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Turned into a diaper girl by Little Sister by SuperCute3
Turned into a diaper girl by Super Cute
Corrie's little sister gets a magic potion to turn anyone into diaper girls but her and her friends use it on him... Will Corrie end up normal?... Or will he become a d...
The Baby Programme by PSophieB98
The Baby Programmeby LittleRose
Please father, mother! No please! Don't let them take me! Please I'll do better! I pleaded at my parents. The two persons who had raised me had just gave me away. I wasn...
Boyhood  by Scboy17
Boyhood by Scboy17
Dean was a normal 14 year old teenager who had loving parents. Dean had his fair share of issues though. He was potty trained late in life. Both his parents figured it w...
Human to baby pokemon.✔️ by The_Star_Rie
Human to baby pokemon.✔️by Rie
The world has gone crazy, pokemon had it with trainers catching them and using them for sex or pets or for fighing there fights. They were done all the pokemon revolted...
My Baby Boy by AliyahBobo
My Baby Boyby Aliyah Bobo
Keith a CEO to a big company one day choses to adopt a little named Lucas will he be able to get Lucas to adjust to his new loving home read to find out...
Finding a Family by lilybird95
Finding a Familyby lilybird95
Hannah, a little who has involuntarily regressed is rescued from her abusive parents. She begins her journey of healing and finding new parents
The Trouble Toddler by PSophieB98
The Trouble Toddlerby LittleRose
Lexi is a girl who gets in trouble a lot. Both her parents and herself see this behaviour can't last any longer. But both parties don't know what to do anymore to fix Le...
You, Me, and Riley by tiabia630
You, Me, and Rileyby tiabia630
Riley is a little, Hayden and Dana are caretakers; it doesn't take long for them to find that they are a perfect match for each other. Follow them as they figure out jus...
Reunion  by Scboy17
Reunion by Scboy17
Life seemed easy for Emmie She was a good student. She thought her mom was proud of her. Her mom got the opportunity to have a new job with a good promotion which involv...
Regression Camp by Scboy17
Regression Campby Scboy17
There's a camp that troubled teens go to in order to regain their innocence that their parents think they lost because of bad life choices. Three siblings are sent to th...
Baby Girl is Back by Scboy17
Baby Girl is Backby Scboy17
Becky A Recent College graduate comes back home and is ready to enjoy her summer break. She was on track to land a new job and wanted one more stay at home before her ne...
Once Abandoned, Now Found by dragonsaredinosaurs
Once Abandoned, Now Foundby I want to sleep
Maggie and Danni were on their way home from work when they came across a small girl unsheltered from a storm. Offering her shelter for the night was meant to be it, one...
The Retreat by dloutlet
The Retreatby Bill Stevens
A successful young and wealthy genius schedules a retreat in what he thinks will be a fishing cabin - but due to a mix up - he becomes the subject of some one else's fet...
Jacob's Regression by CMGumbs
Jacob's Regressionby Caleb
Can you imagine being forcibly turned back into a toddler? Such is the fate of actively suicidal, depressed and hopeless Jacob, a 22 year old from the US Virgin Islands...
Number 19 by Drunken-Nugget
Number 19by Drunken-Nugget
A small girl; Freya, had an abusive past. She is sent away to military camp, where she discovers a whole new world than discipline and struggles. The two camp leaders;...
Littlest Girl by blackestxskies
Littlest Girlby blackestxskies
At 27, Diana was hopeful that a little girl was in her near future. Emmi, a 23 year old little, is struggling to find someone to share her life with. After attending a...
My Teachers Baby by bizzarexz1
My Teachers Babyby bizzarexz1
Danny, a 17-year-old boy, has had a relatively rough upbringing, not knowing who his father is, and hi mom not being present due to her very apparent alcohol problem. H...
A Little Secret (Moxiety) by Capt_Obvious02
A Little Secret (Moxiety)by Capt_Obvious02
Human AU, Roommates AU Virgil is a Little, he regresses to a younger age. However, the others don't know despite living in the same household since he usually locks hims...
Older Brother to Baby Brother by Jcrfty
Older Brother to Baby Brotherby JC
Older brother becomes the baby brother.
Another Reality by anyasimon63
Another Realityby Wolfe
Who knew that one little survey could thrust you into another reality that wasn't your own? Well, that's exactly what happened to Alina Freeze. • Alina Freeze wasn't spe...