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No Regrets [A DBZ Fanfiction] by SSJ_Luisa_Gomes
No Regrets [A DBZ Fanfiction]by SSJ_Luisa_Gomes
Bulma loves Goku. Goku loves Bulma...but Bulma is pregnant with Vegeta's child and Goku is married to Chichi. Is it too late for these two best friends to be together wi...
  • goku
  • vegeta
  • dragonball
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Vegeta x Reader The Female Saiyan by DBZfan19988
Vegeta x Reader The Female Saiyanby Lucky star ⭐️
Vegeta was going to surprise Bulma but come to find out she left him for Yamcha..he left heart broken. Then an unexpected visitor comes to planet earth they have a tail...
  • goku
  • vegetaxreader
  • readerxcharacter
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Caulifla & Kale x Universe 6 Male Saiyan Reader by BSGNetwork
Caulifla & Kale x Universe 6 Male...by BSGNetwork
Y/N, Master of Cabba, The Strongest Saiyan in Universe 6, First Super Saiyan God of Universe 6, he is about to get a new accomplishment, well, actually 2
  • goku
  • dbs
  • hit
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The Deal (Gohan x OC) by BeautifulChaos18
The Deal (Gohan x OC)by тнaт вlonde cнιcĸ ➳
"I always thought the phrase, 'a picture speaks a thousand words' was ridiculous, but his eyes were speaking something, even if I couldn't understand it. I could se...
  • dbz
  • trunks
  • gohan
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Lost Hearts (Goku X Reader) by iPoppyPetal
Lost Hearts (Goku X Reader)by iPoppy
From miracles, to grief, to loss; two friends were separated by fate, neither had seen each other for years. Thankfully, one day, reunion stitched the lost love they use...
  • romance
  • reader
  • goku
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Te odio, papá (Vegeta, Bardock, Goku y tú) by Sayayin97
Te odio, papá (Vegeta, Bardock, Go...by Son Kokun
Hace 5 años, Vegeta abandonaba el planeta Vegeta para embarcarse en una gran misión. 5 años, en los que ha dejado atrás toda su vida, olvidando quién era él: El príncipe...
  • amor
  • hijo
  • dbz
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God of Destruction's Son (Under Editing) by Izzy142
God of Destruction's Son (Under Ed...by Izzy
Lord Beerus brings his adopted 12 year old son Hakai toEarth to meet the saiyans. But there's another reason. Hakai is a saiyan.
  • dragonball
  • beerus
  • goku
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DBZ x Reader/OC Oneshots by Zombiegirl777
DBZ x Reader/OC Oneshotsby Zombiegirl777
An ongoing work of various oneshots featuring our favorite characters from DBZ!
  • beerus
  • dbsxreader
  • piccolo
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My Hero (Goku x Reader) by TheMuffinButton
My Hero (Goku x Reader)by TheMuffinButton
It's not easy growing up... (Y/n) is fresh into independence, just graduating college at 21 years old. However, she is not completely independent like she wants to be. H...
  • abuse
  • goku
  • xreader
Vegeta's Hidden Talent by supersaiyian18
Vegeta's Hidden Talentby supersaiyian18
Vegeta has an amazingly beautiful talent. No one knows about it, up until a certain optimistic saiyan stumbles upon Vegeta doing his thing. Goku starts to find out new t...
  • happy
  • boyxboy
  • vegetaxgoku
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Venganza... [black goku y tu] by dannav33
Venganza... [black goku y tu]by dannav33
"Segunda temporada de pensamientos gemelos" Después de tanto tiempo esperando, al fin llego esa oportunidad que ambos estaban buscando... la venganza
  • anime
  • black
  • trunks
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Mi luz (Goku y tú). by Sayayin97
Mi luz (Goku y tú).by Son Kokun
- ¡Yo ya no le aguanto! ¡Es un cabeza hueca! .- bufó el pelos de flama. - Pues tú... no estás casada con él .- suspiró Milk, profundamente. - ¿Y qué me dices de lo despi...
  • goku
  • dragon
  • goten
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The Super Story of Katarina: The Saiyan Guardian by KatarinaTheSaiyan
The Super Story of Katarina: The S...by Katarina ♡
Hi! I'm Akari! Aka Katarina! It's been awhile since I have talked you all, huh. Well, it's been peaceful since Buu. Now my brother farms turnips, Vegeta finally is being...
  • dragonballsuper
  • beerus
  • whis
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Mi adicción (Zamasu, Black Goku y tú).  by Sayayin97
Mi adicción (Zamasu, Black Goku y...by Son Kokun
Black y Zamasu, planean vengarse de Vegeta, Trunks y Goku por haber interferido en su "Plan Cero Humanos". ¿Pero esto no es nada nuevo no? ¿O quizá si?. Esta...
  • dragonballz
  • super
  • pelea
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Anime Tournament of Power (ATOP) by XzaviorWilliams
Anime Tournament of Power (ATOP)by XzaviorWilliams
*#1 in Tournament of Power*😁😁😁 You remember the Tournament of Power from the anime hit series Dragon Ball Super right? Well imagine that but instead of different univ...
  • yusuke
  • asta
  • fightforsurvival
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El Amante - Goku & Bulma by sabin983
El Amante - Goku & Bulmaby Goku Ssj7
Despues del Torneo del Poder, Goku y Milk se divorcian y nuestro heroe se va a vivir a la cabaña de su abuelo. Mientras tanto Bulma ya se esta hartando de Vegeta pues es...
  • bulma
  • milk
  • infiel
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Gine X Male Saiyan Reader by Silver_B657
Gine X Male Saiyan Readerby Mr.Lord Frieza
+After discovering that the planet Vegeta would be destroyed,(Y/N) in an attempt to save his family decides to take out his wife and his youngest son Goku from the plane...
  • dbs
  • dbz
  • broly
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DBZ x Reader One Shots!  by Warrior-Rose
DBZ x Reader One Shots! by DBZ+TMNT=LIFE
  • open
  • requests
  • piccolo
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daddy blacky (goku black x reader)  by autisticbean
daddy blacky (goku black x reader) by autisticbean
Idfk u shouldn't read it, it's shit
  • pineapple
  • yamcha
  • yes
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Caulifla x Son of Goku Reader by BSGNetwork
Caulifla x Son of Goku Readerby BSGNetwork
My first ever story, i am not the best at writing so give me slack, i was inspired to write by Kenshiro, Goku Black or any other of his name changes.
  • gohan
  • goten
  • piccolo
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