A Cold hearted Monster by Your-Sweet-Angel
A Cold hearted Monsterby Someone With Problems
Lucy Heartfilia is a beloved mage across the guild known as Fairy Tail. She was easy to laugh with, a great friend, and had a strong heart. But slowly her heart started...
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Gajeel X Child Reader by otaku964
Gajeel X Child Readerby otaku964
(Y/N) is a rowdy, little kid who doesn't know how to read nor write. Gajeel finds her and decides to take you to the guild. She's determined to stay alive and be number...
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Fairy Tail x Reader Oneshots by Lord-ofthe-Fandoms
Fairy Tail x Reader Oneshotsby Lord-ofthe-Fandoms
Highest Rank: #53 in Fanfiction Highest Rank: #1 in Gajeel tag Highest Rank: #1 in Mira tag I think of cute/sad scenarios with FT characters and write them for you to re...
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MY DAD IS A WIZARD. ©hyungiii 2017 [fairy tail]
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I fell in love with my girlfriends sister [Natsu Dragneel x Reader] [Complete]~ by Amyisonfire
I fell in love with my girlfriends...by Amy
Natsu Dragneel, the most popular boy in Fiore High. Getting into trouble with his little gang, 'The Dragon Slayers'. He has a reputation of dating girls and leaving them...
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Our Kittens by luckykuroneko
Our Kittensby bl.ackcat
What happens when the girls turn into kittens? Who will be their owners? Will love bloom? Well duh! I mean come on! Nalu, Gajevy, Gruvia, Jerza, Rowen, and Miraxus.
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Kingdom Of Thieves. by zodiacwaters
Kingdom Of Thieves.by zodiacwaters
The fairy tales we know and love mixes with the world of fairy tail.
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Heartbroken Heartbreaker •NaLu Fanfic• by _maria_theresa
Heartbroken Heartbreaker •NaLu Fan...by >_<
Lots of stories about a normal student or a nerd and a hot guy/girl agrees on something then ends up falling for each other has already been circulating these parts, esp...
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Fairy Tail Birthday Scenarios by thesuper100natural
Fairy Tail Birthday Scenariosby 🖤🥀 thesuper100natural🖤🥀
This book is about Fairy Tail Birthday Scenarios PS: I don't own Fairy Tail or any of the photos I put in this book Thank you :)
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The Bet | NaLu by DBBSEOK
The Bet | NaLuby d e b b i e
Natsu the school playboy and daredevil has made a bet with his school buds. Natsu had to get naked pictures of the hottest girl in school and show them to his friends. W...
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Lucy's Tears by dream-catcher-girl
Lucy's Tearsby dreamer
Long story short Fairy tails One-and- only Lucy left fairy tail for reason that breaks her heart. After a year, she finally comes back to Magnolia. You would expect her...
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The Baby - GaLe/Gajevy by milly9220
The Baby - GaLe/Gajevyby Hobbit
When Gajeel goes to the door to find a baby at his door step, he freaks out. He doesn't want to touch it in case he hurts the small, innocent child with his big, clumsy...
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Fairy Tail: Let Light Shine Your Way by MMB_2000
Fairy Tail: Let Light Shine Your W...by BAMFB
Lucy Heartfilia, a 16 year old girl, has just enrolled into a new school. Fairy Tail Academy. She's new to the school and everyone welcomes her. Except one. A very dark...
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Shattered - a Fairy Tail Fanfiction by Toxic-Angel
Shattered - a Fairy Tail Fanfictionby Laura
"Lucy, get away from there!" I heard Levy's faint scream, but I never listened. "Lucy, do you wanna kill yourself? Get away from there!" Cana joined...
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Fairy Tail: It Was A Mistake by anloriiee
Fairy Tail: It Was A Mistakeby Loreann
The next day, after the wild party at the guild, four female Fairy Tail mages found themselves not in their room, and of course, not in their bed. It wasn't long enough...
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My New Power by Devil-Warrior
My New Powerby Celestial Nation✧
After Lisanna returns everyone ignores Lucy!! Well except for Mira, Wendy, the exceeds, Gajeel, Laxus, Levy, and Master. What nobody knew (except for Lucy and Master) wa...
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Natsu x Reader High School by llama_356
Natsu x Reader High Schoolby llama_356
You were always alone because your parents died at age 10 and your brother moved in with his bitch of a wife when you were 8 and now you live alone . Until your Aunt Che...
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Weaklings!!!! by StingRogue10
Weaklings!!!!by StingRogue10
After the Grand Magic Games Levy and Lucy are replace by Lisanna and Sterling. Upset at Lucy and Levy for losing their part in competitions, the guild ignores them. Mont...
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Dragon Mating Season by Your-Sweet-Angel
Dragon Mating Seasonby Someone With Problems
We all know those times when the dragon slayers have their...season. What happens when Fairy Tail's beloved Dragon slayers start acting protective, possessive, and worst...
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Loving The Idiots - Fairy Tail [Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza, Gale, Rowen & More!] by iridescent_xx
Loving The Idiots - Fairy Tail [Na...by ❦ Y U E ❦
[COMPLETED] Follow the adorable and cute story of Fairy Tail as they enter a beach resort... The trip was meant to be unharmful, designed to congratulate Fairy Tail on...
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