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     𝐄𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐈𝐧𝐤 | Ink Bendy x Depressed! Reader by The_CringeShow
𝐄𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐈𝐧𝐤...by The_CringeShow
Adopted by sway la  by tittysucker63
Adopted by sway la by tittysucker63
Skye is 14 and gets adopted by griffin Johnson himself. Lol but she had to face many things medically. Soon she finds her love then they split. She is single for a while...
My Tomboy Girlfriend by Devilish_angelR
My Tomboy Girlfriendby Devilish_angelR
Cover Credits to @luckykr13 Omkara Singh Oberoi, The youngest CEO of Oberoi Industries at the age of 26 and the most eligible bachelor, every maiden dreams about but he...
Him (Camp Buddy x Male reader) (COMPLETE) by Chromatic_Potato
Him (Camp Buddy x Male reader) (CO...by Potato BB
After his father passing away from cancer, Y/n became more secluded and reserved from everyone else. Although it didn't seem like it he wouldn't talk about his father or...
Life after Talent hunt ~ a MaNan FF by me_thewriter
Life after Talent hunt ~ a MaNan FFby Mystery
What if you lose the person who is the reason you smile, laugh, and every emotion you feel? What will you feel if a truck runs over you in your full consciousness? The w...
Jizzie | Finding Love by Featherinthewind
Jizzie | Finding Loveby SolarEclipse
Lizzie, in attempt to forget her dark past, moves to a new school, and meets Joel, the love of her life? But, when bullies and people out for revenge are coming round ev...
Dinosaur Train Evolution by Evastarunit73
Dinosaur Train Evolutionby josh
Some heroes fight with strength and power but this team fights with hope in this story buddy and his team have grown up into teenagers and they are going to explore new...
The New Classmate is my FuBu?  by MissingK19
The New Classmate is my FuBu? by Kimberly Santos
A peaceful day, I met my Fu*k Buddy and suddenly become my classmate and seatmate
Colby Brock imagines by luvshortyy
Colby Brock imaginesby luvshortyy
Random imagines of a sexy boy:). This book is completed.
Back to the Future: Retold by Mlpsgirl
Back to the Future: Retoldby Mlpsgirl
It's the time traveling adventure we all know, but with a twist... What if Marty McFly wasn't the youngest of the McFly family? What if he had a younger sibling that he...
TFIL Imagines! {CLOSED} by BookWormThings1328
TFIL Imagines! {CLOSED}by Eloise
Random imagines with TFIL (Aaron, Elton, Corey, Colby, Sam) Update probs gonna be inconsistent, sorry in advance! x No smut!!!
Resident evil Damnation (Leon S Kennedy x reader) book 5 by chasy2804
Resident evil Damnation (Leon S Ke...by chasy2804
The year is 2011 and this time you and Leon are now married now and have one child, but what happens when you and your husband or dragged to another mission. (I don't ow...
The Secret Life of Pets 3 by Tiberius_the_Hawk
The Secret Life of Pets 3by Tiberius
My idea for the third installment of The Secret Life of Pets franchise.
Sir Goro X Keitaro by AnimeLovar20
Sir Goro X Keitaroby AnimeLover
I haven't been able to find any Goro X Keitaro fanfics (I'm sure they're out there) so I'm making one :) Enjoy! Also only for +18 Keitaro is having a blast at Camp Buddy...
The Secret Life of Pets 4 by ryanelwood02
The Secret Life of Pets 4by ryanelwood02
3 years have past since the League of Paws defeated Sergei and saved Hu and Laohu, and a lot has happened in that time. But when Sergei returned yet again to get revenge...
The Secret Life of Pets: Max x Gidget by Official_Snowball
The Secret Life of Pets: Max x Gid...by Captain Snowball
Max is a Jack Russel Terrier who lives in an apartment with his owner Katie and his new brother Duke, and Gidget is a White Pomeranian who lives right next door in the n...
security breach: Buddy possession by 2020DragonStar
security breach: Buddy possessionby 2020 dragonstar
After Gregory and Freddy escape the old pizzeria below Roxy's raceway, Gregory discovers princess quest, and finally realizes who Vanny is. But before he can tell Freddy...
Daylight (Kaylor) by intheafterglow
Daylight (Kaylor)by intheafterglow
Two black sheep found each other and somehow that was everything. Struggles with mental health are easier with someone you love by your side. Kaylor au
An Ariella Story by oneandonlygabbs
An Ariella Storyby Gabbs
Ariella Scott is the modern-day Cinderella. After her parents are killed in a tragic car accident, it leaves nine year old Ariella an orphan. It doesn't take long for a...
A Buddy Companion (4) by BoosCorner
A Buddy Companion (4)by Boo's Corner
This story is about Bucky Barnes and his other best friend Ramona. Welcome to the next installment of "A Buddy Companion." Bucky and Ramona are on a mission to...