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Revealed (Book 4, the Redemption Series)

Revealed (Book 4, the Redemption Series)

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Henry Scott By henry_scott Completed

When a biker gang calls in a favour, Jake Bryant has no choice but to hunt down an old friend by any means necessary, even if the cost is the woman he loves.
After avoiding the inevitable for as long as possible, the favour Jake Bryant owes a dangerous biker gang is finally cashed in. They send him to Texas to murder Rick, an old friend of Jake's who just resurfaced after stealing money from the gang's Michigan hideout. With no other choice, Jake finds himself double-crossing both Rick and the gang, but when his girlfriend gets kidnapped and used as a hostage against him, he'll have to decide where his true loyalties lie. And after failing two other women in his past, will Jake finally be able to save someone he cares about?

[[word count: 70,000-80,000 words]]