Zeldris x Reader  by xikirishimaix
Zeldris x Reader by daddy ;)
I feel like there's legit zero Zeldris stories, so here's one
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Fairy Tail x Reader Oneshots by Lord-ofthe-Fandoms
Fairy Tail x Reader Oneshotsby Lord-ofthe-Fandoms
Highest Rank: #53 in Fanfiction Highest Rank: #1 in Gajeel tag Highest Rank: #1 in Mira tag Highest Rank: #1 in Zeref tag I think of cute/sad scenarios with FT character...
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Waiting for my mate by Veikari
Waiting for my mateby Veikari
Fraxus here! And of course it is time of the dragon mating season! Laxus is waiting Freed to return from a mission, but then things happen... And then even more things h...
  • natsu
  • porlyusica
  • lucy
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Blue dragon emperor descendent of leviathan by Zordreader
Blue dragon emperor descendent of...by Zordreader
Y/n decendent of the original leviathan wants to bring peace to the devil realm. And wants to become the strongest in the world
  • fairytail
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Fairy Tail: Fem Natsu x Futa Water Dragon Slayer by Zillaworld
Fairy Tail: Fem Natsu x Futa Water...by ZillaWorld
I do not own Fairy Tail or any of the characters. Skyla is energetic and fun and loves to be around everyone. That used to be her before her sister died and she change f...
  • femnatsu
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  • dragonslayer
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Betrayal Of The Dragon King by Shadow_Dragon97
Betrayal Of The Dragon Kingby Ángel
Natsu has been hurt. Not physically but mentally as well as emotionally. Fairy Tail is at war with Tartaros and in the middle of the war Igneel finally returns, but also...
  • nami
  • sayla
  • harem
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My Own Dragon To Mate With by Lainie_Jane_Potter
My Own Dragon To Mate Withby Alice 🌹
Lucy and Levy's dragon slayers are acting a bit strange and when they find out why, they are in for quite the surprise. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters...
  • matingseason
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Various Female X Male Reader Book 2 (Request Close For Now) by RevDavid13
Various Female X Male Reader Book...by RevDavid13
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Mira's ship 「nalu fanfic」 by craz4pandas
Mira's ship 「nalu fanfic」by 『♥︎ɴᴇᴊɪʀᴇ 』
Natsu and Lucy have always been close but Mirajane has always thought that they could become closer. Mira does many little schemes so they can see each other as more the...
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The Dragon Ninja by big_phat_uwu
The Dragon Ninjaby Mele✨
Sapphire Lovelock was the 5th dragon slayer at the famous Fairy Tail guild in Magnolia. Her team, Team Natsu, were going on a new mission, but something was strange abou...
  • kakashi
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*~When Can I See You Again~*(Mystogan x Reader) by redhoodedfigure
*~When Can I See You Again~*(Mysto...by Red Hooded Figure
||Rank 2 in #Mystogan|| [CREATED THIS STORY WHEN I WAS LIKE 11 SO THATS WHY THE GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY SUCKS ] This is my first fanfiction im terrible with description s...
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Fairy Tail: Secrets within the deep ocean (Laxus X OC) by kaintw
Fairy Tail: Secrets within the dee...by Aoi_neko
Fairy Tail, a guild filled with strong, wizards, consider themselves as a big family. Nothing can stand between each other, because of their strength and steadfast heart...
  • sabertooth
  • laxus
  • minerva
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Las sucesoras de Natsu Dragneel: Fairy Tail by onielmisterio
Las sucesoras de Natsu Dragneel: F...by The little things
Fairy tail, gremio conformados por muchos de los magos más poderosos de todo el reino de Fiore, entre todos ellos existe un Dragón Slayer de fuego conocido como Natsu Dr...
  • dragon
  • slayer
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Y/n's Revenge by FairyTailLover127
Y/n's Revengeby ~Sugar & Spice~
(Fairy Tail x Reader) Imagine this, a powerful wizard, loved by all. Her name is Y/n. Now imagine this, a new blonde girl joins her guild. Harmless right? Nothing out...
  • natsudragneel
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Fairy Tail's little fairy by erc2109
Fairy Tail's little fairyby Erc2109
(Y/N) has been raced by a guild. She was left alone on the street, in front of a door, to die. A master found her and took her inside, racing like she was his own, and t...
  • adventure
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Fairy Tail One Shots by snowleopard1204
Fairy Tail One Shotsby Shipping Trash
This will be a story filled with different types of one shots staring the couples of Fairy Tail! I will take request but please read the Welcome to Fairy Tail one shots...
  • oneshots
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The Demon Within (Mirajane Strauss x Demonic! Male Reader) by DustyAshes
The Demon Within (Mirajane Strauss...by The Seventh Blade
Again, I'm gonna be lazy and say "The description is inside".
  • friends
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She is The Dragon Queen  by MOLIW143
She is The Dragon Queen by MOLIW143
Ever since lissana came back the team natsu starts ignoring lucy. Lucy gets kicked out of team natsu. She nows thirst for revenge What will happen on Lucy's adventure...
  • laxus
  • mirajane
  • sting
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assassination classroom x fairy tail  (VERY Slow Update ) by kitty-chan-meow
assassination classroom x fairy ta...by Anime lover
This story is a crossover of assassination classroom and fairy tail. I don't want to be mean but really if you don't like it then don't read it. For more information p...
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 Alpha And Omega (Fairytail X Reader) by Crashbexpert
Alpha And Omega (Fairytail X Read...by Crashbexpert
F/N is a child with an unknown heritage. The only thing he said was that his family have been in FairyTail since it was first formed and he wanted to follow in their foo...
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