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Poisonous Rose (RWBY x Male abused reader) by unidentified562
Poisonous Rose (RWBY x Male Unidentified
Your the middle child of the 'family' and they treat you like a punching bad for their stress, you always felt hurt, sad, and alone, then one day you met a little friend...
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Medicinal Belladonna (Blake x Male Reader) by GENERICgenericNUMBER
Medicinal Belladonna (Blake x GENERICgenericNUMBER
Y/N Mathis was just a medical student, when he was transported to a new world . . . Uses Jude's character from Tales of Xillia.
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I guess, I won the "I love you more" Game. by iJordi_
I guess, I won the "I love you Jordi
|Cheater RWBY X Depressed Male Reader| (Y/N) had the harshest childhood memories but he was offered to attend in Beacon Academy, He accepted the offer and for the first...
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Lightbearer (RWBY Male Reader Insert Story) by chimera9119
Lightbearer (RWBY Male Reader chimera9119
(Y/N) (L/N), a regular child who grew up just like everybody else had his home village attacked and destroyed by Grimm. After dying in an attempt to defend his family, h...
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Loneliness loves company (RWBY Blake X Abused &Shy&Insane Schnee Male Reader) by Frostbyte126
Loneliness loves company (RWBY Skeleboi
Y/n Schnee is the bastard son of Jacques Schnee. He would be beaten until the brink of insanity, the only thing that would bring him back is His half-sister Weiss. What...
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Wrath of the Gods(Male Reader X RWBY) by kuejonathan
Wrath of the Gods(Male Reader X JonnyQ
After the Fall of Beacon, many friends and families were destroyed. Moral gone. Ozpin is gone. Salem has won, taking the powers of the Fall Maiden. What will happen if t...
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RWBY X Reader: Yellow Bee version by BladeTheHedgehog
RWBY X Reader: Yellow Bee versionby Blade The Hedgehog
Your home is destroyed by war. Your leader sends you to a planet to protect it, set up a base, and call it home. You don't make it to the planet he mentions but, you do...
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Dead Man Walking (Rwby Harem X Male Reader) by ArcherXZ
Dead Man Walking (Rwby Harem X ArcherXZ
(Y/N) (L/N) was very... unique. His 'semblance' allowed him to pull off amazing feats a normal hunter/huntress couldn't. So when he is almost killed at initiation saving...
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Iron huntsmen by Shadow_trooper
Iron huntsmenby Shadow_trooper
Bioshock and RWBY crossover, I own neither, just the idea for this story #1 in bioshock
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The Freeblade Gamer of Remnant by PoopyButtHole976
The Freeblade Gamer of Remnantby Calee Chu
When Y/N died, he didn't know where he was going, maybe he was going to heaven or reincarnate into another world. Unfortunately, Y/N got the latter option, now on a miss...
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Here In The Real World: Blake x Male Reader {COMPLETED} by Super761
Here In The Real World: Blake x Super761
Reality and Fiction Both differ yet both have denizens but what happens when the denizens of one cross with the other?
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A MisFit in Beacon [MisFit Male Reader X RWBY Harem] by stevethealbino
A MisFit in Beacon [MisFit Male stevethealbino
(Y/n) always never gave a crap about what others thought about him, maybe that was one of the reasons why he was such a trouble maker? But now he's in Beacon where his m...
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Remnant's King (Godzilla x RWBY) by AxeTheRat04
Remnant's King (Godzilla x RWBY)by AxeTheRat04
images used in book do not belong to me, as well my writing may suck. Many spelling errors, also damn autocorrect. All characters of rwby belong to roosterteeth. As well...
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Destroyed With Grief by Square4you
Destroyed With Griefby Square
Your soon to be wife, Ruby Rose, is murdered. It breaks you, destroys you. You loved her more than life itself. You vow that you will have revenge and justice for her de...
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Spider and the Cat(rejected Spiderman male reader x Blake) by stevethealbino
Spider and the Cat(rejected stevethealbino
There was a boy in beacon and his name was (Y/N) parker,or otherwise known as the invincible spiderman. But he wasn't invincible to everthing. Something did hurt him and...
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Pararescue's Heart (RWBY AU) Cheater Blake x Male Reader [COMPLETE] by knownasS01
Pararescue's Heart (RWBY AU) .
This story took place in alternative universe (AU) where Grimms are still exists but no semblance or aura. In this story, we followed (Y/n) (L/n), Master Sergeant of the...
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The Broken Man: RWBY Ruby X Male Reader by Soviet_RWBY
The Broken Man: RWBY Ruby X Male Soviet_RWBY
This is a story about a scarred and broken teenager making his way to Beacon. What will happen next?
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Red Dead and Long Gone by PapaMojave
Red Dead and Long Goneby PapaMojave
RDR2 Ghost Rider x RWBY. 1st attempt at a RWBY book.
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Land of Outlaws (Velvet X Reader) by RyanJersey
Land of Outlaws (Velvet X Reader)by Ryan Jersey
The RWBY Universe, set way back with cowboys and outlaws alike. That's the main idea for it atleast.
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A Helping Hand (RWBY Harem x Male XXXTENTACION Reader) by IJustLikeRWBY
A Helping Hand (RWBY Harem x WW3 SZN
Don't hate me. I was requested to do this. This is and always will be one of my fav artists. So RIP THE GOAT. ESSKETIT #RIPX #BADVIBESFOREVER
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