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Waiting for my mate by Veikari
Waiting for my mateby Veikari
Fraxus here! And of course it is time of the dragon mating season! Laxus is waiting Freed to return from a mission, but then things happen... And then even more things h...
  • fraxus
  • rufuslore
  • dragonslayer
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Mating Season, What!? by starlushheart
Mating Season, What!?by S_star101
The dragon slayers of Fairy Tail are acting weird. Somethings going on... Will the girls survive? Nalu, Gale, Miraxus, RoWen.Yukino x Sting, Rogura. Gruvia I know there...
  • romeo
  • gajeel
  • rogura
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Mating Season.  {Ereri} by StoicHeart
Mating Season. {Ereri}by ➕TheFeelz
After weeks of transforming, experimenting by Hanji, and sudden hormones- Eren Yeager can be described as nothing but a mess of heat, lust, and desires. And frantically...
  • riren
  • lévi
  • yaoi
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Celestial Dragon: Mating Season (B1) by bookeatingworm
Celestial Dragon: Mating Season ( bookeatingworm
Lucy decides it's time to train after being kidnapped again and saved again. She left for 5 years coming back as a dragon slayer. But with secrets. Mating Season approac...
  • celestialdragon
  • nalu
  • matingseason
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Natsu the Dragon King? by MalfyT
Natsu the Dragon King?by MalfyT
Its mating season for the dragon slayers and Natsu is feeling things for a certain someone. Will they complete the mating process? If they do what will happen? Read to f...
  • war
  • decieving
  • natsuxlucy
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Next Generation, A Fairy Tail Fanfic by MyPanda0519
Next Generation, A Fairy Tail MyPanda
This is the story of how I met your mother, JK. This is how many ships in Fairy Tail got together after 14 kids come from the future, ENDs awakening , and Dragon Mating...
  • miraxus
  • jezra
  • gruvia
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Breeding Rights by lindseyowensbooks
Breeding Rightsby Lindsey Owens
The Nightshade Pack has been dwindling. Their lack of female wolves has led to a decline in babies being born with the gene. Needing new blood to filter in and to grow t...
  • mate
  • fantasy
  • paranormal
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Dragon mating season by YellowMeerkat
Dragon mating seasonby YellowMeerkat
Natsu, Laxus, Sting and Rogue are going through mating season. Luckily Wendy is to young to experience mating season as for Gajeel and Cobra they have already found ther...
  • fraxus
  • sting
  • laxusxfreed
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Bite me : a Nalu mating  by Emiri_Nikoru
Bite me : a Nalu mating by Shojo
His eyes grew wider and began to move against the chains as she grew to be mere inches away from him "I know you won't hurt me" she took his face in her hands...
  • magic
  • natsu
  • fanfiction
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Natsu x reader: life after mating season by smrgirl
Natsu x reader: life after Sierra
This is the sequel to Natsu x reader: Mating season How will your life be after your fellow guild member claimed you as his (the cover was made by me)
  • xreader
  • romance
  • nats
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Fire dragon mating season by Tomboywolfthief
Fire dragon mating seasonby Tomboywolfthief
Once every 100 years dragons tend to have mating season. But everyone thought it was a legend because no one has seen a fire dragon. All except a certain dragon slayer...
  • fairytail
  • lucy
  • natsuxlucy
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A new life  by Pink_Spinach
A new life by PinkSpinach
An other Omegaverse but this time, it's Jikook !!! I'm really bad at summarie, I know ⛔️warning⛔️ Contain •smut •Rape •violence •mpreg Don't like it, don't read it !
  • omegajimin
  • jin
  • bts
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Natray by shippee101
Natrayby Shipping101
hi, this is a mating season au where natsu and grey will have have to come out to the guild along with several others and grey has some really shocking news besides the...
  • fraxus
  • gratsu
  • chendy
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Dragon Mating Season by Juliette_Leilani
Dragon Mating Seasonby Juliette_Leilani
In a land far far away lies the kingdom of Fiore. And in that kingdom is the city of Magnolia. Magnolia is home to two of the biggest and best guilds. Fairy Tail and Sab...
  • matingseason
  • gruvia
  • fairytail
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For life (natsu x reader lemon) by Stitchisagirl
For life (natsu x reader lemon)by QueenOfTheDamned
It's mating season and with it comes not only sex but drama. The guild is Flipped up side down and side ways when the four dragon slayers go into heat (y/n) Natsu Gaje...
  • matingseason
  • sexualfantasy
  • maturelanguage
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Fairy Tail Dragon Season *UNEDITED* by BlackPolarPenguin
Fairy Tail Dragon Season *UNEDITED*by Polar
Everything was normal in Fairy Tail. Till Dragon mating season. Little did Fairy Tail know it also affects the dragon slayers. Who will Natsu Gajeel and Wendy pursue? Wi...
  • matingseason
  • miraxus
  • rowen
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Nalu OneShots! ;) by lezqyft
Nalu OneShots! ;)by lez.ily.ft
Thank you for reading this! NALU ONESHOTS HERE! COME, READ ONE GET A MILLION MORE FREE! These are just some "cute" nalu oneshots. May be some lemons but just s...
  • nalulemon
  • lucyheartfilia
  • lemon
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Dragon Mating Season by kittycat4661
Dragon Mating Seasonby Kitty Cat
I know there are like a hundred of these but I don't care. The dragon slayers are experiencing some changes, no one notices these changes but the dragon slayers. These c...
  • dragonslayer
  • wendy
  • gratsu
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Mating Love  by Hazelthepuppy
Mating Love by Hazel the puppy
When mating season comes once again, all pups are old enough for sex, pups and more.
  • pawpatrol
  • couples
  • mating
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Dragon Mating Season by user44624942
Dragon Mating Seasonby Juju-chan
I know there are a lot of dragon mating season books out there, but humor me. This is a Fairy Tail fan fic, so no Sting and Rogue. ...
  • gale
  • nalu
  • matingseason
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