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A Bad (?) Trip by seokjinsgoodchild
A Bad (?) Tripby seokjinsgoodchild
When Jungkook went on his school history trip to Daegu, he never expected to become the actual baby boy of two of the city's residents. Even worse, the whole thing was a...
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Inner secrets of an average girl by annie8moore
Inner secrets of an average girlby Anne.moore
Girl starts wetting the bed for the first time in years. Her boyfriend is kind and supportive but her brother is giving her a hard time about it. Read to find out more.
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Bad Boy by rachelgraham343
Bad Boyby rachel graham
This is a story about a troubled 17 year old, Who has been sent to a small all boys boarding school for aggressive adolescents. Stevie has never had parents and has alwa...
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Broken ✔ by strawberryichigo15
Broken ✔by Tragedy Collins
Highest rank: 1 Edward has been missing for almost a year. The only thing Roy had was Ed's pocket watch and the horrible memory that Al was gone. When they finally find...
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Forever a boy by jnc123234
Forever a boyby jnc123234
A caring father figure steps in to help a struggling college student.
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Diapered for the summer by ABDLiterotica
Diapered for the summerby James Kent
A teenage girl is shocked to find that her younger sister wants to keep her locked in diapers for the whole summer while her parents are on a romantic vacation.
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The Transformation by seokjinsgoodchild
The Transformationby seokjinsgoodchild
Jungkook has been really disrespectful to his hyungs lately, especially Yoongi and Jimin. After an argument one night, Jungkook goes to bed as normal, not at all sorry f...
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The Retreat by dloutlet
The Retreatby Bill Stevens
A successful young and wealthy genius schedules a retreat in what he thinks will be a fishing cabin - but due to a mix up - he becomes the subject of some one else's fet...
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Regressing the Regressor by dloutlet
Regressing the Regressorby Bill Stevens
Thanks to the Fraternity and Sorority Project - great gains have been made on the the super incorrigible youth headed for prison - instead the regression treatment has...
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You, Me, and Riley by tiabia630
You, Me, and Rileyby tiabia630
Riley is a little, Hayden and Dana are caretakers; it doesn't take long for them to find that they are a perfect match for each other. Follow them as they figure out jus...
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Connie's guide to age regression (under editing) by conniessmallspace
Connie's guide to age regression ( 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗻𝗶𝗲 ✨
are you a newbie regressor or a newbie carer? this book is for you!
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🌸Little Charlie🌸 [COMPLETED] by Dino_Kiddo
🌸Little Charlie🌸 [COMPLETED]by Kimmy
Charlie, age 17, has been a mute for as long as he could remember due to childhood trauma. Every day was a living hell for him as he had to deal with depression, anxiety...
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It's My Fault that I have to Wear Diapers Now by Pokogirl0
It's My Fault that I have to Pokogirl0
14 year old Lily starts wetting the bed just to get her busy mom's attention. Little did she know about the consequences of her actions.
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Vampire Daddy by littleandheartbroken
Vampire Daddyby littleandheartbroken
Leah Valentine is a 17 year old girl who is also a little. Her family hates her that they cause her pain everyday,her sister would make fun of her because she thinks Lea...
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Deaged Sam by freegirl220
Deaged Samby freegirl220
This story was suggested to me by @Nayaliacintron1. The baby brother of Dean becomes an actual baby. Fluff is insured. Clueless Cass too. I might even bring in Bobby...
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Back To The Beginning by lilollieboy
Back To The Beginningby lilollieboy
This is a tbdl story. Meet Oliver and read his amazing story.
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ReRaising My Wife by DADDYDLR
ReRaising My Wifeby DADDYDLR
After abandoning her husband 3 times and undergoing drug rehab twice, 23 year old Lilly agrees to let her husband take complete control of their relationship in order to...
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Regression device by ExtreamZack21
Regression deviceby Baller4life
Jace did not know that when Jennifer invited him over that he would now call her house home.
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Cameron The new baby by cameroncst1k84
Cameron The new babyby cameroncst1k84
Ellie has two sons Cameron who is 4 and Noah who is 3 months old. her oldest Cameron starts to wet the bed and accident at daycare. Ellie thinks she has an idea to fix t...
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The ex I don't remember turned me into a baby! by LemonsANDfetishes
The ex I don't remember turned LemonsANDfetishes
This is my first x reader forced regression fic, so don't be mean! ~~~~ [Y/n] had just got back from a three week holiday in Tennerife. She'd gone with her best frie...
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