren
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Promise Me This(Killua x Reader) by oceanbunnie7
Promise Me This(Killua x Reader)by Tsundere Queen
What do you think of, when you hear 'Promise'? Do you think of two little kids, intwining their pinkies and chanting a small meaningless prayer? Do you think of countle...
  • hxh2011
  • gon
  • zoldyck
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Transmigrated Character: kick the main leads away !! by Ashfir14
Transmigrated Character: kick Ashfir
System : < Congratulation host, you're one lucky person in millions of people to try our new game > Ellen : What game ? System : < A simple game of revenge ~...
  • femalelead
  • forgottenmemories
  • handsomemalelead
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Jaune Gourmet Arc The Bishoku-Ya. by CorgiClem189
Jaune Gourmet Arc The Itamashī Kami
Betrayed by most of his friends and families and his dreams. Rushed to he core,except for Cardin Winchester and Lie Ren he is abandoned by them and brutally beaten in th...
  • neo
  • oum
  • rwby
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Teen Breaker  by kayvibezz
Teen Breaker by Kayla👅
They say you only live once and you only get to have fun for a limited amount of time. In high school that's where mostly all the fun happens. Watch these teens live the...
  • ybnnahmir
  • death
  • drugs
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The Slayer's Retribution(Remake)(Neglected/Abused Nero/DmC 5 Reader x Ruby Rose) by DemonSlayerShadow666
The Slayer's Retribution(Remake)( Silver Shadow
A Boy adopted, then neglected/abused finds out his true identity and searches for his true family and past. This is his journey as he battles for his past and future aga...
  • rose
  • malereader
  • sorrow
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Unlikely Hope or Unlucky Despair? (Danganronpa Despair Arc x Male Reader) by Lifelover222
Unlikely Hope or Unlucky Lifelover222
Hope's Peak Academy was supposed to train the hope of our world, the Ultimate Students. So isn't it ironic that the biggest, most awful, most tragic event in human histo...
  • hajime
  • xmalereader
  • danganronpa
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Magical Times (Yu-Gi-Oh! x Reader) (ALL SERIES) (END) by inari-emperor
Magical Times (Yu-Gi-Oh! x Reader) 🐚 useless 🐚
Collections of mythical reader one shots! Reader can be anything and so can the characters! More information in the book! Inspired by a request! I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! #1...
  • yugiohxreader
  • zexal
  • reader
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Ruby Potter by hunter81095
Ruby Potterby Seth
Ruby Rose lived to be a Huntress, wanting to be just like her Mom, Summer Rose, however her last name wasn't always that of the one she saw as her mother, she was once k...
  • weiss
  • harry
  • schnee
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Hope 2 | Another Dangan Ronpa spin off by SentientInsanity
Hope 2 | Another Dangan Ronpa Sarahhhhh
Well, I think our writing's gotten better since the first book so this is our attempt at redemption! Side note, don't you just love the title? We really put all of our c...
  • danganronpa
  • arc
  • sdr
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Final Fantasy ~ One shots by ZacksAngelAerith
Final Fantasy ~ One shotsby Mio Emmerich
Hey you! Yeah you! Do you like Final Fantasy and reader inserts and more? Then this is the right book for you. ( °3° )
  • vanille
  • fang
  • irvine
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Pursuing the God's Love Through Cheat Called ARC by BAMFGoddess
Pursuing the God's Love Through BAMF Goddess
"What honesty? What fairness? When chasing an insensitive, numb God one must cheat at times. " said by a Goddess whom struggled all her life just to make our...
  • love
  • cultivation
  • transmigration
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Danganronpa 3 One-shots by Tsukino20
Danganronpa 3 One-shotsby Tsukino20
Why not? I'll try my best to make this the best one shots ever!!! All you have to do suggest and request a character.
  • one
  • v3
  • future
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