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JENSOO futanari oneshots  by pandjelly722
JENSOO futanari oneshots by pandjelly722
A collection of steaming JENSOO oneshots featuring all types of scenarios that are entirely Futa.🔞 Mommy Jisoo🔞 Comment or DM for suggestions.🔞 I don't do foreplay N...
Our Miracle (Futa Isabela Madrigal X Fem Oc) by SCMight145
Our Miracle (Futa Isabela Madrigal...by SC Might
Two lovers deeply inlove one betrothed to another while the other stayed until she can, one keeps on fighting for their love while the other gave up,one keeps on her fak...
A Wolfs Mate (GxG) by Cinderwolf037
A Wolfs Mate (GxG)by Gen
Luna is a 23 year old werewolf, Skylar is a 26 year old vampire. They are both un-mated, and lonely. It is a dark, chilly, Halloween night, they are both walking the str...
RWBY AU world x female pervert reader  by NiceGuy2Point0
RWBY AU world x female pervert rea...by NiceGuy2Point0
(Y/N) is a college senior and found a notebook. She has found that the book has powers over the laws of the world. what will she use the book for good or evil? (we all k...
{EiMiko Stories}Parent Au  by smuttyputa
{EiMiko Stories}Parent Au by smuttyputa
Cover editing by;Gemi_baby (art belongs to Alielerart) A book about how Miko and Ei created life to their wonderful child, after Miko experienced something ✨Magical✨tha...
Latex Futa Nuns From Hell by VadaMyra
Latex Futa Nuns From Hellby Vada Myra
A horny, despondent nun is granted a second chance by a supernatural being. The world would never be the same again.
Bella's Shifter Mate by NO_ONE_NOPE_
Bella's Shifter Mateby RathaGays
Bella falls into a deep depression when edwards leaves. She tried to stumble onto old memories but find something much more worthwhile
Lost by tgnae65
Lostby Jenai
With death brought a journey, acceptance , romance, friends, Revenge and family. Enjoy. This story is not edited. On going
Spinel x reader (NSFW) by cartoondiddler
Spinel x reader (NSFW)by Got the goods?
I'm not the best at writing, I'm just doing this for fun. Be prepared for possible strong language and sex. Yeah, I don't know where this story is going, but it probabl...
Wolf titan(Attack on titan) Mikasa x Futa reader by fw33txiao
Wolf titan(Attack on titan) Mikasa...by ☠︎︎Nam-ra’s_slave☠︎︎
Y/n is cousins with eren and your living with them because your parents died from a titan, your bestfriends with him and Armin and Mikasa later on you found out that Mik...
Siblings. by meliodasshinigumi
Siblings.by Meliodas&Bon
Naruto and Sasuke are neglected for their older siblings. Both Naruto is born with Asura's chakra and Sasuke is born with Indra's chakra. Naruto has Mokuton. Fem!Naruto...
Vanish (girlxgirl) ON HOLD by HahahaDontTalkToMe
Vanish (girlxgirl) ON HOLDby HahahaDontTalkToMe
***WARNING: Girl x Girl (Don't read it if you don't like that)*** ***WARNING: Futanari (Don't like don't read)*** Blood. There's so much blood. Body's hang on the walls...
My Queen of Cards~ (SuicideSquad: Futa Harley Quinn X Fem Hyena Hybrid Reader) by TheFandomFreak25
My Queen of Cards~ (SuicideSquad:...by TheFandomFreak25
Y/n was one of the three hyenas that Harley Quinn "raised with the Joker". In reality Harley did all the work while Joker sat on his ass like a lazy jerk. Y/n'...
Night 7 by pawlcop2
Night 7by pawlcop2
a story of two toys making the guard their toy~
[«]| Their mortal angel |[»] by Mama_Pansexual
[«]| Their mortal angel |[»]by §| Mâmã_₽åñšêxūāł |§
This is a story of Yandere but not your usual cup of tea... oh no no no my friend. You see... these yandere's are goddesses, ancient beast, and royals.. and they seek o...
Love Is A Bond That Will Never Break  by LupusNoir00
Love Is A Bond That Will Never Bre...by Lupus Noir
Hey Guys So if your reading this, I made this to make up for the fairytail book that I had deleted. When I checked the script in my head I wasn't so sure I wanted on her...
chaesoo smut.  by chaesooslovechild
chaesoo smut. by 🐇🐿️
🔞 Bottom Jisoo. 🔞 G!p Rosé. -Converted stories. -Credit goes to all amazing authors out there.
Desires|Jenlisa by krish_wants_it
Desires|Jenlisaby yours_krish
Just a cringe story with lots of sex and angst. Don't mind on my english I know it's bad. 18+ content G.P Lisa if you're uncomfortable kindly leave before reading.
The broken arrow: Futa crossover x FEM OC:  by IzaiahCunningham
The broken arrow: Futa crossover x...by Izaiah Cunningham
Sabina Xiao: Is the adopted daughter of summer rose and Taiyang Xiao Long or was the adopted daughter. You see she had a nice life. Great family, wonderful sisters and t...