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Fate/Alternative Order by PhantomVenus
Fate/Alternative Orderby Smug Overlord
Emilya Von Einzbern, an influential member of the Chaldea staff whose role is to research the rayshift project. But one day some unexpected incident occurred and she wou...
Fate Grand Order: Dear Uncle  by Holy-Thunderer
Fate Grand Order: Dear Uncle by Holy
Pendragon It was a name of Royalty, Respect and Most of Pride In the country of North Wales. Artoria oldest daughter of Urther Pendragon and Mordred Pendragon Granddaug...
Fate Nameless/Order by Minazukiiii
Fate Nameless/Orderby Minazukiiii
TAGS: GENDER BENDER, REINCARNATION One day, Tsurumaki Naoto, an average guy, got involved in a car accident, and her life ended the very same day. However, he was given...
2b2t male reader x Fate Ground Order by GASTLY42957
2b2t male reader x Fate Ground Rhogar
So this is an idea I only came up with today. I've been watching a lot of FitMC and if you want to learn up on 2b2t history so you know a lot of what I mention in this b...
The Dominant of Fire in FGO (Artoria Pendragon(s) x Male reader) by Foslagon
The Dominant of Fire in FGO ( Foslagon
Quick Summary: Y/N reincarnates into the Fate universe with powers similar into that of Clive and Joshua from FF16. Basically, Y/N has the powers of both Fire Eikons; If...
Fate/Abandoned World Alter by veldra123
Fate/Abandoned World Alterby Nahimana raoul
Gudako was getting tired from all the singularities as he came back to chaldea she could hear her own servants and friends mocking her in the end she fall for despair an...
Record Of Ragnarok: Clash Of Creations by kopestare
Record Of Ragnarok: Clash Of Not Coffee
The gods came to an decision. Humanity must go extinct. But a chance arrived to humanity in combat. However, are the gods prepared to face the mortals who have evolved i...
Sōsuke Aizen in Fate/Grand Order by SoulKingAizen
Sōsuke Aizen in Fate/Grand Orderby Kazukichi
Sōsuke Aizen, the traitor to Soul Society, has been summoned by our favorite master of Chaldea, Fujimaru Ritsuka. How does our favorite antagonist of Bleach deal with hi...
Fate Grand Order: The Samurai Pendragon by Holy-Thunderer
Fate Grand Order: The Samurai Holy
Artoria Famously known for having the blade gifted to her by the lady of the lake known as Excaliber the Blade of Victory. Mordred the bastard son who had Clarent a swor...
Remnants Faker (RWBY x Male Reader) by TheAnimeManofYeet
Remnants Faker (RWBY x Male Reader)by TheAnimeManofYeet
A failed experiment leaves Y/n deserted in a new world to him. How will he go back? Or maybe, will he want to go back.
Son Of The Magus Of Flowers DxD (Son Of Merlin X Sona) by TheAnimeManofYeet
Son Of The Magus Of Flowers DxD ( TheAnimeManofYeet
As the son of the Mage of Flowers, Merlin. Y/n was raised in Avalon by his father until he hit the age where he wanted to explore more than what meets the eye. One day w...
The 20 Heisei Servants by RoninDZS
The 20 Heisei Servantsby DZS
Ritsuka Fujimaru is Chaldea's Provisional Master who has summoned multiple Servants but a malfunction if FATE caused a bright light to shine revealing 20 Servants in fro...
Son Goku: Saiyan from Chaldea by kopestare
Son Goku: Saiyan from Chaldeaby Not Coffee
Age 932 Timeline: 34 out of ??? Planet: ??? Singularity: Solomon Gudako Ritsuka makes a last ditch effort in order to defeat Goetia, the beast that stood in front her...
Fate memes and random pictures by Shin_Amakawa
Fate memes and random picturesby Shin
Some memes and random stuff I found about Fate grand order, Fate stay night and Fate zero. This contains memes, random pictures, fan comics and video clips. Feel free to...
humanity's devourer or savior? (Male tyranid hybrid X fate grand order) by HalosDestiny117
humanity's devourer or savior? ( Halos Destiny117
when chaldea's master decides one day to summon on a banner for fun, she accidentally summons a strange boy who is.... different. How will she control the boy who claims...
Fate/Liber Novus by AriesStar337
Fate/Liber Novusby Leandro Gutierrez
An book of OC Servants that haven't made an appearance in canon. An re-write but some may remain the same
Various & Reader Book by IJN_Scorpio
Various & Reader Bookby IJN_SCORPIO
It's a various & reader book. 🎀 NONE of you, the characters, games, pictures, and anime belong to me. 🎀 THE story plot(s) belong to me though. 🎀 PLEASE proceed with...
Not A Hero Of Justice by kopestare
Not A Hero Of Justiceby Not Coffee
Cold Night, restless, tired, annoyed. I had to get the newest chapter of my other story out but only after I published the latest chapter did I realise something was up...
Fate X Male Reader  by BlackJamal
Fate X Male Reader by JmlBlack
This will be a series of requests that you guys give me. This will be so that y'all have something to read while I'm working on my other stories. I don't own any of the...
From/Beyond The Abyss by SoulYeeter
From/Beyond The Abyssby Soul Yeeter
Humanity's last master Fujimaru Ritsuka and Co is trying their hardest to defeat the primordial mother goddess, Beast II Tiamat in the last singularity in order to save...