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A Change Of Heart (Rayla x Moonshadow Elf!Fem!reader) by Merikio
A Change Of Heart (Rayla x Moonsha...by Megatron
(Y/N) is a moonshadow elf. She has been training to be an assassin a long time, and her first mission is to go after the king and his son. She is the best of the assass...
The Dragon Prince x Reader by fangirldreams101
The Dragon Prince x Readerby fangirldreams101
You are a Woodfairy Elf and Rayla's best friend! You secretly followed her, wanting to make sure she would be safe. Little did you know that you would end up getting cau...
My Moon Elf by Transbabe46
My Moon Elfby Transbabe46
Ezran x male moon elf. I don't own the show or any characters except for sage. ok I want to make one thing clear before you say anything, EZRAN IS A MINOR! so this is ju...
The Dragon Prince: Breath of Hope by Ray-Ken
The Dragon Prince: Breath of Hopeby Ray-Ken
Ten years ago, humans killed the Dragon King and his heir. Now, the elves seek vengeance. Rayla finds a boy, chained to a wall, weak, and tortured, but alive: The Dragon...
The Dragon prince: Male reader by TheDaleyFlames
The Dragon prince: Male readerby TheDaleyFlames
Your were the first and only child of the late king of the powerful life gdom
You Were There | Søren x reader by StarSensitive
You Were There | Søren x readerby Nacklin Rowan
Warning! Under heavy editing. Many chapters will be taken down on November 27, 2022. 6 year old Y/N had lived with the Moonshadow elves for as long as she coul...
A False Reality ||The Dragon Prince|| by HappyLlama160
A False Reality ||The Dragon Princ...by HappyLlama160
After the Final Battle Claudia is desperate. With her father dead and Soren siding with the elves all Claudia wants is for things to go back to the way they were before...
(being rewritten) A new land (fallout and the Dragon princes Crossover) by doctorofhope
(being rewritten) A new land (fall...by charlie
"I've been told, time and time again, that war never changes, but it does, I know from personal experience. I am Courier six, me, Callum, Ezran and Rayla will stop...
Turning the Page | The Dragon Prince x reader  by Lost4Stars
Turning the Page | The Dragon Prin...by Hoshiko
You were simply walking home from school after another uneventful day. You didn't have the best life, but you could handle it. Your favorite show The Dragon Prince helpe...
The Assassin and Her Prince by amala_koala
The Assassin and Her Princeby nomad
Rayla, Ezran and Callum complete their mission and bring peace to Xadia. Soon after, negotiations for the alliance begin, but certain elven traditions require interestin...
The Royal Baby ||Rayllum/Book 2 by Mycolorguardian45
The Royal Baby ||Rayllum/Book 2by ✌🏽💜Emery💜✌🏽
[COMPLETED!!] ❝Ezran you also have you bethored coming tomorrow.❞ ❝I'm sorry, my what?!❞ Ezran asked as Rayla and Callum started laughing. •~•~•~•~• Sequel to 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓡�...
Callum x Rayla-Darkness by Yalaxy_14
Callum x Rayla-Darknessby Yalaxy_14
Callum understands why Rayla left, but all it does it make him angry. He is angry with himself. He wishes that he could have been stronger. Maybe if he was stronger Rayl...
Silver Binding by Kay_Phoenix18
Silver Bindingby Pheonix_Kay18
A secret of Rayla's is revealed, one that may be life-threatening, and they go on another adventure with the gang. Old characters and new characters are introduced. Stor...
What If Callum was the Son of Thor? by KaijuLord54
What If Callum was the Son of Thor?by KaijuLord54
This is a fanfiction of how the world of The Dragon Prince would play out if Callum was the son of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. Marvel Comics Thor, specifically.
Runaan's bundle(s) of joy by Cleo_Starlight_Hell
Runaan's bundle(s) of joyby Grace/Luka
Runaan and Ethari have always wanted to have a child of their own but what will it take to make their dream come true. A fun night, a husband's worried personality, and...
No Ordinary Exchange by faerialchemist
No Ordinary Exchangeby 1-800fangirl
Rayla Moonshadow is the first Xadian exchange student at Katolis State University in over a century. Will she make it through the year, or will the hateful whispers beco...
Rayllum one shots  by Snowpetal113
Rayllum one shots by a dumbass
Rayllum i did the drawing, lmao this actually kinda became a trash book but i still do the one shots ( strong language )
The Dragon Prince ~ Rayllum by Fanfic_Addicted_10
The Dragon Prince ~ Rayllumby FanficsRMyLife
These are the Rayllum jokes, fan art and even just photos I have found. But don't worry, it isn't only Rayllum stuff, all the other characters are in here too! I didn't...
Rayla x Callum- The Rejects- A Rayllum Story by Yalaxy_14
Rayla x Callum- The Rejects- A Ray...by Yalaxy_14
This is basically a modern AU of Rayla and Callum going through high school.
What You Mean To Me by Multishipfan
What You Mean To Meby Fandom Fanatic
Starting a new life in an unfamiliar territory, wasn't a decision Rayla made, but doesn't have much a choice. Of course starting a new life around humans wasn't somethin...