The Nature Dragon Slayer (Fairy Tail x Reader) by I-am-THE-Random
The Nature Dragon Slayer (Fairy Ta...by TheREALRandom
[F/n] Marvell is a Nature Dragon Slayer, who was left at the age of 11 to explore the world around her. One day, she stumbles upon a wizard guild, called Fairy Tail. On...
  • anime
  • lucy
  • fairytail
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My Little Pyro {Natsu x Reader} by redheadnerd
My Little Pyro {Natsu x Reader}by RedHeadNerd
(Y/n) is an elemental dragon slayer that has a heart of stone. But will a certain dragon slayer melt her heart with the heat of loves flames? Hey vote for my book! This...
  • wendy
  • gray
  • ezra
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Fairy Tail x Reader Oneshots by merry_bee
Fairy Tail x Reader Oneshotsby Merry Dreyar
If you're like me, then fantasising about your favourite Fairy Tail character(s) is the best past time. So if you are, then look no further, as here I create anything yo...
  • xreader
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Under the Covers | Markhyuck by markhyuckprincess
Under the Covers | Markhyuckby H A E
« I'm willing to take the risk if it means being with you forever » This is a Rated M fiction and if you are not comfortable with this you can leave and read other stori...
  • markhyuck
  • chensung
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Belonging to Two  by aPieceOfGranite
Belonging to Two by JustNiamh
Wendy lived a comfortable life. She was nearly finished college and was still living at home with her mother, At her best friends' wedding, she locks eyes with two men...
  • double
  • wendy
  • mxwxm
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Bound To You || Bill Cipher X Reader by XNiaProductionsX
Bound To You || Bill Cipher X Read...by ṉ̴͍̫̺̹͇͓͙̻̤̠͑̈̂̈͝ï̴͚̉̈͂̿̃̓̚...
It's been almost 3 years. Gravity Falls continued it's life after the catastrophe that happened almost 3 years ago. This Summer, a 16 year old girl named (Y/n) (L/n) too...
  • billcipherxreader
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Just Us - Seulrene by monophobics
Just Us - Seulreneby simon
Bae Joohyun, also known as Irene, recently transferred to SM High. What happens when she collides with Kang Seulgi, the most bad ass girl in school?
  • reveluv
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  • wendy
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- Imagines - Oneshots - Reaction - etc. Feel free to request!~
  • parksooyoung
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South Park Smut by StanleyMarshhh
South Park Smutby Stanley Marsh ❤️💙
The title explains it all 🤤😏
  • tweek
  • stan
  • wendy
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Dragon Mating Season by kittycat4661
Dragon Mating Seasonby Kitty Cat
I know there are like a hundred of these but I don't care. The dragon slayers are experiencing some changes, no one notices these changes but the dragon slayers. These c...
  • stingue
  • romeo
  • lucy
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Heist » Seulrene by okseulgi
Heist » Seulreneby v
With a promise and grand plan to save her falsely jailed father and his company, Kang Seulgi, a robber who's wanted and on the run breaks into Bae Irene's house in the m...
  • angst
  • yermseul
  • seulrene
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Bodyguard; Seulrene by blackvelstaethics
Bodyguard; Seulreneby Charmaine (•ө•)
Just because Irene saw a crime with her own eyes she is being hunted. Body frozen when the gun pointed at her but a person appears and later on became her bodyguard. Kan...
  • yeri
  • fanfiction
  • parksooyoung
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[WenRene- Chính văn Hoàn] "Chị vất vả nhiều rồi" by GinIsASnake
[WenRene- Chính văn Hoàn] "Chị vất...by GinIsASnake
"... nhưng chị vẫn là niềm tự hào của riêng em." Tác giả: GinIsASnake Thể loại: Fanfic, Bách hợp, WenRene :)) Nhân vật: Tôn Thừa HoanxBùi Châ...
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Disney Prep: Volume 1 by squishyfishies
Disney Prep: Volume 1by me :)
You know the Disney characters, right? The movies we always watched when we were younger? Well, I've put those characters in high school. Better to say, a prep school. L...
  • merida
  • disney
  • rapunzel
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The One And Only Reaper! (Fairytail X Naruto) by HaileyXOXOkiller
The One And Only Reaper! (Fairytai...by HaileyXOXOkiller
What would happen if a Fairy found herself in a new world? What would happen to her original home? Does she ever go home? What if she falls in love? Find out what happen...
  • home
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ဗီလိန္၏ဗီလိန္ by Fire_puppy
ဗီလိန္၏ဗီလိန္by Yoohyunee
သတ္ပစ္ခ်င္ေလာက္ေအာင္ ခ်စ္တယ္... Baekyeol yaoi RatedM ? Sorry for bad writings 90°bow #Yoohyunee
  • wendy
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  South Park x Reader // One-shots (REQUESTS OPEN) by macaroniie
South Park x Reader // One-shots...by macaroniie
South Park x Reader One-Shots - So, this is my first story and I hope you enjoy it! Few characters I don't do, or situations, hope you don't mind! Also, requests open...
  • clyde
  • bebe
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Team L.M.W by _Vixen_246
Team L.M.Wby _vixen_246
What happens when Erza, Natsu and Grey start to forget about the team because they are busy with their relationships? What will wendy, charla and lucy do? Well they ma...
  • mira
  • romeo
  • adventure
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The Saint Maiden's Love (Fairy Tail x Reader) Fairy Tail Fanfic by MelloriaJazel
The Saint Maiden's Love (Fairy Tai...by OtakuChicaArmy
Y/N is the 1st Wizard Saint known as the 'Fairy Goddess' because she is very beautiful like a Fairy and very powerful like a Goddess. Her rank is even more powerful than...
  • reverseharem
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  • jellalxreader
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Met you | Seulrene FF by RossierX
Met you | Seulrene FFby RossierX
"Meeting you must be destiny" -Irene
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