All I Want - Megatron X Reader by WingedVigilante
All I Want - Megatron X Readerby WingedVigilante
A daughter. A medic. A member of Team Prime. That is what you are. That's what you have been for some time. You always knew what you were. Ratchet was always you...
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Transformers one-shots by TmntIsLovedByMe
Transformers one-shotsby Ali - Lissie
Not the best but I like doing fanfictions in my off time. I enjoy them so I hope you will too.
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Beware Of The Silent One's by killerkamen
Beware Of The Silent One'sby Swiftswipe
|||~21 Different Ranks-Highest: #1~||| Once long ago, when Cybertron was filled with life, there was the most feared clan-or species. The Spark Collectors. A betray...
  • mystery
  • starscream
  • transformersprime
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My Love (Decepticon scenarios)  by Mixnote
My Love (Decepticon scenarios) by Mixnote
Turns out, they aren't that bad. Contains Megatron; Starscream; Soundwave; Knockout; Breakdown and Predaking. I AM TAKING SCENARIO REQUESTS! [GIRLS ONLY!]*I don't own Tr...
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~When I See You Again~ {Book 2}                          ✅Complete✅ by Speedy__Prime_
~When I See You Again~ {Book 2} Speedy Prime
This is the SECOND book in the When I See You Again series. Please, read the first book before you read this one. Thanks!
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Starscream's Secret by pikachukite
Starscream's Secretby misty krohn
Its a secret. Do you really expect me to tell you what's in the book? Have fun reading loves! ;) Story is mine but I do not own the characters. They rightfully belong to...
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Will of the Primes (Optimus Prime x Reader) by LegacyofthePrimes
Will of the Primes (Optimus LegacyofthePrimes
(Y/n) is a girl with a life that is far from normal, but she's okay with that. The best things can come from the unique and different. She was told about sparkmates and...
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Raising a Sparkling Together (And Apart) by Katy5704
Raising a Sparkling Together ( Katy5704
From behind him, he heard Breakdown step closer and start the cannon on his back. Knockout pulled the object closer protectively before slowly turning to face his conjun...
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Transformers x Reader by DJ_Jen
Transformers x Readerby Raphie
Transformers animated (tfa), the movie transformers, transformers prime, you name it/request and I will write it!
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A primes Daughter  by alexsismindina
A primes Daughter by alexsismindina
Arceeon rose prime aka arcee is the daughter of Optimus Prime and Causeway. She had the ability to shape shift or as it's called shifting and the ability to heal most wo...
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Transformers lemons  by Dem_Sexy_Thunderhoof
Transformers lemons by Kaylynn
okay this will be open for a very short time so get your votes in!
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Transformers One Shots [cuz I already let my fam down]  by Nacatu
Transformers One Shots [cuz I Rainal
**Initial inspiration from Brownie-The-Hybrid** ~~Cover art by Jeetdoh on DA~~ Gonna be honest here, I was not a fan of the Bayverse movies but I love the Franchise now...
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Transformers Prime Shorts & Lemons [SLOW UPDATES] by Slipher626
Transformers Prime Shorts & RoBUSTMyAFT
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters or such, I just write fanfiction. Updates for lemons might be slow as they take longer to write, but i'll also be doing shorts an...
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 Robotic love  by Vspear
Robotic love by Victoria Spear
( Transformers Fanfiction ) "COMPLETE BOOK" My name is Victoria. My life has always been not normal. I've always had dreams about alien robots that lost their...
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Transformers Prime:OneShots  by Evie-Comatose
Transformers Prime:OneShots by Evie D. Comatose
So I decided that I'll be doing TFP x Reader Oneshots. I hope you'll enjoy them :) Warning: My native language is not English. So...Be prepared
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ONE-SHOTS || TRANSFORMERS by starscreamwashere
"Ugh, don't stop, love." "I won't, and never will, sweet spark." 〔R E Q U E S T S A R E T E M P O R A R I L Y C L O S E〕
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~When I See You Again~{Book 3}                            ✅COMPLETE✅ by Speedy__Prime_
~When I See You Again~{Book 3} Speedy Prime
This is the 3RD BOOK in the When I See You Again series, so I'd suggest you read books 1 and 2 before this one!
  • transformers
  • ratchet
  • megatronus
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Transformers x reader one-shots by AssassinBlueX
Transformers x reader one-shotsby AssassinBlueX
All the autobots and decepticons here to love you and you only!
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Home ❀ Ironhide by robotsandstan
Home ❀ Ironhideby robotsandstan
Macey Exner is not your normal NEST member. In fact, she has no clue about the war happening with giant alien robots at all. She is a young adult currently in college to...
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Tfp, G1 and bayverse oneshots(Requests closed) by Multifandoms27
Tfp, G1 and bayverse oneshots( Multifandoms27
Universes: Tfp, bayverse, G1(until further notice) Lemons: Sometimes Fluff: Yes
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