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.One love in a million. by LovelyOmbreXo
.One love in a LovelyOmbreXo
8 novembre 2019. New York. 03h46. --- C'est cette soirée, lorsque les étoiles rayonnaient plus que jamais dans le ciel sombre d'une douce nuit d'hiver, Lorsque tout sem...
  • complexe
  • harrystyles
  • amitié
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Jreama's Knight| Short Story by KamWroteIt
Jreama's Knight| Short Storyby ChAChI
Even the drive for real love, acceptance and true happiness comes at a price. Popular song-writer and dancer Jreama Melbourne, learns this the hard way. Mature
  • skinnylove
  • matureaudience
  • complications
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Colors by SlyFox2005
Colorsby A piece of shit
"In this world you are a color and nothing more." Clyde said. "Then why did you throw away your lighter." I said. "I- I dont know!" He yell...
  • love
  • 21pilots
  • top
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Beach Babe (Teen Pregnancy) by thevintagehaley
Beach Babe (Teen Pregnancy)by Unconditionally His
Piper is fifteen and more recently on the edge of breaking down. She had found out that she was not only pregnant, but that she was being kicked out and forced to endure...
  • lessons
  • complicated
  • complications
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~Playing Juliet~  {wattys entry 2014} by xMellifluousx
~Playing Juliet~ {wattys entry -Mellifluous-
{ NOW UNDER SLOW REVISION} Carter Lane is a average teenage girl trying to survive high school. She is a little geeky when it comes to theater, but over all she believe...
  • converse
  • teen-fiction
  • love
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Tempted by the  king  (Book 2) by harshali982002
Tempted by the king (Book 2)by harshali982002
That day life left her beautiul eyes even if she was not dead As he started at the barrel of her gun not once flinching and stared at her dead in the eyes . " you...
  • intimate
  • deadly
  • king
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Sold to the Highest Bidder by NishaNayy
Sold to the Highest Bidderby I'she Baker
Keegan James was just a normal woman living a normal life at the age 23. She owned her own restaurants. She owned her own home and car. She was her own boss. She was alw...
  • woman
  • food
  • romance
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Proposal Week by WonderingxSmile
Proposal Weekby MP
During Proposal Week, all seniors at Tristan University are fake proposed to, from boy to girl. Each boy is given a piece of paper with a fellow senior girl's name on it...
  • proposals
  • fails
  • complications
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The Possessive Player Wants Me by Goblet_Of_Trouble
The Possessive Player Wants Meby Dawn Sears
☆ Most Impressive Rankings #1 in Complications (29th May 2018) #3 in Humor (30th October 2017) #8 in Moments (21st May 2019) #10 in player (12th March 2019) Lizzie Presc...
  • humor
  • nerd
  • possessive
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Contracted  by nooriez
Contracted by nooriez
Meet the angelic, sweet and gentle Yana Vladimirovna. Natural beauty. A nurse but looks more like a model. Always positive and sweet. Now meet the handsome, dark, devil...
  • lovestory
  • ceo
  • arranged
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Married To Dr. Jauregui (Camren) by _eriiicaaaa_
Married To Dr. Jauregui (Camren)by _eriiicaaaa_
Marriage isn't the easiest thing in the world, so how's it like being married to a well known attractive doctor? High hours, high demands, and high pressure. Will Camila...
  • love
  • camren
  • medicine
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A Beautiful Bond by cheeseswirls
A Beautiful Bondby S.N Williams
🎉Highest Rankings🎉 •Baby #1 04/02/19 •Family #3 04/02/19 •Complications #8 26/01/19 •Wealth #13 26/01/19 •CEO #3 23/02/19 •Pregnancy #9 23/02/19 ^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•...
  • wealth
  • marriage
  • ceo
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Edward Cullen...Soul mate. {Completed} by Fictionlover3010
Edward Cullen...Soul mate. { Ann-Kelly Jankee
Melody Destiny has been away from her best friend Bella for days... and for her it was too hard.She decided to left everything to be near her,there at Forks she will dis...
  • complications
  • infedility
  • wattys2015
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His Ways -тo love by shaperai
His Ways -тo loveby shaperai khan
This book is the sequel of 'His Ways!!' -------------------- After Manik's betrayal Nandini realized that she cant live in his presence anymore . So, to protect herse...
  • backtolove
  • book2
  • mystery
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You Belong With Me (Complete) by MyOwnWorld13
You Belong With Me (Complete)by Aggie
Penelope Myers a.k.a. Pel is one of the teenagers you could describe as a nerd, shy, timid and weird. Even though a lot of people don't like her, this couldn't stop her...
  • complications
  • crush
  • jealousy
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The Downfall Of Grace Griffin by LJMay03
The Downfall Of Grace Griffinby LJ May
(Hey all. I've merged them together, sorry for any inconvenience.) Grace Griffin Roman Parker They are nothing alike. To Need Her: Grace is a socialite, miss popularity...
  • romance
  • partyprincess
  • possessive
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The Life of Lily Ross [Completed] by sharkey_99
The Life of Lily Ross [Completed]by Heather Sharkey
Lily Ross was the daughter of two CEOs. The eldest sister of her siblings. Her dreams were not allowed because of her controlling mother. Getting a job and earning money...
  • controlling
  • family
  • revealed
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To Be Together by silver_wings07
To Be Togetherby Aditi Atri
Highest ranking in Fanfiction-195 Odds turn even..... for each other... Yes...for once there were two odds who were added together to become one even... Sounds interes...
  • misunderstanding
  • fanfiction
  • ranbirkapoor
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My Enemy, My Mate by Squidtcyc
My Enemy, My Mateby Squidtcyc
"You are mine! Mine only!" Hot breaths send shivers down my spine as he cornered me to the wall. "But how? I can't be...what-" He smashes his lips do...
  • funny
  • sad
  • wattys2017
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Flower Crown//Farkle Minkus by book106
Flower Crown//Farkle Minkusby A person who reads books
Luna, the girl who wore a flower crown once a year, the same day every year. To everyone else it was nothing. But to her it meant everything. Luna has gone to school wit...
  • mayahart
  • farkleminkus
  • bestfriend
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