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Foresight the Future From the Past |X-Men: Days from the Future Past| by Deya0302
Foresight the Future From the Past...by De-De Halliwell
Wait" I looked down at Logan "For any circumstance let young me touch you" They frowned except the professor. He was the only one to know of my concerns ...
  • daysoffuturepast
  • mutants
  • xmen
Secrets ⇢ Peter Parker by FrostGiant
Secrets ⇢ Peter Parkerby maybe gravy
❝And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.❞ ...
  • wattys2018
  • spiderman
  • homecoming
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A Heart Full of Love// Kurt Wagner by saint_potter
A Heart Full of Love// Kurt Wagnerby sara
After being rescued by two men from the cruel prison she's spent most of her life in, Willow has much adjusting to do and much to learn about other people and herself. A...
  • wagner
  • charles
  • nightcrawler
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20,000 Words To Seducing Logan  by JinxxInANutshell
20,000 Words To Seducing Logan by Charlie Silver
WARNING! SEXUAL CONTENT! Now that that is out of the way, this is a story where the reader is an Animagus who was raised by wolves takes a liking to Logan. This doesn't...
  • xmen
  • professor
  • shortstory
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Marvel Imagines, Preferences, One Shots, etc. by -Clint_Barton-
Marvel Imagines, Preferences, One...by Charlotte
This is book filled with Marvel fan fiction tidbits. There will be anything from normal fan fictions, one shots, song fics, preferences and imagines. For the variat...
  • avengers
  • x-men
  • marvel
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scarlet witch | peter maximoff by -rosepetal
scarlet witch | peter maximoffby - ̗̀ phoebe ̖́-
❝SOME WOMEN FEAR THE FIRE, OTHERS SIMPLY BECOME IT❞ → in which charles xavier has a younger sister. △ [marvel] [first class, days of future past, apocalypse] [book one o...
  • mutant
  • charlesxavier
  • quicksilver
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(An Angel's Breath) Warren Worthington iii x reader  by TrulyAFangirl
(An Angel's Breath) Warren Worthin...by Grace
COMPLETED 🔐 Not everyone can control their powers, not everyone can change their past. She's the icy cold unpredictable girl that people fear but really she's misunders...
  • romance
  • movie
  • x-men
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Titanium ••• Andy Strucker [Book 1] by ViolaBlack17
Titanium ••• Andy Strucker [Book 1]by ƒσяєνєяαη∂αlωαys
With a drunk mother, an ignorant step brother and mutant powers, Ivee Reeves felt pretty much alone in a world where mutants are hated and hunted. That is until she save...
  • titanium
  • thegiftedseason1
  • lornadane
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A Haunting Past: an Avengers/x-men fanfiction by moonprincesskk
A Haunting Past: an Avengers/x-men...by moonprincesskk
Allison Swan has had a rough life since the beginning. After being kidnapped at age seven for experimentation, Allison became a very powerful mutant with extraordinary...
  • marvel
  • x-men
  • wattys2016
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Breathe ( Peter Maximoff- Xmen) by mayabumblebbee
Breathe ( Peter Maximoff- Xmen)by Maya
It had all started when they enlisted his help to break into the pentagon Olivia didn't think she'd see him again after that. He however, disagreed, the speedster decid...
  • charlesxavior
  • peter
  • quicksilver
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Marcos diazXocXpolaris by bellspop38
Marcos diazXocXpolarisby bellspop38
A mutant girl is on the run on her own being the daughter of professor X and the daughter of a member of hellfire club is a pain specially when your a fugitive. Now bein...
  • diaz
  • marcosdiaz
  • lorna
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Thorn • Scott Summers by nietzschesandcream
Thorn • Scott Summersby rooney
"I almost killed a guy and destroyed the ceiling in my school bathroom once." "I punched a boy in the face when I was eight because he was talking to me...
  • kurtwagner
  • marvel
  • thorn
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Five // Scott Summers by xxwinterschildxx
Five // Scott Summersby winter
Scott Summers stumbles into the right girl when he discovers his abilities, and learns quickly that, despite end of the world events, she is a mutant who wants nothing t...
  • scottsummers
  • charlesxavier
  • xmen
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bite┃erik lehnsherr  [✓] by -asgardians
bite┃erik lehnsherr [✓]by alylah ( hiatus )
" Don't be afraid, I don't bite. " | The moment Lin Na saw Erik, she knows from the look in his eyes that he's a dangerous, dangerous man.Sadly, she couldn't r...
  • michaelfassbender
  • petermaximoff
  • mutants
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Spirit's Life by Izzy142
Spirit's Lifeby Izzy
A story of a wolf who was caught up in the world of X-Men.
  • wolverine
  • action
  • jean
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Panther - A Nightcrawler Fanfiction by RosenDragon
Panther - A Nightcrawler Fanfictionby Aurora
Their mission: rescue the new mutant they have discovered. Their problem: she's dangerous and has no control over her powers. So what happens when Nightcrawler becomes t...
  • kurt
  • emery
  • nightcrawler
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Proxima ▽ ALEX SUMMERS by astronautic-
Proxima ▽ ALEX SUMMERSby D O M I N I C
ONE|Proxima: "noun. 1. a flare star in the constellation Centaurus that is the nearest star to the sun. It is a red dwarf of very low magnitude. Distance: 4.3 ligh...
  • fanfiction
  • alexsummers
  • firstclass
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The Mutant Witch: Book 1 by BooksRMyHom3
The Mutant Witch: Book 1by Winter Rose
Alexandria Lily Potter, daughter of James and Lily Potter, twin sister to Harry Potter and The Girl Who Lived and The Girl Who Was Lost. At least that is how the wizardi...
  • fredweasley
  • âu
  • mutantau
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laura.          teen wolf by -iamvicTORIous
laura. teen wolfby tori.
In which Laura Kinney escapes from the Calavaras in the back of a jeep ? and end up in a place called Beacon Hills. "Stiles, why is there a girl in the back of your...
  • deadpool
  • yukimura
  • calaveras
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X-Men Imagines by SoulClanWarriors
X-Men Imaginesby ash
A plethora of imagines on different X-Men characters. I do not own or make any profit off of the characters in the stories.
  • quicksilverxreader
  • ravendarkholmexreader
  • alexsummersxreader
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