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Keepers of the Dragon Slayer's Hearts by littlebookworm13
Keepers of the Dragon Slayer's Katie S.
Every Dragon Slayer has to find their mates at some point in time. Lucy Heartfilia gets abused by her father every night and is forced to work at Fairy Tail as a maid t...
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They're Jealous? by AlotofFandoms123
They're Jealous?by Tatiana
Here we go! Its Fairy tail! This is where your favorite ships, boys get jealous! Ships include Natsu x Lucy (Nalu) Gray x Juvia ( Gruvia) Laxus x Mirajane (MIraxus...
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Fairytail Mating Season by redfairyqueen
Fairytail Mating Seasonby 👑Red Queen👑
Mating Season a season that happens every 50 years in the spring. When a slayer, heavenly body user, or someone who used this magic in their life will be effected. They...
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Fairy Tail Pics (Book 1) by Wizardsaint
Fairy Tail Pics (Book 1)by Juvia Fullbuster
-Fairytail ships -Next generation -Fairy tail facts -imagines -facebook/texts -fan arts -crackships I do not own all the pictures in this book. I just compiled them. P...
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Mating Season, What!? by starlushheart
Mating Season, What!?by S_star101
The dragon slayers of Fairy Tail are acting weird. Somethings going on... Will the girls survive? Nalu, Gale, Miraxus, RoWen.Yukino x Sting, Rogura. Gruvia I know there...
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Mirajane's Shipping Book by FridayNight27
Mirajane's Shipping Bookby • Fia •
Mirajanes Shipping book. She is spying on EVERYONE. She Also has her own club: SHIPPING CLUB! She is the president and Lisanna is visepresident.
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Fairy Tail Dragon and Devil slayer mating season by redfairyqueen
Fairy Tail Dragon and Devil 👑Red Queen👑
It was a regular day at Fairy Tail. But the Dragon Slayers and one Devil slayed have beenacted weird. When Yukino and Kagura come to the guild to visit and say that thei...
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Dragon and Devil slayer mating season SEQUEL by redfairyqueen
Dragon and Devil slayer mating 👑Red Queen👑
Slayer mating season a season of love for those who use slaying magic. When two figure enter the guild one being there first master but another no one has seen before. W...
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A Love In Mating Season  by lovelyzhime
A Love In Mating Season by lovelyzhime
Today is normal day in the guild like natsu, gajeel and gray fighting, other mages joining the fight, erza stopping the brawl, lucy and levy chatting but not until drago...
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Fairy tail lemons by fairytail900
Fairy tail lemonsby Zayla
I enjoyed writing lemons when I started but then these same people commented rude things and I got really pissed so I stopped. This book of lemons is obviously going to...
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Dragon Mating Season  by MarissaMelody
Dragon Mating Season by MarissaMelody
It was the week where dragon season would affect our poor dragon slayers of fairytail, for they are influenced in the season too. In dragon season they will find and lov...
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The Elemental Dragon Slayer  (Fairytail & A NaLu fanfic) °ON HOLD° by leishtherain
The Elemental Dragon Slayer ( DonutMe
What happens when Lucy becomes a Elemental dragon slayer and the Princess of Dragons??? Summary: Lucy, a sweet and kind-hearted girl, got lost in a forest and disappeare...
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Fairy Tail Adventure Resort (Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza, Gajevy) by makasxru
Fairy Tail Adventure Resort ( •makasxru•
The Fairy Tail guild has been whisked away to a hotel. Plans awaited them, unexpected arrivals from other guilds awaited them and unexpected moments awaited them. Moment...
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A Monster's Property by BabyShipper
A Monster's Propertyby BabyShipper
"It may be forbidden love, but if it's wrong, I don't want to be right." - Juvia "Nothing human could describe how I feel about you." - Yukino "...
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United by Music 「COMPLETED」 by crazystrology
United by Music 「COMPLETED」by ━ meg ༉‧₊˚✧
[ Completed ✅] [ ⚠️ SHITTY 12 YEAR OLD WRITING ⚠️ ] Book One of the Fairy Music Series. Book 1: United By Music ✅ Book 2: I'm Coming Home ✅ Book 3: The New Directions ...
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Mission by qpqpKuroshiqpqp
Missionby Kuroshi Okami
After Fairy Tail won the war and Zeref being good again Natsu and Gray got so drunk and of course who comes to their rescue? Of course Lucy and Juvia and of course somet...
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FairyTail Dragon Mating Season  by jerzahapping
FairyTail Dragon Mating Season by Jerzahapping
Dragon mating season has started and the dragon slayers are also effected. Natsu, Gajeel, laxus, Wendy, Rogue, Sting and Cobra/Erik are trying to find their mates. But o...
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Fairy Tail:Mating season. by zodiacwaters
Fairy Tail:Mating zodiacwaters
If you're curious you gotta read it since I'm not giving out any hints.
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Nalu - Born Experienced elemental dragon slayer COMPLETED by AnimeLover-2018
Nalu - Born Experienced AnimeLover-2018
What if Lucy was an elemental dragon slayer from the beginning , what if she learned requip magic , and ending up having all 13 Zodiac keys from the beginning with Celes...
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The fairy house by madgirl2868
The fairy houseby No One
16 beautiful or handsome, yet not so rich or famous teens sign up for the fairy house, thinking they would be working as an intern or something like that to earn some ca...
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