Blue and Gold (Merdred fanfic) by erind4
Blue and Gold (Merdred fanfic)by Erin
This is a Merdred fanfic (Merlin and Mordred) This is based off the tv show bbc's Merlin. I own none of this except the story line. Story is probably better then the de...
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The Treacherous Knight and her Master by Rai_Lie
The Treacherous Knight and her Lie
What treachery will you and The Treacherous Knight Mordred commit? Only one way to find out as you and Mordred work together in a Holy Grail War where you are sure to e...
  • fanfiction
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RWBY: knight of red  by gundambanshee
RWBY: knight of red by gundam epyon
ruby and ryan rose are both twins but are different in many ways...ruby is kind and innocent and likes to avoid fight...ryan likes to fight and is bored easily and hates...
  • rwby
  • twins
  • mordred
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Knights in crime by Boredom_chan69
Knights in crimeby Boredom_chan69
Just a random book to keep people away from boredom of school.(its also a reader x mordred book) The grammar might be bad since english isn't my first language.
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Merlin as a girl by MerlinandArthur2021
Merlin as a girlby WE WANT MERLIN SEASON 6 NOW...
Merlin is a girl. She comes to Camelot to see her uncle Gaius to practice her skill, but what would happen if she fell in love with her prince, her master, Arthur?
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Merlin One shots by Ravenerd_Hufflebrat
Merlin One shotsby Ravenerd_Hufflebrat
None of these are related unless i say so!! Oh and if you want to adopt these and make them into fanfiction, you have my permission and all i ask of you is that you aler...
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Merlin Crack by -guilt_tripping-
Merlin Crackby Mary
I think the title is pretty self explanatory. ARTHUR: Merlin, what the hell are you doing creeping around in the woods?! MERLIN: I'm following you, what the hell are yo...
  • crack
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  • camelot
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Merlin One Shots! by SassySasser660
Merlin One Shots!by Jasmine.
Mostly reveals or depressing one shots.
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Merlin One-Shots by hobbitfalls
Merlin One-Shotsby SherlinWall
Random one-shots about Merlin and characters! *Morgana, Mordred, Balinor, Will, and Freya are alive. *Morgana and Mordred are good. *Mordred is a knight *Magic is legal...
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Merlin Oneshots by mooonwaffle
Merlin Oneshotsby P r i n c e ✧ C o b b l e r
I'll write pretty much any ship or any person. Beware, some of these will be depressing and v gay. Requests are OPEN [✔] BEST RANKING #12 in Merthur *ill write some sex...
  • merdred
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  • wattpride
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Merlin's Secret by grace_georgia
Merlin's Secretby grace
Merlin is the the lost Prince. Merlin has magic. Arthur has a secret. ------- A/N MORDRED IS NOT EVIL IN THIS. LANCELOT DOESNT WALK THROUGH THE VEIL, ANOTHER KNIGHT D...
  • arthurian
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  • pendragon
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How To Train Your Dragonlord by SteamoReaper
How To Train Your Dragonlordby SteamoReaper
Merlin AU where Arthur lives at the end of season 5 and decides to repay Merlin for everything that he's ever done for Camelot. (Merthur is throughout, though becomes mo...
  • wattys2017
  • bandits
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Mordred x Mikoto Fan Art by Sabrina_The_Tigar
Mordred x Mikoto Fan Artby Sabrina_The_Tigar
Read "A Certain Magical Fate" from @MisakaLovesYou. The traditional drawings (meaning using materials like paper and pencil) do belong to me. I don't own the...
  • mikoto
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Teach Me by Fangirl1901
Teach Meby Fangirl1901
A Mergana AU that takes place after 1.08 The Beginning of the End Merlin and Morgana escape with Mordred and flee Camelot. When Uther finds out that Morgana and Merlin...
  • merlin
  • morgana
  • mordred
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The Treacherous Knight and her Master [Summer Edition] 18+ by Rai_Lie
The Treacherous Knight and her Lie
As the summer heat becomes unbearable For the Treacherous Knight herself, she request that her Master to take her to the beach to cool off and catch some waves with her...
  • protagonist
  • mordred
  • fate
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Little Merlin. (AU) by SassySasser660
Little Merlin. (AU)by Jasmine.
This Is a Merlin fan fiction. Merlin lives in Ealdor. But what happens if Merlin and Arthur meet or communicate when they are kids? And will Arthur unravel Merlin's un...
  • camelot
  • prince
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Rwby (abused and neglected): The Broken Holy knight by KaiserGuard01
Rwby (abused and neglected): The KaiserGuard01
My name is- or was Y/n Xiao long the only people who cared about me was my half sister ruby... but that man tai... would beat me everyday.. my own sister yang beat me al...
  • lily
  • nero
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Hidden || Merlin x Reader (On Hold) by InsaneDarkAngel
Hidden || Merlin x Reader (On Hold)by Orpheus Baráth
Keep your magic hidden. Don't let King Uther find out. Stay with Merlin, he'll protect you. Find Mordred and don't let him go near Morgana. Save Camerlot from destructio...
  • witches
  • bcc
  • kinguther
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Merlin: Revenant (a roleplay) by TheCrazyRavenclaw
Merlin: Revenant (a roleplay)by Just a Girl
Takes place after the series events. Everyone, including Merlin himself gets reincarnated into modern day time period. How will our characters deal with memories of the...
  • modernday
  • morgana
  • knightsoftheroundtable
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Healing Flower by MagicSilver22877
Healing Flowerby Laura Chinatsu Kobayashi Sava...
Ella is Merlin's younger sister who was also born with magic. The Druids call her Nia. When she was only 10 she helped look after a sick druid boy named Mordred. 9 years...
  • dunedain
  • mordred
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