Everyone in the City of Jing thinks that bestowment of marriage between Xian Junwang and the di daughter of the Yi'an Marquis House is to insert a fresh flower into manu...
  • romance
  • beautifulcouple
  • historical
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It started with a favor {WATTYS 2018} by xXHeyItsPhiaaaaXx
It started with a favor {WATTYS IWokeUpLikeThis
"Just leave me alone!" Before I could do anything, I get pinned against the lockers. "Oh, no you don't" "GET OFF ME!" Before I could say an...
  • heartbreak
  • action
  • teenfiction
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His Solace (Book 3) by AnnaQuill
His Solace (Book 3)by Anna
"I love you, Lee, but I can't keep doing this." - - - Lee was a famous rockstar from the passengers and Simone, well she was just a regular girl trying to fin...
  • sweet
  • clean
  • love
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asian; noah centineo by merakimono
asian; noah centineoby altruistic
in which a girl, who has zero experience when it comes to dating, is hired to fake date a heartthrob actor. "i've dated like no one, and my first boyfriend is basi...
  • representation
  • womanofcolour
  • cierraramirez
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Blurred Lines | ✓ [1st Edition] by shevvie
Blurred Lines | ✓ [1st Edition]by 紫苑
"When you start to really look at some people, you begin to notice the masks on their faces chipping away." Marissa Lee spent her entire childhood building up...
  • heal
  • love
  • theroyals
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Love Strikes Again [ TBNB spin-off ] by agatharoza
Love Strikes Again [ TBNB rosen
HR: #5 in Short Story 03/24/18 Ever wonder what happened to Autumn's friend Mey and Ty's friend Hunter? Here's their story. * spin-off of The Bad Nerd Boy trilogy * Sinc...
  • highschool
  • nomorebullying
  • tzuyu
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Cold as You by franteek
Cold as Youby єυρнσяια™
Kim Daehyun is a hopeless romantic, rookie cop in the city of Busan. Choi Minhyuk is a cold, former kpop idol who loves to keep to himself. With a few flirtatious commen...
  • asian
  • boyxboy
  • kpop
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Man In Love trilogy - first book #1 ⚣ TK by tereselovlien
Man In Love trilogy - first book Terese Lóvlien
Jungkook was told to stay away from him, but since when did he obey others? And just because he decided to act on his own, his life would change forever, and so did the...
  • taehyung
  • love
  • kpopper
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Becoming His Male Empress (BxBxMPREG) by iLyna_chAn
Becoming His Male Empress ( Lyna
SECOND CHANCES,i didn't believe in it, I have never been known to the world, I was born disfigured, useless and without a name. To the General, my father I should never...
  • shounei-ai
  • competition
  • maleempress
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Hey, Asshole by heejunk
Hey, Assholeby dean holdin a sandwich.jpg
"Love is said to be a strong emotion." Which probably explains why Simon Hieng has never wanted to kiss someone while knocking the living daylights out of them...
  • homosexual
  • romance
  • asian
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The Dead Groom's Bride by Jan-Jan2000
The Dead Groom's Brideby Janice
Ling-ling was struggling financially when a proposition too good to pass fell on her lap. It is a proposal to marry someone. The dowry is big and the family is one of th...
  • husband
  • korean
  • wattys2018
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Guardian fanfic -Mirror by HD_123
Guardian fanfic -Mirrorby HD_123
"Have we meet before?" YunLan asks with the lollipop in his mouth. "Sorry?" Shen Wei eyes become bigger as he looks up to him. A professor and a po...
  • zhaoyunlan
  • guardian
  • chinesedrama
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Chubby ✎ Jeon Jungkook ambw by daegutaev
Chubby ✎ Jeon Jungkook ambwby k a i .
Chubby girls need love too , don't they? - Kai© Her life simply changed because of a bet made by seven idiotic gang members. ~•~ Highest Ranks : Ambw #1 / 16.2k
  • kookie
  • blackgirlsbts
  • drug
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twelve nights | ongoing by krissyyoon
twelve nights | ongoingby krissy
Twelve nights of how difficult love can be-or eleven, if Mei and Wen find the courage to pursue it to the end.
  • holidays
  • china
  • love
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The Untitled (BL) by orblee
The Untitled (BL)by orblee
< Initializing start up protocal > . < Recognition: denied > . < Finalizing registration > . < Access denied > . < ...Please stand by for assi...
  • folklore
  • funny
  • system
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The Red Noodle Clan by SIFUBAMBOO
The Red Noodle Clanby Mr. Virella
A Poetic Saga of The Red Noodle Clan: A cosmic tale of cosmic beings attempting to redeem the Sovereign Banes of Rule. A space-faring story of twists, turns, ambiguous...
  • original
  • mysterious
  • shortchapters
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Indian parents/ Desi problems by tiffra02
Indian parents/ Desi problemsby T I F F R A
so true tho
  • asianparents
  • asianproblems
  • india
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Sugar Daddy | AMBW by CandyKhya
Sugar Daddy | AMBWby CandyKhya
Tali's a teenager fresh out of high school trying to make quick money. With the promise to herself to move out of her parents home the second she turns 18 and to never g...
  • blackwoman
  • teenfiction
  • jay
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Let Go of that Eunuch! [Asian Fantasy/Humor | #Wattys2018 | COMPLETED] by missh1
Let Go of that Eunuch! [Asian Missh1
Every other girl who falls into a fantasy world ends up being a princess or a lady, living a life of luxury surrounded by handsome admirers. I fall into a fantasy world...
  • possessive
  • masterxslave
  • easternfantasy
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사르르 by limjaebeauty
사르르by ai | 愛
❝maybe everything is possible.❞ ·•· holiday season was just like any other time of the year for him -- until he met her. ·•· © beautiful cover by @krissyyoon
  • japanese
  • christmas
  • coffee
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