Dreams of Dragons by therealnarnia
Dreams of Dragonsby Becky
Papalogia AU. Acnologia joins Fairy Tail and ends up raising five young dragon slayers (and helping with two more). Acnologia x Anna Heartfilia. Eventual Nalu, Gale, Gru...
  • gildarts
  • canaalberona
  • nalu
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Effervescence by Myxibar
Effervescenceby ~(*-*~)
Previously titled Sasha Dreyar (Fairy Tail OC) ~~~ The ground started rumbling, and the streets split in two, creating a wide lane up to the guild. Everyone inside looke...
  • laxus
  • sister
  • makarov
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Acnologia, my Childhood Friend by Line464d
Acnologia, my Childhood Friendby Line464d
Lucy runs away from the guild to begin her training to get stronger when she runs into an old childhood friend, Acnologia. But... Why is he a Dragon? Why is SHE a Dragon...
  • lucy
  • finished
  • dragons
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A Story From 400 years ago ( Acnologia x reader ) by SakatsuraYumi
A Story From 400 years ago ( SakatsuraYumi
What fueled his determination to destroy all dragons? This story is about (Y/F/N) and her relationship with Acnologia before the fall of the Dragons. Please do not steal...
  • fairytail
  • xreader
  • fanfiction
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Acnologia Lucy by xxinsanelydeadxx008
Acnologia Lucyby Jakela Gamble
She was just an ordinary girl who wondered about what life would be like outside of the woods. A day like no other. Acnologia found her. She became his daughter and grew...
  • nalu
  • lucy
  • action
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Cursed destiny (Fairy Tail x Reader?) by XiaoQiaoShirosaki
Cursed destiny (Fairy Tail x Xiao Qiao ⛧ Qi Xhieng
A girl who can't remember anything from her past. Owner of a magical power who can easily surpass the ten saint wizards, she was hidden in the council by Org to keep her...
  • reader
  • xreaderstory
  • fairytailxreader
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Acnologia's Daughter by Rina0kumura
Acnologia's Daughterby Demon Queen
Lisanna has come back and has become bffs with Lucy. The rest of the guild (excluding Gajeel, Levy, Juvia, Master, Mira, and the exceeds) has turned on Lucy and abuses h...
  • acnologia
  • fairytail
{Fairy Tail}a Hidden Star, The Next Dragon Queen by regionacera
{Fairy Tail}a Hidden Star, The Ramon "Region" Fernandez Acera
Who would knew that the so-called 'weakest wizard' of Fairy tail is actually the first wizard saint. (Here Lissana is not a bitch and sorry but I hate NaLu no offence th...
  • acnologia
  • fairytail
  • yuri
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Fairy Tail x Reader Oneshots by Rainy-with-a-Chance
Fairy Tail x Reader Oneshotsby Rainy with a Chance
Here's my collection of Fairy Tail x Reader Oneshots. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them. Highest Ranking- #654
  • jellal
  • bixslow
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Acnologia Daughter by AkameHeartfilia117
Acnologia Daughterby Akame Heartfilia
In fairy tail it was always the same, after what has happened when the gulid was disbanded after what the battle with a Dark Guild called Tartaros and was reunited toget...
  • acnologia
  • lies
  • nalu
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Lucy's True Past  by Soul_Rose
Lucy's True Past by Soul Wolf
Read to find out! OWO Fairytail belongs to Hiro Mashima and others that worked on it, only the changes made to the story line and changes to the characters belong to me!
  • acnologia
  • lucyheartfilia
  • lucy
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Feared  by FairytailLOVER25
Feared by Nashi
Lucy, A girl who is raised by the most feared dragon in the world. She was living alone in a flat for 500,000 jewels until she had a faithful cross over with the one and...
  • nalu
  • lucy
  • fairytail
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A Change In Life by Exoixtu
A Change In Lifeby 에우 테르 페
(Lucy leaving cliche, but with a big plot twist) Lucy feels neglected by most of the guild. And to top it all off she gets kicked out of Team Natsu when Lisanna comes b...
  • magic
  • lucyxoc
  • zeref
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Follow (Natsu x Acnologia) by LucyLuckyLife
Follow (Natsu x Acnologia)by ラッキールーシー. Rakkīrūshī
It's rare to see Acnologia and Natsu pair up. So here I am. Natsu gets raped by Acnologia Lovely stuff
  • acnologia
  • yaoi
  • natsu
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Vermillion's Revenge by NemoTheEmoEmu21
Vermillion's Revengeby Winchester
Lucy Heartfilia, or so we thought. It's actually Lucy Vermillion Dragneel, daughter of Zeref and Mavis, next in line for empress of the Alveraz Empire, Queen of the Drag...
  • revenge
  • dragneel
  • greekish
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『Book 1:Fairy Tail x Reader』 by Knightcore7012
『Book 1:Fairy Tail x Reader』by Blank
Highest Rank: #880 in Fanfiction ~ 4/29/18 #741 in Fanfiction ~ 5/4/18 #708 in Fanfiction ~ 5/6/18 Book 1:Fairy Tail Various! x Reader #COWAwards2018 The Dragon in a sh...
  • fanfiction
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Acnologia's Child. by Megan22998
Acnologia's AnimeFreak!!!
Wondering alone in the middle of the forest Luna was five when she met her father. Acnologia. The dark dragon looked down on her and for once in his dark life, took pity...
  • wattys2017
  • dragonslayer
  • magic
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No Turning Back  by Crimson_Coral
No Turning Back by Crimson_Coral
Lucy, a girl who was raised by the most feared dragon in the world had to leave home one day to run away from her past again. She meets new people and sees old faces on...
  • acnologia
  • fairytail
  • theonemagic
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Lucy's Revenge by CharaSansFrisk
Lucy's Revengeby Anime * Kpop
I was there. The day where i was ignored by MOST of all the guild members. I thank those who still regognise my presence. I quit the guild. I prayed to myself to end thi...
  • lucyheartfillia
  • fairytail
  • romance
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Lucy, Acnologia's Daughter (A Fairy Tail Fanfic) by Silveny
Lucy, Acnologia's Daughter (A Silveny
Lucy is lost and is found by Acnologia. She becomes a dragon slayer and joins Sabertooth, but there is one problem, she is blind. In this story, Sting, Rogue, Gray, and...
  • rogue
  • sting
  • zerlu
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