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Defying Destiny - A Merlin Fanfic  by BookLover905
Defying Destiny - A Merlin Fanfic by BookLover905
. "Sometimes I wonder if you miss me as much as I miss you." ...
  • seyfried
  • mordered
  • destiny
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A Warrior's Immoral ( A Merlin fanfiction )  by Avie_K
A Warrior's Immoral ( A Merlin kevia
"Aurora," He let out a sigh, "I'm afraid there is something you should see." I followed Gwaine down the hallway, leading to, the chambers I share wi...
  • evil
  • adriana
  • arthur
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How To Train Your Dragonlord by SteamoReaper
How To Train Your Dragonlordby SteamoReaper
"I only use it for you, for Camelot..." Merlin saved Arthur's life in the Battle for Camelot, due to a twist of fate, where Mordred attacked Arthur with his sw...
  • percival
  • gwaine
  • avalon
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Merlin: The missing prince by Ravenerd_Hufflebrat
Merlin: The missing princeby Ravenerd_Hufflebrat
Merlin sighed as he finished Arthur's clothes. Today was the day. The day he knew pain. The day he knew betrayal. The day he found his magic. The worst day of his life...
  • arthur
  • prince
  • morgana
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Merlin One shots by Ravenerd_Hufflebrat
Merlin One shotsby Ravenerd_Hufflebrat
None of these are related unless i say so!! Oh and if you want to adopt these and make them into fanfiction, you have my permission and all i ask of you is that you aler...
  • mordred
  • merlin
  • arthur
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Merlin as a girl by MerlinandArthur2021
Merlin as a girlby WE WANT MERLIN SEASON 6 NOW...
Merlin is a girl. She comes to Camelot to see her uncle Gaius to practice her skill, but what would happen if she fell in love with her prince, her master, Arthur?
  • love
  • seceret
  • lancelot
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Never Have I Ever (Merlin) by 2003lollypop
Never Have I Ever (Merlin)by Dragoon The Great
Whilst on a hunting trip Merlin and the knights decide to play a game of Never Have I Ever and it takes a turn for the worse. ~•~•~•~ Merlin FanFic ~•~•~•~ Short Story
  • neverhaveiever
  • camelot
  • lancelot
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Merlin-(OneShots) by 2003lollypop
Merlin-(OneShots)by Dragoon The Great
Merlin story ideas that are too stupid or too short to make into real stories. The title really says it all. Non of them are related unless it says.
  • camelot
  • methur
  • mergana
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Knights in crime by Boredom_chan69
Knights in crimeby Boredom_chan69
Just a random book to keep people away from boredom of school.(its also a reader x mordred book) The grammar might be bad since english isn't my first language.
  • fanfic
  • staynight
  • zero
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Merlin Oneshots by FreyaMason28
Merlin Oneshotsby High Priestess
A collection of oneshots dedicated to the amazing show that is: Merlin. ⚠️I do not own anything but the story ideas - some are inspired by others so I'm sorry if they so...
  • warlock
  • perciwaine
  • clotpole
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Scion of Lost Magic (Merlin x Reader)  by AstralShadows
Scion of Lost Magic (Merlin x Wayward Writer
You lived a relatively normal life until slave traders raided your home. Four years in captivity passed. And things are about to change. You join Merlin on adventures a...
  • xreader
  • uther
  • gwen
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YOUR LEGACY (Male Reader) by DanggaM12
YOUR LEGACY (Male Reader)by Mr.D
(this book is just a random CROSSOVER mainly DMCxHDXD...) You are YN Redgrave/Sparda, son of Legendary demon hunter, Dante, and the grandson of Sparda, this is your life...
  • highschooldxd
  • fubuki
  • rias
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Theif (Merlin) by 2003lollypop
Theif (Merlin)by Dragoon The Great
After a trip back to Ealdor with the knights and Arthur will they find out Merlins true past?
  • magic
  • camelot
  • knights
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The True King (Akame Ga Kill x Male Mourdred Reader by King0fKnights
The True King (Akame Ga Kill x 𝔸𝕣𝕥𝕙𝕦𝕣
We all know the story of the Emperor and the corrupt empire. Well, what is the emperor had an older brother who was too smart for his own good. Let us see where his jour...
  • fatezero
  • fate
  • fatestaynight
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Merlin One Shots! by KayJay2004
Merlin One Shots!by ...
Mostly reveals or depressing one shots.
  • oneshots
  • shots
  • mordred
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Merlin Crack by -guilt_tripping-
Merlin Crackby avocado time
I think the title is pretty self explanatory. ARTHUR: Merlin, what the hell are you doing creeping around in the woods?! MERLIN: I'm following you, what the hell are yo...
  • merlin
  • leon
  • lancelot
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Merlin Imagines by PrissyLou98
Merlin Imaginesby PrissyLou
These are short stories are imagines and you get to imagine yourself back in the medieval time period into the kingdom of Camelot. Sometimes you falling love, sometimes...
  • morgana
  • guienevere
  • mordred
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RWBY: dragon of dragons  by merlin0911
RWBY: dragon of dragons by merlin0911
with salems forces growing bigger and stronger every day ozpin calls a old acquaintance from his past to help...most would excpect some hunter or something but instead h...
  • fafnir
  • ốc
  • rwbyfanfic
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Hidden || Merlin x Reader (On Hold) by InsaneDarkAngel
Hidden || Merlin x Reader (On Hold)by Orpheus Baráth
Keep your magic hidden. Don't let King Uther find out. Stay with Merlin, he'll protect you. Find Mordred and don't let him go near Morgana. Save Camerlot from destructio...
  • warlocks
  • mythical
  • kinguther
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Merlin's Secret by tiredfanfiction
Merlin's Secretby grace
Merlin is the the lost Prince. Merlin has magic. Arthur has a secret. ------- A/N MORDRED IS NOT EVIL IN THIS. LANCELOT DOESNT WALK THROUGH THE VEIL, ANOTHER KNIGHT D...
  • mordred
  • gwaine
  • merlin
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