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You're my zing (Male mavis x reader) by sugarskull1480
You're my zing (Male mavis x sugarskull1480
I don't own any of the characters or the movie Hotel Transylvania but this is an x reader and I will add the second movie into this to
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  • romance
  • hoteltransylvania
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Natsu Older Sister by TinyVermillion
Natsu Older Sisterby TinyVermillion
Natsu has an older sister. One of the most strongest Dragon Slayers, whats her role in this. Some say she could rival Gildarts. Why was she so strong at an young age. Wh...
  • cana
  • readerxoc
  • fairytail
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Get back the Zing (Dracula x reader) by taztaz92
Get back the Zing (Dracula x taztaz
After Ericka was leaving the hotel, everyone tried to find a new Zing for Drac. After several fails, it was time for the special plan Jonny had in mind. Which involves a...
  • dracpack
  • draculaxreader
  • vampire
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Hotel Transylvania: Johnny is the Flash⚡️ (Season 1) by comicfan1939
Hotel Transylvania: Johnny is comicfan1939
Now that Johnny is Central City and Transylvania's new scarlet speedster, the Flash, he fights crime to protect Mavis, Dennis, Dracula and everyone he loves from the man...
  • hoteltransylvania
  • johnny
  • dracula
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Tough feelings (Dracula x reader) by taztaz92
Tough feelings (Dracula x reader)by taztaz
N/A was not aware, that the plan to take a vacation to the Hotel Transylvania was not just to relax only. Jonny and her friends had other plans for her.
  • mavis
  • hoteltransylvania
  • draculaxoc
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Let go of the past (Drac x reader) by taztaz92
Let go of the past (Drac x reader)by taztaz
It was supposed to be a wonderful vacation at the Hotel Transylvania, but it is more of a nightmare when you hate monsters.
  • jonny
  • jonathan
  • dennis
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Times change a man (Dracula x reader) by taztaz92
Times change a man (Dracula x taztaz
Dracula wants to date again and wants to find the right one on his own, but he doesnt know how. This story starts at the end of Hotel Transylvania 2 and a little towards...
  • monster
  • draculaxreader
  • animationmovie
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The Survivors  by wearethefxes
The Survivors by meg
Deep in the city of Saxet, sixteen-year-old Mavis Sterling takes part in the Tests that could change her life, and change exactly what she has been living for. The Test...
  • running
  • resistance
  • love
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The Dragon's Mate ✓ by bagelqueens
The Dragon's Mate ✓by some writer chick
⦗completed⦘ Briar was a baker in the village at the base of the Fire Mountain. She expected to marry Tobin and have his kids and be content with life from there on but o...
  • mine
  • greed
  • silas
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She is The Dragon Queen  by MOLIW143
She is The Dragon Queen by MOLIW143
Ever since lisanna came back the team natsu starts neglecting lucy until they throw her out of the team. Lucy meets someone that helps her remember her lost past and she...
  • powers
  • lalu
  • fairytail
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Spirit School by Flaming-Darkness
Spirit Schoolby Luna
So the Drama After getting shoved in a sack and through a portal, Jack Frost arrives in the best of the best school for heroes--Spirit School. Being the new guy, Jack m...
  • mavis
  • astrid
  • anna
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Zing | (Dracula x Reader) by ItsWeirdz
Zing | (Dracula x Reader)by Weird
Have you heard of Love at First Sight? Chosen by Fate? Or how about a Zing? Don't know that one? It's okay, it's not a human thing. More like a Monsters'.
  • zing
  • mavis
  • reader
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A Zing. Love at First Sight (Dracula x Reader) by AleayaSkyy
A Zing. Love at First Sight ( Aleaya Angel
Y/N were mountain climbing with her friend Jonathan "Johnny" Loughran when Johnny slipped pulling her down with him. They went to a nearby cabin thing as a cou...
  • dracula
  • johnny
  • xreader
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( Editing) Searching For Him ( Acnologia x Reader ) by SakatsuraYumi
( Editing) Searching For Him ( SakatsuraYumi
Sequel to A Story From 400 years ago Waking up in a field of (F/F), (Y/F/N) found herself 300 years into the future?! Hoping to return home, (Y/F/N) joins Fairy Tail... ...
  • yuri
  • fairytail
  • acnologiaxreader
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Last School Year [ ZerVis ] by mavisisntdead
Last School Year [ ZerVis ]by amy
It is Mavis's last school year at Mage high school. However on her first last day of her senior year there is a new student. She knows this student. Her childhood friend...
  • fairytailfanfic
  • childhood
  • fairytail
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"The Celestial Dragon Princess" [Fairy Tail Fan-Fic] Completed by AyaMilliana101
"The Celestial Dragon Princess" [ ┼SilentDreamer101┼
◘◘◘◘◘ Why am I weak? Why cant I protect my friends? My family? Even though i caused most the trouble... ••••• Do you know? You are stronger than anyone here on Earthl...
  • laxmi
  • fairytail
  • nalu
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It's a Zing Thing | Dracula & Ericka by countessericka
It's a Zing Thing | Dracula & Jade
Dracula enjoyed remembering what the exhilaration of a Zing felt like; Ericka hadn't ever experienced that type of love until now. During the days travelling back to the...
  • hotelt3
  • fluff
  • hoteltransylvania
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His Love(Hotel Transylvania): Dracula X Reader by Jeonnie_Winterz
His Love(Hotel Transylvania): Jeonnie_Winterz
Being on vacation was her only plan till she messed it all up and ended up in the Hotel for monsters known as Hotel Transylvania. Meeting different monsters there, she a...
  • frankenstein
  • romance
  • vlad
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Lucy vermillion  by Cell-antro
Lucy vermillion by C-Hope
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(UNDER EDITING)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when fairytail does there S-class competition on tenroujima this year the find a girl.........lucy Vermillion (lucy nev...
  • mavis
  • gray
  • fairytail
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The Guarded Princess by kirariidol
The Guarded Princessby kirariidol
Fairy Tail, a guild known for its prestigious mages and also its destructive nature, was a place where almost all mages wished to be a part of. Yet, beneath that cheerfu...
  • eightgenerals
  • anime
  • aladdin
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