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Cats Hate Water (Avengers X Reader) by ChaosOrganisesMe
Cats Hate Water (Avengers X Reader)by God help us all
([Neko/Siren] Hybrid) 𝙋𝙧𝙤𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙩𝙮 𝙤𝙛 𝙃𝙮𝙙𝙧𝙖. That's what you were. That's all you would ever be. Not unless something changed. From the day they took you fro...
  • natasharomanoff
  • siren
  • marvel
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Once a Legend by concussive
Once a Legendby Magnus
Max Destin is a legend. In a world of espionage, intelligence agencies, gangs, smugglers, mercenaries, and thieves, nothing is ever certain. Power can shift in the b...
  • notallareheroes
  • legends
  • girlpower
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Siren Song (The Fated #1) by UnboundWings
Siren Song (The Fated #1)by Katelynn Bell
"It's a curse." "Curse, or blessing, those are the red strings of fate. The gods have chosen you to change our world, whether you want to or not." ...
  • fantasy
  • hiddenidentity
  • featured
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Odd One Out (Male Reader X Infinite Stratos Harem) by war_gamer
Odd One Out (Male Reader X war_gamer
(Infinite Stratos Fanfic) (Y/N) Runner is a young skillful Mercenary who finds himself using an IS. He then get into some strange adventure as he attracts trouble and ma...
  • adventure
  • malereader
  • harem
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Kill La Kill: The Tiger Mercenary by Zillaworld
Kill La Kill: The Tiger Mercenaryby ZillaWorld
(I do not own Kill La Kill) Futa oc x Ryuko Matio and Satsuki Kiryuin
  • senketsu
  • sanageyama
  • killlakill
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Red vs Blue x Reader Lemons by Garnat2001
Red vs Blue x Reader Lemonsby Perla
It's just you and them ;)
  • blueteam
  • freelancers
  • mercenaries
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The Black Death (A Medieval Action/Romance) by tall_girl
The Black Death (A Medieval Melissa
The year is 1338 and England is in a time of peril as raiders pillage the land and, with no one to challenge them, their actions begin to grow like wildfire. At the hei...
  • horror
  • war
  • soldiers
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Elemental {Avengers} by Assasinsgreed
Elemental {Avengers}by Assasinsgreed
" we've looked everywhere under the freaking sun, we can't find it" " Then look in the shadows". Experiment A-9753 is a top student at the Red Room a...
  • redroom
  • hydra
  • mercenary
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Identity V oneshots by Whitecrystal346
Identity V oneshotsby CreatorImaginations
Feel free to request anything! Canon x readers Ships Fluff Smut Etc Just request anything related to Identity V! Thank you for your attention!
  • identityvcharacters
  • theripper
  • geisha
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Shadows (Harem X Male Reader) A Rainbow Six Siege Story by LightningW0lf
Shadows (Harem X Male Reader) A Six
Written by, @LightningWolf04 and his assistant @AsmodaiVII. #1 in rainbowsixseige: Tortured, beaten, lost, and grief all fuel a merciless warrior. This warrior is F/n L...
  • snipers
  • flashback
  • ubisoft
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BITE ME - WADE WILSON, [ON HOLD] by etherealkogane
BITE ME - WADE WILSON, [ON HOLD]by ˗ˏˋ brea ˎˊ˗
  • marvel
  • deadpool
  • romance
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Lady of the Night (Downworlder Series, #3) by TeaHouseQueens
Lady of the Night (Downworlder Tea Queens
Book Three of The Downworlder Series ~~~~~~~~~~~ Living in a palace above everyone, dressed in elegant finery, sparkling jewels, and dining on rich and exotic...
  • brothel
  • impowerment
  • annamlkoski
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Starfall by Birdpaw
Starfallby Kathy V. Woods
After a long, arduous war between the Galactic Sanctum and the First Insurgency, the galaxy is at peace, or so it seems on the surface. In the underbelly and result of u...
  • dystopia
  • projectreadersreact
  • dark
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Silent Assassin by HyperPiper247
Silent Assassinby Jasmin Piper
She rose her dainty eyebrows in surprise at my answer, her small lips slightly opening in shock. "I never took you for one who fails an assignment, Void." She...
  • mercenary
  • blood
  • adventure
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Fever Blood by Halcyon15
Fever Bloodby Corey
When Laidu, a half-human, half-dragon Ranger, rescues a mysterious girl from slavers, he doesn't know it but he's in for a world of trouble. Teaming up with an insane sc...
  • medieval
  • adventure
  • mercenary
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Assassination System by Cinnamon40
Assassination Systemby HardcoreYaoiLover
Slice. Stab. Slice. Stab. ... "Huh?" "Where the hell am I?" [Hello~ Nice to meet chu, Host! (≧∇≦)double wink*] "Looks like there's no exit."...
  • boyxboy
  • murder
  • assassin
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The Billion-Dollar Knight by AerithSage
The Billion-Dollar Knightby Alyssa Urbano
Ten years ago, Isobel Clayton, daughter of a US Senator, loved Alex Smith with all her heart. But she knew her father wouldn't approve of Alex for he was a nobody. Again...
  • supermodel
  • billionaire
  • cartel
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Deadpool x reader by PshycosisHaveI
Deadpool x readerby PsychosisHaveI
"Get some clothes on. My friend will be here soon." My brother said from behind the door. "We are doing a job together. And also in apartment 164 is a spy...
  • fanfiction
  • xreader
  • powers
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Normality :: Stiles Stilinski by Enclosedhearts
Normality :: Stiles Stilinskiby Enclosedhearts
'So you're a werewolf?' 'Not exactly.' Normality means the state of being normal, typical or usual. Miya's sense of normality could be considered crazy or suicidal for m...
  • projectwomanup
  • teenwolf
  • scott
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No yellow boxes ]mercenary deku[ by Stranitryscrolling
No yellow boxes ]mercenary deku[by Stranitryscrolling
Izuku Midoriya does not have a quirk. Plain, and simple. Just like him. And a world wide ban stopped the use of guns, only being used by thugs with connections and certa...
  • guns
  • villaindeku
  • bokunoheroacademia
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