My Sweet Human (Megatron Love Story) by Midnight_433334
My Sweet Human (Megatron Love Midnight_433334
Hi my name is Faith Rose. I'm currently 17 years old. I live in a town name Greenland. I live with my abuse Dad. My Mom die when she gave birth to me. I had been difer...
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Seduced (Megatron) by JavelinePrime
Seduced (Megatron)by JavelinePrime
Sweet and innocent-blessed with a chaste heart. Daiya had a great life with great family and friends.. Ruined and broken-touched by darkness. Megatron was ruined the mo...
  • innocence
  • eventualloveandromance
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Ravage's Return by Da_Voices_In_My_Head
Ravage's Returnby Schizo Writer
Jack Darby was a normal human that worked with the Autobots in their fight against the Decepticons... But then he is kidnapped by Soundwave, who had discovered that Jack...
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Transformers: The Star In The Night Sky by StarNight2018
Transformers: The Star In The Blue Moon
Hi. I've written this story for a while, but trying to put it together. This story about a femme robot who used to be a small Night fury that's half human and animatroni...
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  • action
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A Mute Friendship by Da_Voices_In_My_Head
A Mute Friendshipby Schizo Writer
A mute boy finds out about the Cybertronian race and befriends Soundwave, who was once also mute and deaf. Soundwave finds out the boy is Techno-Organic, and uses that t...
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Transformers Prime: Project Predacon by SummerLeighanne
Transformers Prime: Project --I-Live-To-Serve--
I was an AutoBot, once upon a time. Until Arcee and Cliffjumper ditched me. Those fragging idiots, I don't blame them, but I don't smell that bad, do I? There was this g...
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Death is Around the Corner by LastLightAlive
Death is Around the Cornerby 💎💠💎
Transformers Prime x Grim Reaper! Female! Reader Cover made by @Kurokine ---------- It was just any normal day really.. Collecting souls and crossing out names in her bo...
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Megatron's Daughter A Starscream Love Story #Watty2017 by DeathQueen5
Megatron's Daughter A Starscream Danielle
"Do you love me Silverwing?" Starscream suddently asked as we were laying down on the berth together. I blushed at his question. I wanted to answer yes...
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All I Want - Megatron X Reader by WingedVigilante
All I Want - Megatron X Readerby WingedVigilante
A daughter. A medic. A member of Team Prime. That is what you are. That's what you have been for some time. You always knew what you were. Ratchet was always you...
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Ratchet's Sparkling//Transformers: Prime [WATTYS 2018] by DarkerStars
Ratchet's Sparkling// ☀Summer Star⭐
•A TRANSFORMERS: PRIME FANFIC• Team Prime gains a new member when a lone sparkling is found in the clutches of the Decepticons. Unfortunately for Ratchet, the youngster...
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Beware Of The Silent One's by killerkamen
Beware Of The Silent One'sby Swiftswipe
|||~21 Different Ranks-Highest: #1~||| |||~#1 In Transformers~||| |||~Streak Since: 9/18/18~||| Once long ago, when Cybertron was filled with life, there was the most fe...
  • transformer
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Transformers Oneshots | TFP by melanieareia
Transformers Oneshots | TFPby Melanie Areia
I have so many ideas, so let's just make oneshots and see what happens.
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Tfp, G1 and bayverse oneshots(Requests closed) by Multifandoms27
Tfp, G1 and bayverse oneshots( Multifandoms27
Universes: Tfp, bayverse, G1(until further notice) Lemons: Sometimes Fluff: Yes
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My Love (Decepticon scenarios)  by Mixnote
My Love (Decepticon scenarios) by Mixnote
Turns out, they aren't that bad. Contains Megatron; Starscream; Soundwave; Knockout; Breakdown and Predaking. I AM TAKING SCENARIO REQUESTS! [FEMALE READER ONLY!]*I don'...
  • knockout
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Lost -mirage fanfic- by tfp-fanfiction
Lost -mirage fanfic-by Tf bayverse
Cat works as a spy for nest, since the dead of her partner she wants to be alone, trying to do all the work by her self and doesn't appreciate any help from others. Tha...
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Apology Not Accepted --|Shockwave x Vehicon Reader |-- by DatFandomGirl1
Apology Not Accepted --| DatFandomGirl
Physically fragile and frail, a Vehicon femme finds that her spark is easily stolen by the blunt and analytical Shockwave. His refusal to give her special treatment and...
  • starscream
  • autobots
  • megatron
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Control (Yandere! Bumblebee) by LastLightAlive
Control (Yandere! Bumblebee)by 💎💠💎
TFP! Yandere! Bumblebee x Human! Female! Reader ~~~~ "Bee..." (Y/n) whimpered in fear as she backed up further into the corner. "Please, stop. Your scarin...
  • autobots
  • guardian
  • ratchet
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Transformers sideswipe and sunstreaker by tfp-fanfiction
Transformers sideswipe and Tf bayverse
Cathrine is Sam Witwicky's adopted sister. All her life she's alone and haven't much trust in other humans, she got bullied on school and the only one she trust is Sam. ...
  • romance
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Life Itself ~ Ultra Magnus X Reader by WingedVigilante
Life Itself ~ Ultra Magnus X Readerby WingedVigilante
A/N: I don't own it. That's it. ~ Life Itself by Glass Animals ~ ULTRA MAGNUS X READER (SLOW) ~ "Ah, so this is the Insecticon Queen you brought to the ship. It...
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TFP: Decepticons Boyfriend Scenarios {{VERY SLOW UPDATES}} by iiKarmaxJuju
TFP: Decepticons Boyfriend J.A Leandro
Read the title. That's all there is. ||I TAKE REQUESTS!||
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