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!HIATUS! The Nature Dragon Slayer by I-am-THE-Random
!HIATUS! The Nature Dragon Slayerby TheREALRandom
{HIATUS - SORRY!!} [F/n] Marvell is the Nature Dragon Slayer, who was left at the age of 11 to explore the world around her. One day, she stumbles upon a wizard guild, c...
  • grayfullbuster
  • erza
  • xreader
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Reboot | BTS × Red Velvet  by exlibrisantics
Reboot | BTS × Red Velvet by nicole💣
The beloved variety show 'Hello Baby' is getting a face lift. But what will happen when you mix kids with 2 idol groups?
  • jhope
  • red
  • kpop
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The Roulette by choiheeeyoung
The Rouletteby choiheeyoung
Mission: to keep the remaining Princes alive. Where three Red agents were assigned to protect the three unknown Princes of Korea. • Slow Updates • Don't expect too much
  • vrene
  • jimin
  • bangtanvelvet
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Fairy tail boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios and what if scenarios by Crystal-guardian
Fairy tail boyfriend/girlfriend sc...by Lexiy-drayer
Date your favourite characters So this is meant for any gender :)
  • rogue
  • yukino
  • leo
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Fairy Tail One Shots (Discontinued) by ashdarkangel
Fairy Tail One Shots (Discontinued)by ashdarkangel
The title says it all. Fairy Tail one shots. if you have any requests for characters, just comment but I'm only doing character x reader. Feel free to ask for an OC X R...
  • gajeel
  • lucy
  • rogue
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Belonging to Two  by aPieceOfGranite
Belonging to Two by JustNiamh
Wendy lived a comfortable life. She was nearly finished college and was still living at home with her mother, At her best friends' wedding, she locks eyes with two men...
  • mxwxm
  • double
  • mates
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the reunion  by taesoo__
the reunion by park jimin
"great I'll see you all again. soooo exciting." warning: this is a crackfic and involves, mature theme, drama, insults, and of course, cursing. 'texts au' BTS...
  • bangpink
  • twice
  • crackfic
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Vjoy-Our Little Secret  by Btsvelvet98
Vjoy-Our Little Secret by Btsvelvet 98
He thinks that she's got the brightest smile in this world. She feels he is the person she's happiest with. But in their world of fame and stardom will they always be...
  • parksooyoung
  • joy
  • jimin
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Fairy Tail x Reader Oneshots by merry_bee
Fairy Tail x Reader Oneshotsby Merry Dreyar
If you're like me, then fantasising about your favourite Fairy Tail character(s) is the best past time. So if you are, then look no further, as here I create anything yo...
  • aries
  • fanfiction
  • requests
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Give Me A Reason Not To Die by Actlikedoge
Give Me A Reason Not To Dieby Miku The Pie
"This is the end , this is not what I expected my death to be?!" I yelled as I flew into the arms of someone. I looked up and saw the most popular guy in schoo...
  • story
  • hanabi
  • mystery
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[Peter Pan] Losts girl find a way by SimpleJacey
[Peter Pan] Losts girl find a wayby whereishappiness
Lost girls find a way Author: MoonIvy Trans: J. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12533687/1/Lost-Girls-Find-A-Way Đây là fic dịch đầu tiên của mình, không có beta nên có thể...
  • peterpan
  • truyện
  • romance
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Piper's Pizza: A FNAF Fanfiction by Queensprinklefox
Piper's Pizza: A FNAF Fanfictionby Queensprinklefox
Hello, there, dear children! Please, do come in. I'm sure you'll love it here! I'm Wendy, and welcome to Piper's Pizza! You'll be so happy here that you'll never want to...
  • clara
  • animatronics
  • wattpride
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Randomness and Rants: The Second by Wolf_Vos_Normandy
Randomness and Rants: The Secondby Wolf Normandy
The critics most certainly are not raving: "A lack of story and structure. Not to mention the woman's crazy." -New York Times "What even is this? How is...
  • wolf
  • wolfey
  • rants
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When Bad things happen (Fairy Tail) by clockwork-angel
When Bad things happen (Fairy Tail)by shadow
The strongest team goes on a mission but something went terribly wrong.
  • foxes
  • wendy
  • gray
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Earth lands Prince Of Darkness  by mvphgf
Earth lands Prince Of Darkness by mvphgf
They call him the Prince of Darkness son of the Dragon or son of the devil until he was vanquished by knights or so they thought and now he enters a new realm.... Earthl...
  • cobra
  • wendy
  • lucy
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My Peter Pan//MarkDy//S.SW M.T by Hamstagirl3e3e
My Peter Pan//MarkDy//S.SW M.Tby Zell
Peter and Wendy... Wendy and Mark... Ayiee!! Keleg ne ke!! Kekeke... Ang fafansin na gurl, at ang fakifot na buy!! MarkDy story//\\
  • teenfic
  • markdy
  • redvelvet
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Fairy Tail Opening-Ending & Characters Songs Full Lyrics by FanMangas2_0
Fairy Tail Opening-Ending & Charac...by FanMangas2.0
Anime sortie en 2009 pris le pour une pause en 2013 pour reprendre en 2014 pour une autre pause en 2016 et reprend en 2018 Anime japonais sur le thème de l'amitié le com...
  • lyrics
  • ending
  • heartfilia
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neverland » peter pan by lieoux
neverland » peter panby .
"Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Loyalty is returned." He grabbed my burning wrist tighter as I tried to shrug off his brooding figure. "We a...
  • captainhook
  • fiction
  • princess
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