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The Sins I carry as a Demon for loving a Saint. by AndreiCristianTudora
The Sins I carry as a Demon for Cursed Hellspawn
This is a story of a man who is being followed by his past sin,blinded by trauma of his own failure of not being able to save the one he loved the most. (I don't own any...
Colder Than Ice [Fate x Male Oc/Reader] by Flase_King
Colder Than Ice [Fate x Male Oc/ Ciel Sakurajima
Isfrid, a mysterious entity in the 10th century BC, the legends state if you did something to oppose the rules of nature and gods and goddesses, he will hunt you down un...
Jaune Pendragon  by gg012108
Jaune Pendragon by Courier 6
As the last and only son of Artoira Pendragon And little brother of his older sister Mordred. After the Battle of Camlann when both Artoria and Mordred dies in battle. P...
I Am War ( Male Apollyon reader x fate grand order ) *discontinued* by gg012108
I Am War ( Male Apollyon reader Courier 6
You were the famous Apollyon once a almighty Foe during the 100 years war, soon to be forgotten after the death of his first love and saint, was buried at the Steak, he...
Fate/Void Wars: a Jeanne D'Arc Alter x Male Reader Remake by BlackHydrex
Fate/Void Wars: a Jeanne D'Arc Hydrex
Y/N L/N, an Unknown mage of unknown pedigree, is hired to take out the Einzbern master, in the Third Holy Grail War. He revives their Ruler, now known as Avenger, and fo...
Fate Girls x Male Reader Series by fustumono
Fate Girls x Male Reader Seriesby futsu
Most of these will probably be based on Fate Grand Order, due to the Masterverse being the most stable and easy to understand. I may include some of the backstories or u...
mercenary killer from hired by Arthurpendragon285
mercenary killer from hiredby Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Camelot a castle which Also known as the utopía where the weak Is protected by the Knights of the roundtable led by "Arthur pendragon" which in truth Is actual...
Fated Destiny Book Three by FatedWriter
Fated Destiny Book Threeby Scathach
In the year 2025 Chaldea Security Organization has completed the Second Grand Order postponing Humanities destruction yet again. With the second singularity completed, t...
[A Normal Fate] Male Reader  by KaboomKook0
[A Normal Fate] Male Reader by Kaboom Kook
A Gacha Game. The Huge Addiction. The One Wish. The Wish Fulfilled. A Normal Fate?
fairytail isekai by chibiblitz5
fairytail isekaiby
a young man who loves anime is killed and reincarnated into his favourite anime, fairy tail and uses his expanding knowledge of anime to become stronger
Nasuverse reacts to things by Altered_R0ku
Nasuverse reacts to thingsby Altered_R0ku
You get the idea, sent to a movie theather, where they react to things
Abused&Neglected MReader X RWBY by DaffaArsyad
Abused&Neglected MReader X RWBYby DaffaArsyad
Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long they have one daughter Ruby Rose but the truth is they have 1 son Y/N Rose his existence is not desirable by his parent's in the end he...
Fate:Chaos Break  by Shipping_lord2000
Fate:Chaos Break by Shipping Lord
10 years after the last holy grail war Takumi,ryu,mika are now Officially mages for the organization together with there new allies miya the gun slinger mage a childho...
We Are Not Servants... (Fate Apocrypha x Destiny 1/2 reader/Oc) by BlueberryZavala
We Are Not Servants... (Fate Taiyoko
The Holy Grail War Seven servants, summoned forth by seven Masters, battle to the death. In a battle to obtain that which can grant any wish. "The Holy Grail" ...
Fate:One-Shots/What If/Reaction   by Sky_Fubuki
Fate:One-Shots/What If/Reaction by ᴵᵗᶻ Fubuki
Just a book dedicated to fate franchise
Isekaid Into a disastrous guild(Fairy Tail x Male reader by ISeeNow809
Isekaid Into a disastrous guild( ISeeNow809
A young man by the name of (Y/n) (L/n) has been chosen to be isekaid into his favorite anime with three abilities
The Robotic Rider Hero by PauloGamenha
The Robotic Rider Heroby Paulo Ricardo
(Kamen Rider Kikai OC X Crossover Harem) Born in London, Malcolm Hester found a mysterious device in his basement, which turned out to be a Kikaidriver, the same one use...
The abnormal master by MihaiAlexandru178
The abnormal masterby Mihai Alexandru
The Holy Grail. A mystic object who can make any wish come true. For ataining it is happening The Holy War. 7 masteres. Evry one of them summon a servant of different cl...
Fate/SOL (Fate x OC) by Littletrouble2k
Fate/SOL (Fate x OC)by Littletrouble2k
Ansonii Wakagen is the Lead Advisor in the Emiya Publishing house and the lead of international sales, his main job is to help authors and establish relationships with p...
jeanne dies at the end by Marenke
jeanne dies at the endby Marenke
Marie didn't mind herself burning, but Jeanne? No, Jeanne didn't deserve such cruel fate. (the irony isn't noticed until the very last second)