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Among Races by RicaAnneT
Among Racesby Rica Anne T. Teaño
In the Kingdom of Solljus where elves rule the land and humans are outcasts, a human boy finds out that he's adopted by elves. An ex-noble strives to survive in the unfo...
  • gnome
  • humor
  • halfling
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Tethered by Snoozyn
Tetheredby Snoozyn
-A crown of stars book I- Gilryn Locklore, a highborn Lady of the Elvin Court, is an unfathomable beauty that prefers to spend her days wandering around the dark and dan...
  • love
  • elf
  • bound
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Angel of the Shadows by rxby_l
Angel of the Shadowsby rxby_l
"Since the birth of time, Angels and Demons roamed the Earth. Kingdoms stand their ground amongst the death stained land, determined to defend against the evil of m...
  • prophecy
  • amnesia
  • angel
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Beautiful Delusions (on hiatus) by poltergeist_people
Beautiful Delusions (on hiatus)by poltergeist_people
Violett Blu always did her best to look on the bright side of things. It was something her mother had ingrained in her before being committed. She had vivid delusions, b...
  • princes
  • evil
  • fantasy
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Damien x Reader: Screams Of Death by morbidlysadpaint
Damien x Reader: Screams Of Deathby paint
You just enrolled at spooky high, where you were excited to start your new journey. You were half Banshee half Vampire, which made you nervous to interact with others. H...
  • arson
  • completed
  • prom
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Halfling (Black Petals #1) by tarisamarie1
Halfling (Black Petals #1)by Tarisa Marie
UPDATED 3x WEEKLY Note: This is a professionally published series. I am posting it here for your enjoyment, but if you with to read it quicker, you can get it at any ebo...
  • blackpetals
  • paranormal
  • fantasy
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The Witch's Son and the Halfling by Lee_Henry
The Witch's Son and the Halflingby Lee
"Oh, and Raz?" she adds, her purple eyes twinkling like stars in the fading light. "Keep the halfling safe. He's important. Good luck." Abandoned as...
  • diversity
  • fantasycreatures
  • unlimitedpride
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Angels & Demons by lolagreen_
Angels & Demonsby Lola Green
In a new world, there is no God. There are Heaven and Hell, there is Lucifer the King of Hell and in Heaven, there is a council which is made up of Gabrielle, Michael, a...
  • teen
  • gabreille
  • human
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The Shadeslayers by EdgyBeast
The Shadeslayersby EdgyBeast
The world is a difficult place. Dragons roam the sky, Goblins creep in the shadows, Ogres dominate the mountains, and now there is a sinister necromancer on the lose. A...
  • dnd
  • tielfing
  • magic
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Evertree Inn: The Evertree Saga by AsraJBlood
Evertree Inn: The Evertree Sagaby Asra JaeBlood
I grew up in Flom, the oldest of three in a family of humans. Comfortable living alongside nature, my true goal in life was always to become a dedicated scout. When a fi...
  • mystery
  • romance
  • teensarestrong
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I'm a half succubus, are you scared of me?  by KokuhakuQiun9000
I'm a half succubus, are you scare...by AhjahliLulaAmadeus
You can guess from the story!
  • succubus
  • halfblood
  • halfling
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Wee Halfling by coop500
Wee Halflingby Valerie
A halfling village taught to fear Witchers is attacked by bandits, but a Witcher happens to be in the area at the right time, or wrong time for the bandits.
  • child
  • thewitcher
  • happyending
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Secrets Untold by PenelopeM00n
Secrets Untoldby PenelopeM00n
This is a story and one few people know about, and even less believe in. A story full of secrets set in realm, not unlike the one you belong to, except this is a place t...
  • quest
  • magic
  • dramatic
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My Shining Knight *SLOW UPDATES* by professor_peregrine
My Shining Knight *SLOW UPDATES*by professor_peregrine
SEQUEL TO MY CONTROLLING ALPHA It's exactly three years later from that very first date. Everything is perfect. The perfect dress, the perfect words, the perfect person...
  • paranormal
  • mate
  • witch
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Dragon Child by JiminiePapoh
Dragon Childby JiminiePapoh
Born in a land with no name nor parents. A baby, said to be a gift from the gods themselves, cried softly in the snow, with only a thick blanket and a dark blue medallio...
  • romance
  • halfling
  • fantasycreatures
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Summerlyn {A Tale of Faerie} by SilverLove
Summerlyn {A Tale of Faerie}by Kalee
Its summer, just a few days before school as Brea explores her new home. Just behind her new house resides an a group of old oaks where the trees have intertwine in an i...
  • elements
  • pixie
  • fire
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book 1  The Rowdy 7 Adventure by JustinSmith944
book 1 The Rowdy 7 Adventureby Kodsu Ragnar
the name of the towns belong to Mathew Mercer and wizard of the coast i only own few characters who are buck the barbarians and grim the other barbarian and Sazzero the...
  • dragons
  • dungeonsanddragons
  • hobbit
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Addictive (HELL Series #1) - COMING SOON by FlamingLeeAndre
Addictive (HELL Series #1) - COMIN...by Cassie
(Spin-off to Horny Dogs AKA Wolves.) Becoming a Hunter was already hard enough for Rina Crawford—as rumor had it that trainees must experience death over a thousand time...
  • family
  • romance
  • hunter
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