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Him? No, Maybe. Yes! by PiggyCantSwim
Him? No, Maybe. Yes!by PiggyCantSwim
Levy Hates School. She takes it serious and has the highest IQ in all of Fairy Tail, but still her whole life her nose was stuck in a book. She always said "It pull...
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The Monster of the Mountains{Fairy Tail}(GaLe) by Nerdy_4_Life
The Monster of the Mountains{ Captain Nerdy
According to the locals, there lives a hideous and dangerous beast up in the deepest cave of the stone mountains. Levy McGarden, a new resident of the small village, ref...
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Dragon Slayer Love by 666reddog
Dragon Slayer Loveby Red
In a world were Magic is afraid of, wizards are put into an island to fend for themselves. Each island for different types of wizards but when the Dragon Slayer's brake...
Gale One-shots by IAmFangirlHearMeRoar
Gale One-shotsby Bree_Knights
One shots of Gale (GajeelxLevy). Come one and come all. Step in to get one-shot fun.
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Fairy Tail Dragon mating season (lemon) by 123ErzaScarlet
Fairy Tail Dragon mating season ( 123ErzaScarlet
All the dragon slayers knew about their mating season. They were either told by their dragon guardians or told by their lacrima... When dragon mating season came around...
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Fairy Tail: Broken Beyond Repair (Fairy Tail Fanfiction) by EnchantedFantasy4
Fairy Tail: Broken Beyond Repair ( EnchantedFantasy4
When Natsu Dragneel learns his true demon form, the E.N.D, he will stop at nothing to defeat Lord Zeref once and for all. But at what costs? Will the final battle be wor...
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Our Story Together-Gajeel x Levy by babbyg18
Our Story Together-Gajeel x Levyby Belle
Gajeel and Levy have moved far in their relationship, and are feeling more in love with each other than ever. With Gajeel's assurance of his devotion to Levy (and Miraja...
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The Flat Friends (ROOM MATES BOOK 2) by SleepingWithKirito
The Flat Friends (ROOM MATES SleepingWithKirito
Imagine a world with no mistakes...or rather, a world that doesnt allow them. Lucy Heartfilia wakes up two years in the past, having to relive the whole experience of un...
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Countdown to You (Gale) {Fairy Tail AU} by chello_8893
Countdown to You (Gale) {Fairy Chello
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On the run [Completed] (Fairy Tail Fanfic) NaLu by Chocolate-Cupcakes
On the run [Completed] (Fairy Chocolate-Cupcakes
Set after the GMG, Lisanna witnesses an affectionate exchange between Natsu and Lucy. She refuses to accept that and will go great lengths to get the blond out of the wa...
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Her dark saviour (Gajevy) by Teddy-Blue
Her dark saviour (Gajevy)by Teddy-Blue
As a young solid script mage, Levy McGarden only knew a world full of fear. She has hidden her true self since the day she was born, afraid the humans would find out abo...
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My Dragon (Gajeel & Levy) by Staples04242002
My Dragon (Gajeel & Levy)by Dlaynee Staples
Life without each other is hard to imagine for Levy when she thinks of Gajeel, but was it always that way? Read the story of a iron heart getting melted, and a family be...
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Mages and wizards (fairy tail and Harry Potter crossover) by dragneel_heartfilia7
Mages and wizards (fairy tail dragneel_heartfilia7
It was a regular day at the fairy tail guild. Tables were being broken and Chairs thrown everywhere. That was until, a mysterious man with a long white beard named Albus...
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Betrayed Fairy. by walshx60
Betrayed walshx60
Natsu come home from a job only to be kicked out of the guild for something he didnt do.Read to find out what happens to Natsu and his journey
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We Live a Perfect Life-Gajeel x Levy by babbyg18
We Live a Perfect Life-Gajeel x Belle
Gajeel and Levy are still fresh into the married life, and seemed to be faring quite well. But surprises still await them, as a special gift is afoot and awaiting delive...
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Forced To Marry by leahtigger7
Forced To Marryby Leah Richards
Natsu, levy, lucy, gajeel, juvia, jellal, erza and gray's families are rich with there own family businesses. Unfortunately all the family businesses are running out of...
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Dragon Mating Season by paranoid_closet
Dragon Mating Seasonby 🖕(҂⌣̀_⌣́)
July 7. 2019-- ⚠️ Disgusting moments.
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The Iron Monster{Gajevy}{Fairy Tail} by Nerdy_4_Life
The Iron Monster{Gajevy}{Fairy Captain Nerdy
What if Phantom Lord wasn't defeated by Fairy Tail? What if Phantom Lord won? This is the account of a parallel universe in which Phantom Lord beat Fairy Tail in battle...
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My Neko-Boys by lubylu111
My Neko-Boysby 『LH』
Lucy Heartfilia lives on her own in a flat in Magnolia. She comes home from work one day to find a box outside her door, so she takes it into her house and opens it to f...
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Mute By Choice by Lhappyface
Mute By Choiceby Lhappyface
Fairy Tail AU Lucy Heartfillia- A girl who hasn't spoken to anyone besides her friends since her mom died in a car crash Levy McGarden- A girl who hasn't spoken to anyon...
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