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The Painter's Apprentice by AdelynAnn
The Painter's Apprenticeby Adelyn Sterling
[This story is now FREE] Florette moves to Versailles, only to discover a group of Fae are destroying France. Allying with the battled-scarred Destan, she has to save th...
Frankenstein's Guide (Book 1, the LiteraTours Cozy Mystery Series) by lhansenauthor
Frankenstein's Guide (Book 1, Lina Hansen
Jessica "Ike" Wordsworth can dive into books, but she isn't prepared for a monster - and a ruthless murderer killing her tourists. Ike is fighting the aftermat...
Sibylline Greetings (Book 2, the LiteraTours Cozy Mystery Series) by lhansenauthor
Sibylline Greetings (Book 2, the Lina Hansen
Ike Wordsworth, a divorcee and rookie tour guide sent to Rome, struggles to survive a labyrinth of dark secrets, ancient mysteries and brutal murders. ...
Albatross by Vapid_Ink
Albatrossby Vapid Ink
Elliot's partner was his whole world, but after Allan's death, his ghost haunts Elliot's dreams. Everyone tells Elliot to move on, but he isn't sure he can. ...
little guard post. by orchanea
little guard Sienna Orchid
"These four walls keep me safe." Moth Braunn is a security guard. He watches over the island with a close eye, spending his nights in a dull and drab room wher...
Lux [h.s] by _miiki
Lux [h.s]by miki
"Say one word and I will leave you alone from now on," he murmured, "I won't object." He brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear, his touch unexp...
The Crowned Sanctifier (Aeonica #3) by DavidMusk
The Crowned Sanctifier (Aeonica #3)by David Musk
Palatine reigns, and the heirs of Revera fight back from the shadows. After spending six months in a coma, Nahlia Cole has exiled herself to the eastern lands of Valaysi...
Station NINETEEN by mariawhite1
Station NINETEENby Noooo
This is about station 19 Ripely and Pruitt are still alive.
surreal ➶ p.sunghoon by sunghoonskay
surreal ➶ p.sunghoonby ݃*₊↷𝐤𝐚𝐲
note; - book cover photo not mines! - check out my other books <3 park sunghoon & cha seoyun we're past lovers. shim jake & cha seoyun later find each other, they b...
un contrat de mariage by UniqueNImperfect
un contrat de mariageby UniqueNImperfect
un contrat de mariage- french word for 'a marriage deal' Heard of business deals!? Yes..? Hear out a marriage deal...a deal as ruthless as business! A deal as materialis...
Secret Places and Hidden Things by Kajenx
Secret Places and Hidden Thingsby Kajenx
A boy wakes up in a mysterious castle with no memory except his name. The rooms are always changing and time has lost all meaning. Reoccurring dreams hint at his forgott...
Letters To My Love - On-Going by Kendingmaxx
Letters To My Love - On-Goingby 我的爱
Author: Kendingmaxx Date Started: February 24, 2021 Date Finished: Letters To My Love A dream she never thought could come true. A man whom she never expected to fall f...
Hopeless in Nimbus Numinous -ongoing- by 2imimik2
Hopeless in Nimbus Numinous 2imimik2
Hopeless, a girl with amnesia, wakes up in the unknown afterlife where she finds out its surreal and whimsical reveries. During her strange journey, she meets various ot...
PROG-NOS-TICA by Nassley
PROG-NOS-TICAby Esther Taylor
*Synopsis* He was only 11 years old when he began to see signs, shapes, symbols and colors around people, shifting and glowing like living auras. Sometimes they are flic...
leaf by seasofme
leafby dot
well... i took the cover photograph
POETRY in my way by katherinelukee
POETRY in my wayby Abi
A Fiction form of life around the world
The Five Stages of Being John Doe by cooolBeans123
The Five Stages of Being John Doeby cooolBeans123
John Doe has spent his entire life dividing himself between who he is now and who he just was. Compartmentalize the grief, the trauma, the pain, and let it be someone el...
The Next Door Neighbor [Namjin] by leJINdary_15
The Next Door Neighbor [Namjin]by Jinius
What happens when a new neighbour moves in Namjoon's apatment? What happens when said neighbor steals Namjoon's heart on the first encounter? What happens when said cute...
-My Love, Assorted Poetry- by DarnYouFeralDoctors
-My Love, Assorted Poetry-by An Impressionable Couch Licker
I have chosen to speak in routine rhyme time after time after time. But still I stand surprised at all inside my mind that I find. Be it good or be it bad, I have been g...
Somnus - Short Story by JemHopes
Somnus - Short Storyby 🐽
How can she change her path in just one awaken sleep? Illumina Saint is inside her own daydream. Will she stay or let it sleep off until it's time?