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The Frenzy Dragon of Remnant by Shirou_Hakeyama
The Frenzy Dragon of Remnantby Shirou_Hakeyama
A young Rose who has yet to find her thorns, runs away from home at the news of her mothers death, after getting lost in the forest surrounding her home she gets cornere...
Be There In a Flash (Speedster Male Reader) by TheMasterInTraining
Be There In a Flash (Speedster Because_I'm_Batman
"My name is Y/n Jackson Garrick, and I am the fastest teenager alive. In my world, I was a superhero known as The Flash. Then one day, something happened, and now I...
Perilous Arc |AU| by CoolGuyYami
Perilous Arc |AU|by CoolGuyYami
Jaune doesn't listen to Pyrrha during the attack. He doesn't want her to fight that Cinder woman alone. Instead of following Pyrrha's request, he fights his way back to...
Pure Evolution (Male reader x Blake Belladonna) by Divine_Quirk
Pure Evolution (Male reader x Divine_Quirk
(Y/N) (L/N) is a teenager that just... shows up at Beacon Academy. He sticks out the crowd of all the other students, catching the eyes of a certain cat Faunus. RWBY bel...
The Remnant Crusade (Warhammer X RWBY)(Up for Adoption) by ControlStationEnclav
The Remnant Crusade (Warhammer X ControlStationEnclav
A Black Templars Chaplain is Given a Mission After Death to Help a New world, One directly from the Emperor. How will the Chaplain Fair In a World with Nothing of imperi...
The Soul Forged Hunter by GornroX
The Soul Forged Hunterby GornroX
Semblances are a wonderful thing. Borderline magical abilities that are nearly unique to the individual. Each one crafted to suit the individual, a manifestation of thei...
Remnant's Wolverine (Wolverine!Male Reader x RWBY)  by jushait
Remnant's Wolverine (Wolverine! jushait
(ALL ART THAT ARE IN THIS STORY ARE MADE BY ME) You are Y/N, that's the only thing you remember from your past, people call you Y/N, and people call you The Wolverine...
A Man that Summon Monsters (Pokemon Trainer x RWBY) by RWBYKnight4142
A Man that Summon Monsters ( Alexander Olson
The Forgotten Knight (RWBY x Male Reader) by Striker14100_
The Forgotten Knight (RWBY x SCP-141
Remnant, a world formed by 4 kingdoms after "The Great War" had happened in the past... Atlas, Vacuo, Mistral and Vale have their own perspective academies to...
Black Lotus (Male child reader X mother Blake Belladonna) by ChrisReiniger
Black Lotus (Male child reader X Shadow Nexus
Lost, scared, unsure of what will happen next. For these two that was all that was certain until they met.
Respite Long Awaited by GornroX
Respite Long Awaitedby GornroX
How does the story go again? Oh yes... Wolf, Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse, Ashen One, Tarnished, or Good Hunter... burdenous titles cast upon Y/n like the rope upo...
[ Herrscher..? ] A RWBY Fanfic by Jake123415535
[ Herrscher..? ] A RWBY Fanficby Jake123415535
Trapped in a world not hers, monsters with the same goal of eliminating Humanity and others alike, she remembers fighting with many others like her, for freedom, to unif...
Penance (RWBY x Abused Male Reader) by ComradeKavinsky
Penance (RWBY x Abused Male Reader)by TheMLGNoob
I do not own the cover picture or RWBY. RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth. CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT You guys are probably familiar with the abused male reader bit. Those fanf...
negativity || gojo satoru by istanpeoplesowat
negativity || gojo satoruby klutz
!SLIGHT MANGA SPOILERS! { a gojo-centric crossover into RWBY } Prison-chan was mean. Prison-chan wouldn't let him out. He even gave it a name! Treated it like an actual...
RWBY X Male Reader but it's an Isekai harem book by ImJustNot
RWBY X Male Reader but it's an Not The Author
RWBY X Male reader but you're an appropriately powered Isekai hero Whilst on a walk Mark Oath is attacked by a girl he rejected earlier that day and is sadly killed, but...
Arc Of Lockdown  by Yanji_From0hio
Arc Of Lockdown by Yanji_From0hio
What if a certain mercenary or a bounty hunter was revived and brought back to remnant, then let's go ahead and witness the tons of massacres and bloodshed.
RWBY: Maximum Carnage (Harem X Male Reader) by Huyhuynh4061
RWBY: Maximum Carnage (Harem X Hhuynh24
(A/N: Goddamnit! Rooster Teeth is shut down by Warner...Damnit! Now this world is screwed!!! It is screwed!!!!!! DAMNIT!!!!!!! Alright, so this story will be volume 9 wh...
Jaune's Multiverse Madness! by RocknRoll7575
Jaune's Multiverse Madness!by RocknRoll
You already know what this is about! Watch as Team RWBY and JNPR Watch the many lives of Jaune through the Multiverse!
The Soldiers Of Remnant - (RWBY + Star Wars Crossover) by XGNXLency
The Soldiers Of Remnant - (RWBY Ren
The Clone War rages across the galaxy. Separatist droids have Republic forces trapped all throughout the battlefield. The 204th Infantry Brigade struggles to escape from...