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1| Secret Elite ✔︎ by _elissee
1| Secret Elite ✔︎by - ˏˋ𝐄 𝐋 𝐋 𝐄 ˊˎ -
❝ I sometimes feel like you're more than a scholarship girl ❞ extended synopsis inside | this book was written in third person pov but i'm turning it into a first person...
Elites✔️ by midnight_thoughts66
Elites✔️by Laura
ɬhey were violently in love with her, but she was oblivious True friends were hard to obtain in the world of the rich and powerful so the elites stay in small groups...
"ATHENA ROSE IS OFF-LIMITS!" It was like the world came to a halt when THE Xerus, the menacingly gorgeous man shouted that for the entire school to hear. _____...
Born With Power *on hold* by jesuissurlalune
Born With Power *on hold*by
There was a girl named Theodora Noor. She was constantly moving around the World to different boarding schools with her father for his job. But one unexpected day her f...
Elite Rebels by moonbaebie
Elite Rebelsby • l a n a •
"First, I'll lock your arms like this." Grabbing both my hands, he pinned it against the wall above my head. "Then, I'll lock your lips using mine."...
Rich kids : His Majesty ON HOLD  by xogoldenzoe
Rich kids : His Majesty ON HOLD by zoe
Richston Academy, London, England. The most prestigious school in the world, the one and only safe haven for rich kids with mega rich parents. But is it really safe? Aft...
Dreams Apart by AngelMickaella
Dreams Apartby Angel Mickaella
[REWRITING] Have you ever had dreams of the same guy or girl that you've never seen before and each time you'd wake up, you will have the exact same feeling, been totall...
The Catastrophe of Dean Mckenzie  by bookishbronte
The Catastrophe of Dean Mckenzie by bookishbronte✨
SPIN-OFF TO CUTE BUT PSYCHO Melanie Devon is a new attendee, or rather a new pawn in the controversial campus of Arlington. While she is quick to blend with the elite...
COTE : My Fate was already decided by NotThatBADuWu
COTE : My Fate was already decidedby UwU
Every student of ANHS abducted by ayanopapa to White Room while they were making their way to back to school after second year survival Island Special Exam Will kiyo pro...
Star Fox: The Demon War by bigbosskman92
Star Fox: The Demon Warby Rob Kidd
The Anglars are no more, but a new enemy has set it's sights on the Lylat system. An enemy that is led by the Devil himself. (This was my first attempt at fanfiction, an...
ELLE by el__writes
ELLEby Laura
The independent and mulish girl "You can't play games with a girl who made the rules" Xoxo El~💜
Ambrielle Stonehurst Academy (Extraordinaries) by Khayline_Noara
Ambrielle Stonehurst Academy (Extr...by Katzz
Akala ni Ynah ay isa siyang normal na tao. but did she know she's more than that? As times grew up she realizes that she is Ryline, a woman who can save everyone from t...
Red Vs Blue, & there's Magenta: Season Five by Zeta_Lyfe
Red Vs Blue, & there's Magenta: Se...by Zeta_Lyfe
Red Vs Blue, but with a twist! Ruby and Tex chased down Wyoming, but upon returning to Blood Gulch, they realized they had a lot to catch up on. . . Tucker has to deal w...
Deadliest Flowers (A BNHA Fanfiction) by SmexxyDomme
Deadliest Flowers (A BNHA Fanficti...by Karma's Ecstasy ❤
Wolfsbane International High is an elite school for heroics in Russia that are known to produce world class heroes. What will happen if they send some of their best stud...
Red Vs Blue, & there's Magenta: Season Four by Zeta_Lyfe
Red Vs Blue, & there's Magenta: Se...by Zeta_Lyfe
Red Vs Blue, but with a twist! Following O'Malley's defeat at the hands of the Great Destroyer, the Reds returned to Blood Gulch, the Great Destroyer was actually an al...
Classroom of the elite Reaction (Anime/LN) On Hold by Laiqianzhan
Classroom of the elite Reaction (A...by LaiQian
This is an rewrite of my previous story. Hope you enjoy. I don't own Classroom of the Elite
Luna Academy: School for Vampires and Werewolves by Pacific_Writes
Luna Academy: School for Vampires...by Pacific
"Welcome to Luna Academy! Where you can train and enhance your skills and abilities as a vampires and werewolves." *** Harriet Ysabelle Dixon, an orphan and a...
Insane insides by jkorwhatever
Insane insidesby jkwithbalenciaga
In a world full of extras They were the protagonists For good or for bad, they'd always be together. [Ranks] #31 taennie #23 taennie #13 taennie #47 liskook #10 taenn...
MafBlood University:The School For Elites by Kaize_Ey
MafBlood University:The School For...by K L A R H Y Z
Entering the Door Of Hell is a nightmare... A School for Elites, Mafia's, Gangsters and etc. Devils covered with the looks of angels. Everyone is wearing a facade... Tru...
Noble Six Diplomacy  by Logadara
Noble Six Diplomacy by Logadara
4 and a half years after reach ONI has been unable to secure and augment the Spartan, Noble Six is now considered the last spartan 3. Being bred for war at a young age...