Jack In The Box by KittyKash92
Jack In The Boxby 👑K a s h👑
Jackson Wolfe is WoodVille Asylum's most notorious patient with a history of atrocious violence. The doctors and the nurses are aware of Jacks previous history. Jack is...
  • creepy
  • obsession
  • psychological
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I love you so I love you so by IceDiamond27
I love you so I love you soby Nugget
In which Yoongi is the new classroom teacher of Park Jimin, the well-known bad boy in school ;) Warning: Contains graphic depictions of violence, sexuality, and/or other...
  • cute
  • fluff
  • school
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Her Instinct: His Game by cadeathens
Her Instinct: His Gameby Cade Athens
Kerri has a crush on her best friend's father, Mr. Leto, and soon learns he's quite interested in her as well. Her instincts lead her into a whirlwind of passion with Mr...
  • suspense
  • affair
  • wattys2018
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Dale-Creek Hill Asylum (1) | ✓ by Infamous
Dale-Creek Hill Asylum (1) | ✓by Bea Infamous
"There are many forms of pure evil, some say its the devil, others say its the famous dictators of our past time. I say its here." - Infamous Ashley has a te...
  • dcha
  • trilogy
  • teen-fiction
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He Is Not My Baby Daddy by mariadoraokwori
He Is Not My Baby Daddyby mariadora okwori
#1 interracial 22/8/2018 #1 parenting 22/8/2018 #1 billionaire 25/10/2018 #1 hot 13/11/2018 #1 ceo. I4/11/3018 #1 fairytale 14/11/2018 #1 ste...
  • steamy
  • erotic
  • fairytale
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Trapped ✔️ by SallyMason1
Trapped ✔️by Sal
  • depression
  • violence
  • crime
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Unhinged by SheHopes
Unhingedby Sandra Grayson
Dr. Alexis Reyna's perfect life begins to unravel as her stalker's obsession turns deadly. Can she rely on her new boyfriend to help her or is she falling in love with a...
  • romance
  • crazy
  • stalker
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PAPA (boyxboy psychotic) by kin0monogatari
PAPA (boyxboy psychotic)by L & Kino
"If you could spread your legs for me, that would've been nice, Lucca," he said. "Either that, or you'll be swimming in his blood," he warned, pointi...
  • boyxboy
  • gay
  • psychotic
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Erotomania ||h.s|| by HarrysLatte_
Erotomania ||h.s||by E.x
[completed] iˌrätəˈmānēə,-ˌrōtə-/ noun (n.) 1: excessive sexual desire 2: a psychological disorder marked by the delusional belief that one is the obje...
  • dirty
  • stalker
  • psycho
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Psycho Billionaire ✔️ by KittyKash92
Psycho Billionaire ✔️by 👑K a s h👑
Highest Rank #1 (4/9/17) "Why do you want me to stay here?" I asked. "Because I think you are beautiful and I would like a woman like yourself by my side...
  • mystery-thriller
  • antihero
  • psycho
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sorry. papa (boyxboy) by MyWickedWays
sorry. papa (boyxboy)by N
Do you know the difference between love and lust? Because Alex obviously didn't. He thought he had it all covered, but everything he ever knew crumbled in front of him w...
  • adult
  • submissive
  • hardcore
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Psychotic | ✓ | EDITING by liarsdiaries
Psychotic | ✓ | EDITINGby nιc
#1 in Mystery/Thriller ( 05/17/17 ) "I'm afraid to be alone with my thoughts..." "why?" "Because they're dangerous... and that makes me da...
  • myyouth
  • teenage
  • beginnersluck
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That Possessive Man [MXB]✔ by UniquelyFerocious
That Possessive Man [MXB]✔by ☾ᴛᴡɪsᴛᴇᴅ☽
❝He's a possessive lover,He doesn't like sharing or letting anyone goes against his way for his sweetheart.❞ [ Photo's that been used ain't mine. Credits to the owner] R...
  • uniquelyferocious
  • mystery
  • innocent
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Stay or Run by pinkyrosejem
Stay or Runby 𝖆𝖘𝖔𝖈𝖎𝖆𝖑 𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖎𝖊 ✘‿✘
... Years ago, Alexandria Grayson was attacked by a bear in the small town of Wolverton Summit after wandering in the forbidden forest at night, leaving an ugly and lar...
  • werewolf
  • betrayal
  • family
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New to the Family by masonfitzzy
New to the Familyby Mason FitzGibbon
A spin-off to the Family Comes First series. The Wilcox family became famous for their kidnappings, brainwashing, murders, and let's not forget about cannibalism. This...
  • kidnapping
  • horror
  • psychological
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Nightmare Wolves (MxM Polyamory Horror Fantasy) by WingedKelpie
Nightmare Wolves (MxM Polyamory Kelpie
"I'm not crazy!" The teenager wailed at his father's feet as he signed his eldest son into the asylum. Two burly men came over the crying child and lifted him...
  • demented
  • romance
  • pure
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Off One's Rocker • Lashton by catchlukeonfire
Off One's Rocker • Lashtonby ˗ˏˋgeorgieˎˊ˗
No one knows who Luke is anymore, and he's not sure either. However, when he's placed in a psychiatric ward for having anorexia his life begins to unravel and he underst...
  • mentalhospital
  • lashton
  • 5sos
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Obedience Lessons by EnderXen
Obedience Lessonsby EnderXen
Dylan Ryman is a silver spoon-fed multi-billionaire acting out until he crosses the line with Andy Burrie, a quick-witted college student who refuses to back down. Deman...
  • psychological
  • mystery
  • wattys2018
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Serpent Heart [NaNoWriMo 2018] by rentachi
Serpent Heart [NaNoWriMo 2018]by Ren Tachibana
She is twenty-nine and spell checking criminal reports when the FBI comes for the Hangman, but Catherine Themis is only seventeen, grieving and naive and angry, the firs...
  • horror
  • psychological
  • presenttense
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Yes Master  by RaWendy
Yes Master by Wendy
A mysterious serial killer is on the loose, a month of gore and fear in the city, where the police were still unable to track down or find anything about this mysterious...
  • possessive
  • mysterious
  • captive
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